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Dubuque Police Department is located at 770 Iowa St., Dubuque, 52004 IA. The Dubuque Police Department phone number is 563.589.4410.

Dubuque Police Department News

Police are seeking assistance in identifying two subjects who allegedly stole merchandise from Shopko in Dubuque. The incident occurred on 1/22/18 at around 5:33 PM. If you have information please submit it at www.cityofdubuque.org/ID4PD.

DPD Facebook Followers - I know there are a lot of questions about the recent cases involving an off-campus assault of a student captured on video, and another case of students making threatening statements which resulted in school being cancelled. Some followers have also posted questions about other unrelated cases where they have personal vested interests. There are many privacy laws around the juvenile justice and education systems, that the PD and DCSD must follow. Facebook and other forms of social media are not the proper forums for Q&A on specific cases, especially on cases where the investigation has not been completed, through the DCSD's disciplinary review process, or adjudicated through the juvenile legal system. Juvenile victims AND suspects are afforded additional legal privacy in our systems, and we must respect that. Social media rumors and misinformation were BIG contributors to get us to where we've been the past 24 hours. The recent tragedy in Florida rightfully had everyone already on edge, some reckless decisions were made by individuals and they were held accountable, and then social media compounded the situation. Many posts portrayed as "facts" were nothing more than speculation, rumor and dated screenshots portrayed as new information. They snowballed the situation from people being on edge to being placed in real fear. Both the DPD and the DCSD will always be as forthcoming as legally possible. When there's a doubt, we will always error on the side of safety. For those wanting information on cases where you have a personal, direct involvement: If you have specific questions about events that happened in a school, contact that school's administrators. If you have questions about criminals cases that occurred in school, contact the school administrators or the School Resource Officers assigned to the school in question. Their contact information is in the link below. If you have specific questions about non-school related cases, contact the PD. When we can give public information, we will. When we are required to protect juveniles' identities, we will do that as well. When there are questions about specific cases, they will NOT be answered here. We will not contribute to the problem by posting the legally limited information, which can be very minimal information, which then opens the door for more speculation and rumor. When it comes to protecting the kids in this community (which includes our own children) we will go above and beyond, to include willingly placing our lives on the line. Chief Mark Dalsing. http://www.cityofdubuque.org/602/School-Resource-Officers

This week the Dubuque Police Department investigated several cases involving area youth. These cases have generated a high volume of social media traffic and there is a great deal of incorrect information circulating through the community. We would like to explain some of these investigations to hopefully ease some of the concerns. First and foremost, we would like to thank the citizens of Dubuque for reporting their concerns to the Police Department and school officials. We ask that if “you see something, say something” and in this case, you did. Earlier this week the Dubuque Police Department and the Dubuque Community School District were made aware of threats of violence to Senior High School. The Police Department and school officials investigated these threats and charges were filed for Harassment. Steps were taken by the Police Department and school staff to make sure Senior High School was safe. The students involved have not returned to school and their families have been cooperating with school staff and Police. Late last night, a threat was shared with Dubuque Community Schools staff. This led to significant social media traffic and eventually to led to the cancellation of Dubuque schools. Ultimately, it was determined that the threats made were related to the initial threats, despite the fact that they had already been investigated and safeguards were put in place. Officers are monitoring social media and are working with school staff to quickly investigate leads as they come in but thus far no new information has been uncovered and no specific or credible threat to Dubuque area schools exist. We realize incidents like this are a concern beyond the schools, and neighboring businesses, colleges/universities, and even private residents may have concerns about their safety. The Dubuque Police Department takes these threats very seriously, but also does not wish to cause undue fear in the community by announcing all threats or rumored threats, especially those that have already been addressed. We ask that the community trust us on the release of information. If there is ever a situation of an immediate threat, we will do everything possible to protect the community. The Dubuque Police Department investigated a separate incident on Wednesday February 21st involving a juvenile female who assaulted another juvenile female in the area of W. 5th and Delhi St. The suspect in that case was identified and located by officers on Wednesday night and was transported to juvenile detention on Thursday February 22nd after being charged with Willful Injury. A video of this assault has circulated through social media and has also resulted in some public confusion. This case was not related to the threats at Senior High School and it did not occur on school property or during school hours. The Dubuque Police Department asks that if anyone has information on any threats to area schools, to contact the department and speak with an officer.

We are aware of the assault involving juvenile females that happened earlier this week. A report has been filed, an investigation was already conducted, the suspect was charged with a felony, & sent to detention. All applicable parents/guardians have been contacted. Thanks to those of you who provided information and ensured the attack was reported/investigated.

Police are seeking assistance in identifying two suspects who allegedly used stolen credit cards to make over $2,500 in fraudulent purchases at Target and Best Buy in Dubuque. The cards were stolen and subsequently used by the suspects on 01/14/18. The suspects are associated with a red 1998 Ford F-150 truck. If you have information please submit it at www.cityofdubuque.org/ID4PD.

Police are seeking assistance in identifying a group of four subjects who were allegedly involved in damaging a stop arm in a City of Dubuque parking ramp located at 501 Iowa St. The incident occurred on 02/11/18 at approximately 01:45 AM. If you have information please submit it at www.cityofdubuque.org/ID4PD.

Just a quick note on scams before the weekend…. Scam reports come in to us frequently. Over the last two weeks we have had calls on a fake Publishers Clearing House scam, the old “your son (or other family member) is in jail and you need to pay their fine” scam, and several others. One gentleman reported he was quite surprised when a scam caller told him his wife was in jail, despite the fact that she was sitting in the same room as him at their home. Now that tax season is in full swing we have also started getting calls on IRS scams. Remember, the IRS or Iowa Department of Revenue will not cold call you and threaten you with a lawsuit or jail for an unpaid tax debt. There is a formal process involved that begins with a letter or bill being mailed to you. Do not let a scammer scare you into giving up bank account information or wiring money because of a threat related to your taxes (or anything else for that matter). When in doubt check with law enforcement or call legitimate numbers for the IRS or your state’s department of revenue and make an appointment if need be. Have a good weekend, stay safe, and protect your bank accounts!

