Coralville Police Department

  • Agency: Coralville Police Department
  • Address: 1503 5th St., Coralville, 52241 IA
  • Chief:
Phone: 319.248.1800
Fax: 319.248.1888

Coralville Police Department is located at 1503 5th St., Coralville, 52241 IA. The Coralville Police Department phone number is 319.248.1800.

Coralville Police Department News

On this Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, we’d like to thank our officers for their hard work every day of the year! We’d also like to thank their families and this community for the support of our department’s mission. Here are a few notes we received from Mrs. Reeger’s 2nd Grade class at Wickham Elementary this afternoon. Thanks kids!

One last reminder that applications for the 2018 Citizens Police Academy must be in by 5pm on Monday, January 15th. Applications can be picked up at all of the participating law enforcement agencies, as well as downloaded at the following link: If you have any questions, feel free to contact Officer Adam Jennings at or (319) 248-1800.

Our Citizens Police Academy begins on Monday, January 22nd at 6pm! Consider applying for the academy and get an inside look at law enforcement in Johnson County. For applications, stop by the police department or visit to apply online! If you have any questions, contact Officer Adam Jennings (319) 248-1800.

Do you know these subjects? If so, contact Iowa City Area CrimeStoppers and leave an annonymous tip. These two subjects stole a purse and then fraudulenty used several credit cards at area stores. All of which occurred on Christmas Eve. The female was wearing a camo sweatshirt and headband and the male was wearing white framed glasses and a black puffy coat with furry hood. If anyone has any information, please let us know. The vehicle they were seen driving away in is a smaller red sedan with a gray hood. Thank you!

Many of you have asked about Coralbell and her community service and we wanted to provide an update, as well as closure for some. On December 22nd, soon after decorating a certain detective's office, she requested a meeting with our city attorney. According to our attorney, she asked for a furlough for the remainder of the holidays and promised to return on or before December 27th. This was discussed by all parties involved and a decision was made to grant Coralbell the furlough. Quickly after the decision was finalized, Coralbell was seen slowly walking down the sidewalk near the Coralville Public Library on 5th St. She was last seen walking eastbound in front of Tip Top Cakes. As December 27th came and went, Coralbell was nowhere to be found. She was officially put on "Escape status" after several unsuccessful attempts were made to locate her around the area. We attempted to use the Find My iPhone app, but apparently Coralbell didn't have it turned on. Phone calls to the number she provided upon her initial arrest went to a voicemail box that had yet to be set up. Eventually, we put an APB out for her in hopes that someone will come across her and bring her back to finish out her service to the community of Coralville. We have attached the most recent photo of Coralbell for identification purposes. Most days she can be seen wearing a red top with white collar, red pants, white gloves, and a red/white hat. Thank you.

Here is a reminder of the Safe Kids Johnson County(IA) Child Safey Seat Checks! The next one will be Wednesday, January 10th at Iowa City Fire Station #4 from 5pm-7:30pm. Check out the poster for more information.

We’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy 2018!

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Coralbell spent more time at the police department this week and by all reports was doing an adequate job. She was quite merry and seemed to always have a smile on her face. That is until a certain detective yelled, “Bah humbug, what’s the deal with all of these decorations and what’s the deal with that elf?!” Coralbell was helping sharpen pencils in the back office when she heard the rant. Initially, she was seen running to the equipment closet and those in the vicinity reported hearing a slightly tearful version of “Jingle Bells”. After a short amount of time, Coralbell returned and asked for the name of the detective who seemed be be “lacking the holiday spirit”. We gladly told her who it was and where his office was located in case she wanted to talk to him. The following photos should be a warning to those who would even think to mention the words, “Bah humbug” around Coralbell during the holiday season. Apparently, she has a short fuse for the phrase, as one detective found out.

A few days ago, the Rauen family were on their way to have dinner in Coralville. They’ve been in the area for several days while their twin baby boys have been receiving care at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. Unfortunately, their vehicle was rear-ended by a drunk driver, which cancelled their dinner plans. To show their support and care, Officers Nicholson and Clark, who originally responded to the car accident, put together a care package for their whole family, which included teddy bears from Humanizing the Badge for all 4 of their children. The visit wasn’t concluded until we visited the 12th floor and looked into Kinnick Stadium. What an incredible place and we wish nothing but the best for the Rauen’s.

Thanks to Wickham Elementary for inviting Chief Kron to read to the Future Leaders students!

We would like to congratulate our three newest police academy graduates: Officer Bob Duncan (President of the Academy Class), Officer Chris Kapfer, and Officer Drew Montz. They graduated for the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy earlier this morning in a ceremony held in West Des Moines. Congratulations officers!

