New London Police Department

  • Agency: New London Police Department
  • Address: 509 E Main St, New London, 52645 IA
  • Chief: Thomas Cipolli (Chief of Police)
Phone: 319-367-7700

New London Police Department is located at 509 E Main St, New London, 52645 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Thomas Cipolli. The New London Police Department phone number is 319-367-7700.

New London Police Department News

Citizens of New London please be aware of a phone scam going around where someone calls you telling you they are your grandson, granddaughter, son or daughter reporting that something bad has happened to them and they need you to send them money. This has occurred right here in New London to at least a couple of different people. Luckily the people that this happened to here did not fall victim to the scam and they hung up on the caller. The calls usually come from an unknown name and number or a private number. They try to get you to say a name of one of your grand kids or children and when you say one of their names they say, Yes, that's me or something similar. They then try to get you to wire them money through Western Union or by similar means. Please be aware of this scam and let your family and friends know. It is best to hang up on these people and to call that specific relative yourself to see if they just called you.

Anyone missing a goat? It is at the vet clinic in New London.

Someone turned in a set of car keys for a Ford that were found at approximately 2 p.m. today at the intersection of Wilson Street and Elm Street. If you're missing keys please contact us, thank you.

All cleaned up and ready for patrol. A big thanks to Jim Cordes for letting us use you facilites!

The black and white dog with the red service vest has been returned home to its owner. The dog and owner are okay thank you everyone for your assistance.

The New London Police Department has been notified of packages being taken off of porches. The vehicle is a silver in color truck, no make or model given. the driver is a female with dark hair. If you happen to see such activity please call 911, as that is the fastest way to alert us. If it safe for you to do so get the license plate number. Pictures are very helpful as well. We thank you for your help and support.

NEWS RELEASE: On 8/21/17 the Mt Pleasant Police Department received a fraud report from Five Star Community Credit Union and Community First Credit Union. The investigation revealed that Edward Williams age 27 of Mt Pleasant IA was fraudulently cashing checks and money grams and withdrawing funds in excess of $15,000 at several locations. It was determined that Williams was conspiring with several others to obtain the money. As a result of the investigation Williams was arrested on 8/22/17 and charged with On Going Criminal Conduct a Class B Felony, Theft 1ST, a Class C Felony, and Conspiracy to Commit a Non Forcible Felony, a Class D Felony. He was transported to the Henry County Jail pending arraignment. More charges and arrests are pending. On 8/21/17, the Mt Pleasant received a burglary report at the Old County Home, now JLG Properties, located on S Iris St in Mt Pleasant, IA. The investigation revealed that several suspects entered the property on several occasions and stole, metals and tools which were subsequently located at Grandinettis’ Metals. Police were provided the identity’s of some of the suspects from Grandinetti’s and officers spoke with those subjects. As a result of the investigation, the following people are being charged with Burglary 3Rd, a Class D Felony. Jimmy Glover age 46 of New London Michelle Haynes age 30 of New London Marsha Haynes age 30 of New London Jamie Dorsey age 25 of New London Brice Bowman age 19 of Mt Pleasant Shayla Anderson age 18 of New London Vashon Durant age 39 of Mt Pleasant All were arrested and transported to the Henry County Jail on 8/22/17. Durant is currently in custody elsewhere. The Mt Pleasant Police were assisted by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, New London PD, Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Grandinettis’ Metals. Mt Pleasant Police continues to urge citizens to call in any suspicious activity to their local law enforcement agencies. BY LAW YOU MUST NOTE THE FOLLOWING IN YOUR PRESS RELEASE A criminal charge is merely an accusation and a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

From an on going investigation of the July string of burglaries, at 2:00 P.M. NLPD recovered a stolen fire arm. The fire arm will be transported to the Des Moines DCI lab for analysis tomorrow. As this investigation is still open no further details can be shared. We are hopefull this will lead to more property being found and returned to its owners. The owner of the gun is aware.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: In regards to the recent string of burglaries, we would like to announce that we do believe that we have identified the perpetrator. The New London Police Department is working hand-in-hand with the Henry County Attorney's Office and the Henry County Juvenile Courts to bring justice to the all of the victims. We have not formally filed any charges on the suspect at this time but we feel that we are getting very close to doing so. We are asking the public for their assistance in helping us gather all and any evidence that may pertain to this recent string of burglaries. If you have seen something suspicious, even if you think it is nothing or very petty, please contact us at 319-367-7700. Unfortunately we can not release any details at this time due to no charges being filed yet and the matter still being actively investigated. However, we will let you know that our #1 suspect does not live in New London nor in Henry County. The suspect's parents have been contacted by the Henry County Juvenile Courts and was advised that the juvenile is BANNED from not only New London but the entire Henry county. Again, please contact us ASAP if you have any information that may pertain to the recent string of burglaries to help us bring justice to all of the victims and to get this young juvenile the help that they may need to stop them from doing any such acts in the future. Also, parents, please be diligent with your children when it comes to public property. There has been some recent vandalism to city property at the town square. We are saddened to say that surveillance cameras are in the very near future for our city park due to the ongoing vandalism that continues to happen at the park. This park is one of the few things that the city has to offer to families and children to be outside having a good time. Destruction of this property is very disrespectful and the city feels that the only way to put a stop to it is to put numerous video surveillance cameras up at the park. I'm sure most of you are like us and do not like the fact that we are being watched while outside in a public place trying to have a good time but we do not have many other options. Also, the benches at the parks continuously get moved and flipped upside down. Kids use them to do skateboard stunts and in exchange the benches often get broken. These benches, unfortunately, will probably soon be secured to the ground with log chains or something similar. It is very sad that the city has to come to these conclusions due to a few select kids. So parents, please speak with your kids about their behavior and actions at the park and please let them know that these types of actions may bring charges to them if they are caught. Remember, if it looks suspicious, more than likely is suspicious and should be reported promptly. Lastly, tonight is the street dance at Woobies to raise money for the local volunteer fire department. We hope to see you there having a good time and we would like to wish everyone that attends a fun and safe night. See you all tonight, thanks!

The fireworks ordinance did not pass at tonight's city council meeting. It was tabled till next month's city council meeting. Therefore, FIREWORKS ARE STILL ILLEGAL TO DISCHARGE IN THE CITY LIMITS OF NEW LONDON!!! One person was cited tonight for discharging fireworks in the city limits.

ATTENTION: Fireworks are still illegal to discharge in the city limits of New London. The city may or may not adopt the state's code during it's regular city council meeting on July 5th. Until then, any and all fireworks are still illegal to shoot off within the city limits. It is a $50 fine for first offense, $75 for second offense and $100 for third and subsequent offense(s).

Is anyone missing any keys? If so please call us at 319-367-7700 and describe the keys to us. A set of keys were found in town Sunday night.

The New London Police Department has had numerous bikes turned in over the last several months and none of them have been claimed. Have you or someone you know lost a bike in New London? If you have, please call the New London Police Department at 319-367-7700 and describe what the bike looks like. If you describe it correctly, you can claim the bike. Thanks.