Waterloo Police Department

  • Agency: Waterloo Police Department
  • Address: 715 Mulberry Street, Waterloo , 50703 IA
  • Chief: Thomas J Jennings (Chief of Police)
Phone: 319-291-4340

Waterloo Police Department is located at 715 Mulberry Street, Waterloo , 50703 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Thomas J Jennings. The Waterloo Police Department phone number is 319-291-4340.

Waterloo Police Department News

Please use caution driving this morning due to possible ice, etc on the roaways.

Today, the Waterloo Exchange Club honored two fine officers as officer of the year. Waterloo Police Officer of the Year, Ben Bloker, and Waterloo Reserve Officer of the Year, James Natvig. Thanks to both of them and their families for the sacrifices made keeping Waterloo safe.

The Waterloo Police Department has responded to multiple car burglaries over the past several days. On several occasions these vehicles were left unlocked. Please remember to lock vehicle and not to leave purses, backpacks etc in your vehicle.

Thank you Kayla for the Valentine gifts to the Officers.

A Community Discussion on the Opioid Epidemic

Due to the winter storm, the roads are extremely hazardous and we urge everyone to use caution and not to travel unless it's an absolute neccessity. If you do travel, please allow plenty of extra time to get where you're going, dress warm and make sure that your vehicle is cleared of snow/ice.

Thank you Kingsley's Elementary School for your kindness.

Courtesy of the Volunteer Center of Cedar Valley. Thank you.

Be careful driving out there... it's getting slick out.

Officer Duggan retired today after 28 years of service to his community. Jeff was a friend and mentor to many, we wish him well. Congratulations Jeff!

Highway 20 has been reopened. Please drive with extreme care!The Black Hawk County Sheriff Office is working a motor vehicle accident at Highway 20 and Raymond Rd. Due to the accident and weather conditions Highway 20 East and Westbound is closed from 20/218 to Raymond Rd. We ask that you avoid travel if possible and avoid this area until the accident is resolved.----Highway 20 has been reopened. Please drive with extreme care!

Rather than buying gifts for each other Watch 2 officers and supervisors pooled their gift money and donated $500 to Retrieving Freedom. Great donation to a great cause, thanks Watch 2