A new D.A.R.E. Record! We had nearly 500 people come out on Friday for D.A.R.E. Ski/Snowboard Night. Thanks to everyone who attended for being patient in the ticket line and thanks Sundown Mountain for having us! DPD had a busy Friday with D.A.R.E. Ski Night and Night to Shine and we are very grateful to have these opportunities to protect and SERVE you!

7 of our officers had the privilege of participating in the Night to Shine event last night. AWESOME is the only word that comes to mind! Thanks for having us. https://www.facebook.com/pg/hopechurchdubuque/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1653570208029688

Check out the Art in The Park Snow Sculpting Event tomorrow at Washington Park from 12-4 PM. For more information, visit: http://www.cityofdubuque.org/2479/Art-in-the-Park-Snow-Sculpting-Event

Last chance (we mean it this time)! Police Officer applications must be filed by 5 p.m. Today to be eligible to take this year’s test. For more information or an online application, click here: http://cityofdubuque.org/225/Recruitment-Employment

Due to the Storm Warning, we are cancelling the Citizen Police Academy for tonight. Please stay safe!

Friday night is D.A.R.E. night at Sundown! Any area kids involved in the D.A.R.E. program can take advantage of Lift Ticket/Lesson/Rental pricing. Registration is from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. There should be plenty of snow!

12 accidents in the city so far today. Let’s try not to add anymore to the count. Take your time going home tonight and be careful!

Area stop signs and street signs took a beating last night. Snow = slippery roads. Go slow. Drive safe.

“Shop With A Cop” Returns to Dubuque Starting in February, and running until the end of July, 2018, Key Services will be seeking donations on behalf of the Dubuque Police Protective Association (the bargaining unit for Dubuque Police Officers) in preparation for the 7th annual Shop With A Cop event at Target, 3500 Dodge Street, scheduled in August. Last year, the DPPA raised approximately $35,000 and assisted over one-hundred Dubuque children purchase back to school clothing and supplies. Some of the funds were also used to purchase $2,000 worth of coats, hats and gloves for local kids. The DPPA appreciates the past generosity of Dubuque citizens, businesses, and organizations that donated to this event. The DPPA would also like to thank Target for their support. While cash donations are accepted and appreciated, those wishing to support this great cause are encouraged to donate in the form of a check made out to the Dubuque Police Protective Association. Solicitors from Key Services will provide the information and means to donate, or donations can be dropped off at the Dubuque Law Enforcement Center, 770 Iowa Street. Questions concerning this event can be directed to DPPA Board Member Nick Schlosser at nschloss@cityofdubuque.org or (563) 587-3813.

Enjoy the game this weekend and remember to designate a sober driver!

Reminder! Police Officer applications must be filed by 5 p.m. on Feb. 9th to be eligible to take this year’s test. For more information or an online application, click here: http://cityofdubuque.org/225/Recruitment-Employment

Police are seeking assistance in identifying a suspect who allegedly stole a bottle of alcohol valued at $33.99 from Beecher Beverage Co, located at 1691 Asbury Rd. The incident occurred on 01/20/18 at 7:55 PM. If you have information please submit it at www.cityofdubuque.org/ID4PD.

This evening at approximately 8:00 p.m., a Dubuque Police Officer was responding to an emergency call in the area of 21st Street near the Bee Branch. As the officer entered the intersection of 9th & White Streets, the patrol vehicle collided with another vehicle. Both the officer & a passenger in the other vehicle reported minor injuries. They were treated at Mercy Hospital and released. The police vehicle was towed & the other vehicle was still functional. The crash remains under investigation & no charge has been filed at this time. Additional information will be released when the investigation is complete.

We had seven people call the Police department today who reported receiving phone calls from a suspect trying to run the Alliant Energy scam. This scam pops up every so often and goes like this… The caller claims to be from Alliant Energy and tells the victim that their account is past due and services will be shut off soon if payment is not made. An 800 number is provided to the victim, and when called a “customer service rep” informs them to make payment to avoid having service stopped. The caller of course is not from Alliant Energy and the customer service rep is in on the scam. Luckily, most of the citizens who called in today are Maquoketa Valley REC customers and they immediately recognized the scam and hung up on the caller. Maquoketa Valley REC and Alliant Energy have been notified.

UPDATE: At 9:09 p.m. officers responded to Pennsylvania and the NW Arterial after a pedestrian was struck by a car. The investigation revealed that several juveniles were running across the intersection against the crossing light. One of the juveniles, a 14 year old male, was struck by a vehicle travelling northbound with a green light. The injured subject was taken to University of Iowa Hospitals with serious injuries.

Please avoid the area of Pennsylvania Avenue and the N.W. Arterial. Northbound lanes are closed due to a serious crash and will not be opened for at least 2 hours.

REMINDER: Police Officer applications must be filed by 5 p.m. on February 9, 2018 to be eligible to take this years test. Don't wait, cause you will forget. http://cityofdubuque.org/225/Recruitment-Employment

Police are seeking assistance in identifying a suspect who allegedly used a stolen credit card to make over $1000 in purchases at Target, 3500 Dodge St, on 01/13/18. The suspect may be associated with a smaller dark colored SUV. If you have information on this case, please submit it at www.cityofdubuque.org/ID4PD.