Mason City Police Department

  • Agency: Mason City Police Department
  • Address: 78 S Georgia Ave, Mason City, 50401 IA
  • Chief: Michael Lashbrook (Chief of Police)

Mason City Police Department is located at 78 S Georgia Ave, Mason City, 50401 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Lashbrook. The Mason City Police Department phone number is 641-421-3636.

Mason City Police Department News

10-56 female laying in someones yard. She thinks she has a warrant.

Ambulance needed in the 400 block of Illinois, officer is out with a vehicle and the passenger just had a seizure, they are coming out of it now. Code 3.

Ambulance needed at Diamond Jo Casino for a female who is breathing, lost consciousness and is unresponsive. Code 3.

Ambulance needed in the 900 block of 15th for a subject who wants to be transported to the hospital.

800 block of 15th 10-56 relative at the house and things are getting loud.

MCFD needed in the 1000 block of (missed the street, I know someone will fill it in) maybe S Illinois? Transformer is on fire.

Ambulance needed at Kohls, in the parking lot, for a subject who was trying to get into his vehicle from his wheelchair and fell and his his head. He is bleeding from his head. Code 3.

Ambulance needed at the 3 Links Apartments for a subject having difficulty breathing. Code 3.

200 block of 10th for an incomplete 911 call.

This is so awesome! <3

Officers were sent on a noise complaint, missed the address. Officers went to check it out and said "The crickets were louder than these guys. We'll be 10-08."

Officer needed at Fareway for a white male in the lot yelling at people. Caller thinks he should be checked on.

Ambulance needed in the 1200 block of Federal for an older female who fell and is complaining of wrist pain.

Caller reports he was just assaulted by a known male, and a few others. They left in a blue 2 tone van. He has a cut on his hand and medics are dispatched.¤

Ambulance needed to the VA Clinic for chest pains.

Reckless driver going westbound by Culvers. White 2012 Chevy going excessive speeds. Plates given.

Ambulance and officer needed at N Federal and 9th driver is slumped over the wheel of a red suv. Code 3. Ambulance needed at Central park for a female with a diabetic issue. Code 3. +

Officer needed at Mercy for a domestic, they are separated at this time.

She has been identified and has been arrested.¤ Don't post names here. Please refer back to MCPD or Crime stoppers for tips.

All flood damaged items need to be placed at the curb for pickup by the normal garbage pickup time. No stickers are required on flood damaged items.

Ambulance needed for a single vehicle and Nettle ave in Worth county. One occupant is injured¤

Officers needed to Mercy by the loading dock for a patient who left the hospital, he still has an IV in his arm. He is with a couple of employees, they are trying to talk him to come back in.

Ambulance needed in the 700 block of Indiana for a older female not responding correctly, she does have diabetes. Code 3.

Ambulance needed in the 1200 block of Monroe for a man who was assaulted by his son, he is bleeding from his eye. Everyone is outside, the juvenille is still inside.

Ambulance needed in the 300 block of 1st for an 83 year old who fell and is complaining of back pain. Code 3.