Cedar Falls Police Department

  • Agency: Cedar Falls Police Department
  • Address: 220 Clay St., Cedar Falls, 50613 IA
  • Chief: Jeff Olson (Chief of Police)
Phone: (319) 291-2515
Fax: (319) 273-8619

Cedar Falls Police Department is located at 220 Clay St., Cedar Falls, 50613 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeff Olson. The Cedar Falls Police Department phone number is (319) 291-2515.

Cedar Falls Police Department News

New list for January–December 2016 now available at www.cedarfalls.com/foundproperty.

At last night's City Council meeting our newest officer was sworn in. We would like to welcome Officer Preston Russell to the force.

Don't forget to turn your clocks back on Saturday night!

3rd shift officers found a child's bicycle last night. If your's went missing overnight please call the police department to claim it!

Your life is more important than a text!

Trick or Treating is from 6-8 PM tonight! We want everyone to have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Numerous found property items from around the city are dropped off at the police department each year. Cedar Falls police are attempting to reunite these lost items with their owners. To view the updated list of found property visit www.cedarfalls.com/FoundProperty.

Our drug take back event began at 10:00! If you cannot make it to the police department to drop off your unwanted or unused prescription drugs please call us and we will have an officer pick them up. We do not accept needles. Contact us at 319-273-8612.

Congratulations to Officer Neymeyer on her graduation from the academy yesterday. Officer Neymeyer will begin her field training prior to solo patrol!

Buddy the Elf was voted our favorite costume of the night. As we approach Halloween remember these safety tips: 1. Stay in groups 2. Stay in well lit areas 3. Only go to houses with their lights on 4. Only eat candy that is sealed 5. Don’t go into anyone’s house 6. Wear reflective articles of clothing 7. Cross the streets at intersections 8. An adult should remain in contact with their children 9. Dress warm 10. Stay safe and have FUN

Our drug take back is this Saturday, but remember we have a drop off in our lobby that is available 24/7/365!

PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICER—City of Cedar Falls is seeking candidates for 12-2-17 testing. Starting pay: $51,064; cert. officers begin at Step II $56,374. Post-offer pre-employment physical exam, drug screen, background check & polygraph required. See posting at www.cedarfalls.com/jobs Materials deadline: 11-15-17 at 4:30 pm. Equal Opportunity Employer

Good luck to the UNI Panthers today as they take on Western Illinois! Here's to everyone having a safe Homecoming celebration!

Today there is No Parking on W. 23rd Street for the UNI Homecoming Parade. Then tonight beginning at 8 p.m. there is No Parking in the 2200-blk of College Street, lower G lot, O lot, the 800-blk of W. 22nd Street, the 900-1100 blk of W. 23rd Street. Please avoid parking in these areas so we don't have to tow your car!

Numerous found property items from around the city are dropped off at the police department each year. Cedar Falls police are attempting to reunite these lost items with their owners. To view the lists of found property visit www.cedarfalls.com/FoundProperty.

Check out some photos from when North Star visited the station.

Cedar Falls Police participated in the annual "Safety City". Hosting the event was Target Corporation of Cedar Falls. Kindergarten students learned how to be safe while talking with public safety personnel.

We request that all drivers yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. There are new crosswalks on University Avenue and drivers are required to yield on flashing yellow lights. We want to keep all of the citizens of Cedar Falls safe!

As school buses take kids back to school we would like to remind motorists of the rules for when it is safe and legal to pass a school bus. Passing a school bus when the stop arm is extended or has flashing red lights is illegal. The first violation will result in a court appearance required, with a $566.25 fine for 1st Offense. The Iowa Department of Transportation will also impose a 30 day suspension of your driving privileges. Find all the details at www.iowadot.gov/schoolbus.

In Monday night's Council Meeting Mayor Jim Brown swore in our two newest Officers. We are excited to welcome Officer Brandon Madsen and Officer Brooke Neymeyer to the force. Both Officers will be attending the academy prior to beginning field training.