Coralville Police Department

  • Agency: Coralville Police Department
  • Address: 1503 5th St., Coralville, 52241 IA
  • Chief:
Phone: 319.248.1800
Fax: 319.248.1888

Coralville Police Department is located at 1503 5th St., Coralville, 52241 IA. The Coralville Police Department phone number is 319.248.1800.

Coralville Police Department News

We’d like to announce that the Joint Emergency Communications Center is currently hiring 4 new dispatchers! This is a great opportunity to be a part of a team that makes a difference every day in the lives of those living in Johnson County. If you or someone you know may be interested in being a full-time dispatcher, check out the link below for employment and application information! Do you have previous dispatching experience? You may qualify for a hiring bonus! Click on Full Time Dispatcher for more information.

Officers took a report of a subject using counterfeit money in the Coralville area and the suspect that has yet to be identified. If anyone can provide information as to the identity of this male subject, please contact Iowa City Area CrimeStoppers. (C18001444) Thank you.

Do you have any unused medication just laying around? If so, drop it off at the Coralville Police Department, this Saturday between 10am until 2pm. Officer Jennings will be in our lobby accepting all medications for disposal. We will not accept any types of needles/syringes or any form of inhalers (compressed air cylinders). If you have any questions, please contact Officer Jennings at or call the police department at (319) 248-1800. *Don't Be The Dealer*

It's called the sun, don't fret. Have a great day!

We absolutely support Marion Police Department (Iowa) with this arrest and would like to acknowledge their dedication in locating and arresting Kaj O'Mara. As far as whether (or should it be weather) he's guilty or not, that's up to a jury of his peers. We, in Coralville, believe Kaj is guilty and possibly part of a larger organization involving several other meteorologists in Iowa and around the Midwest. The forecast for others in the weather biz isn't so bright and sunny.

As it gets nicer out, we wanted to urge people to begin the #9pmRoutine. Remove any valuables from your vehicles or from view and remember to lock the doors. Pretty simple eh? If you find youself in the quandry as picture in the meme in this post, let us help you decide. Crime Prevention is a shared responsibility and we all should do our part! #9pmRoutine #CommunitySupported

Several of our area officers and deputies attended the 2018 Polar Plunge this past weekend at Coralville Lake. The weather was rainy, windy and cold but that didn't ruin the mood! Special Olympics of Iowa raised over $30,000! Shout out to everyone who participated and to Mary Besler of Special Olympics of Iowa for doing a great job organizing the event!

Free Child Safety Seat Check tonight at Coralville Fire Station #1!

We’d like to give a shoutout to all of our dispatchers during this National Public Safety Telecommunication’s Week! You all are the calm voice to many during emergencies and provide our officers with all of the information necessary to do our jobs effectively! Thank you for everything you do!

We've received several reports of warmer temperatures in and around the Coralville area. We'd like to report this is normal for April 11th and that no one should be alarmed. Have a great day!

At the Texas Roadhouse Luncheon benefiting Special Olympics of Iowa!

As roadwork continues throughout Coralville, be mindful of the construction workers and your vehicle's speed as you drive through the work zones. All fines in construction zones are doubled and more of our officers will be out enforcing traffic laws in those areas until the projects are completed. For an example, a citation for speeding 35 mph in a 25 mph zone will cost you $262.50. According to the National Safety Council, over 100 road construction workers are killed in construction zones each year. Nearly half of these workers are killed as a result of being struck by motor vehicles. Pay attention to the signs, drive safe and be nice. For information on the progress of the road construction in Coralville, visit

If you're looking for a lunch spot tomorrow, come out to Texas Roadhouse in Coralville from 11am-2pm for the Special Olympics Luncheon! The meal is free, just simply leave a donation at your table and all of the proceeds will directly benefit Special Olympics of Iowa! The meal includes: pulled pork sandwich, side, legendary rolls, and a drink and you'll be servered by local law enforcement officers. This event is always a huge hit and we can't wait to see everyone!

We enjoyed putting this basket together with Sarge's Smokestack! Definitely some of the best BBQ we've ever had and now the winner of this basket will know what we're talking about! Enjoy!

Yes, you may have noticed some construction around our city. We appreciate your patience and safe driving. Here’s one of our favorite people, Scott Larson, providing an update on the 1st Avenue Project. The rumor around City Hall is that Scott can play some sweet guitar riffs, here’s hoping they add some in the next update. 🤘🏼🎸🚦🚧

If the snow arrives as scheduled, we'd like to recommend some activities for your Saturday that does not require driving: - Shoveling - Movies and popcorn - Cleaning the house - Laundry - Video Games - Board Games - Painting your nails - Watching NCAA Basketball - Playing music, making music, writing music - Talking with someone over the phone (not through texting) If you'd like to add some more recommended activities, comment below!

Check out the following video for an update on the 1st Ave construction that’s starting soon. We appreciate the seatbelt usage in the video. Nice. 👍🏼

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Have a safe day and enjoy responsibly.

We spent some time this morning with kids at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. We made crafts, read books and had a great time. What a remarkable place and asset to our community!

As you prepare to head out for the festivities this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, remember: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. Make a plan to get home safely before you ever head out for the party!

Were you a victim in a scam where Western Union was used to send money? If so, check out the following information from the Federal Trade Commission.

Blue skies, green hats and the stars and stripes.