Mason City Police Department

  • Agency: Mason City Police Department
  • Address: 78 S Georgia Ave, Mason City, 50401 IA
  • Chief: Michael Lashbrook (Chief of Police)

Mason City Police Department is located at 78 S Georgia Ave, Mason City, 50401 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Lashbrook. The Mason City Police Department phone number is 641-421-3636.

Mason City Police Department News

Please remember, we do not post any names or clues as to who the 2 people murdered are. Please do not play that game. +

Please don't forget to go out and vote today. You will be voting for city council, mayor, I think park board? And the 2 measures about the hotel/convention center project downtown. If you are unable to secure a ride to a polling station, there is a number to call on the attached picture. If you're tired of the way things are in this town remember that you are the one that makes the difference. Get out and vote.

I've posted the press release. **** Update: This has been confirmed. Please do not post any information related to the case including pictures or suspect information and tell police have released it. Police are very familiar with the suspect and all surrounding agencies have been notified with a BOLO ***** A little birdie told me there was a double homicide last night. This is unconfirmned. Who can confirm this without posting names and addresses? You may privately message us.¤

Car vs deer, well truck on 4th street. I think the 300 block. +

14th/n. Quincy- officers getting reports of a suspicious vehicle circling the neighborhood.¤

Officers needed at Yes Way for a telephone 10-100 showing register hold up. +

Officer needed to file a missing persons report.¤

Found dog at 25th and s. Adams¤

Officer needed to Younkers for an employee shoplifting. Sounds like they are going to be hiring!¤

One male under arrest for OWI.¤

Will post this daily if I have to! It's getting cold out, take what you need, donate when you can. This is my favorite charitable cause¤

Southern Minnesota friends BOLO

Report of a male subject in the 1500 block n. Federal pounding on the windows of the grooming shop. He also threw his bike down¤

Officer needed at Hy Vee E for a female who got hung up on one of the cement things in the lot, she managed to get off of it, then hit the curb, and finally parked, in 2 spots. Caller thinks she should be checked on. +

Ambulance needed for a subject who took to many of his meds. Ambulance needed in the 300 block of W State for a 20 year old female with chest pains and difficulty breathing. Officers needed at Walmart for a shoplifter, he is being cooperative. +

Last night's Days Inn call.

I wish I could make this up. ¤

Found in Rockwell/Sheffield area

Am i the only one in the dark?? +

Traffic stop- 2nd/Georgia. Plates don't match. ¤