Sgt. Wendel and Officer Roehler spent some time before their shift “ringing the bell” at the Coralville Hy-Vee location. Thanks to everyone who donated!

The “K-9 Rodeo”.

As we hinted to on Wednesday, Coralbell tried her best to help our K-9 Matz with some training yesterday. Initially, things were going well. Coralbell even mustered enough courage to jump on Matz’s back. While enjoying the view from a few inches taller, Matz’s handler, Officer Clark decided to toss a tennis ball. Needless to say, Coralbell went for a ride! She didn’t last the whole 8 seconds but did a great job! After the “K-9 rodeo”, Coralbell, understandably wanted to go and do other things. She requested to spend the rest of her service time for the day in the Payroll Department. Unfortunately, she had enjoyed a rather large candy cane earlier for lunch and the smell was overwhelming for a trained nose like Matz’s. We were eventually able to get Coralbell away from Matz and sent her over to City Hall. We have cancelled the second day of K-9 training for those who were curious. Here are the photos of the day, the video will be posted also.

Coralbell spent some more quality time around our office the last few days. She “helped” with renovations in our squad room and when asked to take out the trash, she instead was found interviewing several stuffed animals about a “rumor”. Apparently, word around the office is that some stuffed animals and other toys with backgrounds in holiday cheer are jealous of the extreme attention Coralbell is garnering during her short stay. We can’t say we blame them. No one talked and one of the rabbits requested an attorney. Coralbell has volunteered to help our K-9 Matz today with training. Things could get interesting.

It’s Friday, so we’ll give you an update on Coralbell’s community service. It started out well but unfortunately tom foolery kicked in and things went downhill. She was interested in checking out a few things around the office, including the Fatal Vision goggles, which show different levels of intoxication. After a few moments, she became dizzy and needed some fresh air. She also volunteered to make copies in our records area and by looking at the photos, you can see how that went. Apparently, she’s got a small affinity for the man from the North Pole. Stay tuned, here’s hoping next week goes better!

The Blue Hearts of Johnson County is hosting their 2nd Annual 'Breakfast with Santa' on Saturday, December 16th from 9-11am at the Clear Creek Amana Middle School in Tiffin. See the attached poster for more details!

Here's another reminder for the Citizen's Police Academy. We are currently accepting applications!

While doing some community service this morning at City Hall, Coralbell snuck her way into Chief Kron’s office. She was found trying to add holiday themes to several police department policies. Most of which were great ideas and left us all more cheerful after reading them. However, adding a red and white stocking cap to the official uniform policy, making “Jingle Bells” our official CPD song, or referring to Chief Kron as Santa, isn’t going to work. Nice try Coralbell.

Our police department is hosting a box for the 21st Annual DVIP Christmas Drive for kids! Our box is in the front lobby and ready to collect new and slightly used (in good condition) toys for kids this holiday season!

At approximately 6:37 am this morning, patrol officers were dispatched to a suspicious individual in ST Morrison Park. Reports initially indicated this individual was trying to hang a multitude of unapproved Christmas decorations and singing holiday songs loudly in an unusually high-pitched voice. As our officers arrived on scene, the person, who was described as approximately 10” tall, with blue eyes and brown hair, wearing red and white clothing, began to run from officers. After an extremely short foot pursuit (no pun intended) Coralbell, the elf, was safely taken into custody. After a small conversation (again, no pun intended) Coralbell quickly came to a plea agreement with our city attorney and she has been sentenced to 30 days of community service, all of which must be completed through various city departments. The following photos were taken shortly after the incident this morning. More photos of Coralbell’s community service will be posted as they are made available. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

When something sounds too good, it's usually a scam. When the "IRS" calls and requests you pay them in Visa gift cards, it's a scam. If you receive a phone call from anyone requesting personal or financial information from you over the phone, do not provide it. It's most likely, about 99% a scam. If you have a question about a possible scam or incident, give us a call at (319) 248-1800 or stop by the police department. We appreciate being aware of the scams in our area so we can provide information to the community. The following website from the Better Business Bureau is a great tool to see a list of the latest scams.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are most thankful for the safety of our officers everyday, on every shift, at every call and for the unwavering support from this community that we are so honored to serve. Be safe today in your travels and if you need something, give us a call.

Borlaug Elementary School's Student Council stopped by and dropped off an awesome assortment of treats and one of the biggest 'Thank You' cards we have ever seen. Thank you for your support and all the treats!