Wilton Police Department

  • Agency: Wilton Police Department
  • Address: 104 East 4th Street, Wilton , 52778 IA
  • Chief: Tim Leathers (Chief of Police)
Phone: (563) 732-2311

Wilton Police Department is located at 104 East 4th Street, Wilton , 52778 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Tim Leathers. The Wilton Police Department phone number is (563) 732-2311.

Wilton Police Department News

Visitor at the Wilton PD last night. Probably wanted to make a report of a cat burglar!!

Be on the look out for 2 bicycles that were taken from a front porch in the 200 block of West 5th St. If you see these two bikes or have any information on them, please call the Wilton PD. 563-732-2311

I thought this was brilliant!! Read and enjoy. That speed limit is there with a purpose!! Have a great and safe weekend folks!

Wilton and Muscatine County Residence: We want to encourage you to remember to vote today to renew the 1% sales tax on purchases that help pay for our roads and the new sewer plant the DNR is mandating us to put in (6 million dollar investment). This is not a tax increase. It came about in 1994 so you will not see any difference in your sales taxes if it passes it's just renewed. Wilton Residence vote at the community center. Go vote today, polls open until 7! THANKS!

I share this for ALL THE MOMS!! Keep up the good work!!!

The Police Dept is having phone trouble after hours. If you need an officer you will need to call our Dispatch in Muscatine. The number is 563-263-6055 Or 911 in an emergency. Thanks

Interesting article on speeding here in Iowa. Maybe we can learn something!

Good article that can protect you from scams.

Parenting with GUTS. Sometimes parents need to be creative in how they manage their children's behavior. This parent needs a star put on her chart. I have found that taking what is precious away from a teen such as cell phones, and internet and make them earn it back, helps prepare them for life and the real world and curbs bad behavior. The secret is consistency.

If you have vehicles parked on city streets they need to be moved or they can be ticket and towed. If you have had a vehicle tagged and it has not been move in the past 48 hours it will be towed so the crew can clean the streets. Thanks for your cooperation!

Had a few people ask questions about the fox that keeps appearing in town. He is harmless and will not according to DNR harm humans or kids. He is feasting on squirrels, rabbits and maybe a bird or two because we have an abundance to feast on in town. He is more scared of you than you need to be of him. He will eventually leave town and stay out of sight. Until then, enjoy the sightings of a beautiful creature. If you questions, fell free to call us. Have a great and safe weekend.

It was just announced that Wilton Schools are cancelled tomorrow!!!

Wilton Schools have announce early out today at 1:00pm for the impending weather. Be safe out there folks and have a great Monday!

Statement from the Wilton Police Department. You may be aware that the Wilton Police Department and the Wilton School District have responded to potential threats made on social media over the weekend. It should be known that there was no direct threat to the Wilton School District or that physical violence was going to occur. unfortunately, rumors were perpetuated through the social media of students. We cannot give any specifics on juvenile issues but will tell you that it has been handled by Law Enforcement. There have been no arrests at this time. The involved students and their parents have been interviewed and the Wilton Police Department continuing our thorough investigation. We take any and all possible threats or chatter of a threat seriously, and have and will continue to handle all threats with a strong law enforcement presence. We have worked hard along with the school district to make our schools safe and will continue to do so. We applaud parents for monitoring their children's social media accounts, but we want to remind you that not all of the chatter on social media is factual, but is speculation and mostly inaccurate. We ask the public if you have any viable information to please call the Wilton Police Department at any time. 563-732-2311 Chief Tim Leathers Wilton Police Department

Late start tomorrow for Wilton Schools!

Good Monday Morning: Roads are mostly covered with snow, and the snow is drifting. so you need to give yourself extra time to get to your destination. It appears that school is still on so let's have a great and safe Monday morning!!!

Good Morning Wilton peeps,,, ITS A COLD, COLD morning: All the streets are frozen up so you want to give yourself some time to get where you are going. Also PLEASE do a good job of scrapping your windows and to make sure the insides are not fogged over. You may want to let your car warm up and defrost for a good while before you hit the slick roads. Wilton Salt trucks have been out most of the night. BE SAFE OUT THERE and have a great FRIDAY!! From the Wilton Police Department

Lost Husky/Pitbull mix dog found. If this is your dog or you know whose dog it is, Call Dustin Smith 563-316-4466

Wilton School Announcement: School will be let out early today (Thursday, Jan 11) at 1pm due to the weather.

Foggy and slick morning. 26 degrees. Give yourself a few extra minutes to get to work this morning. Your windows will need to be scrapped really well because they are gonna want to fog up! Good Morning and BE SAFE out there!

Happy Monday everyone: the sun is shining and it is 34 degrees, but don't be overconfident when your driving. Wet spots in the shadows can still be black ice!! Slow down and take your time!!! Arrive, ALIVE!!!! Be safe out there!!

Stunning arrest made today!!! Elsa from FROZEN taken into custody! Let's hear her sing now!!!

SCAM ALERT: If you get a phone call from "Mid-American Energy" stating for you to go and get a "Cash Bundle" or Gift Card to pay your utilities, it is probably a scam. DO NOT give any info such as credit card over the phone. IF you feel you need to hang up on them and call Mid American Yourself. They will try to scare you to send them money NOW or they will turn off your utilities. Be smart and don't get SCAMMED. Please call your older adults that may not have FB and let them know about this SCAM. Call the WPD if you have questions. 563-732-2311

Hey Wilton City Residence: I want to remind you that if you have a sidewalk in front of your home, it is your responsibility to shovel off the snow within 24 hours. Especially if you have a sidewalk that the kiddos walk on to get to school. The city ordinance has a fine amount for not cleaning off your sidewalk. ALSO if you have a car parked on the roadway that has not been moved for the street crew to move the snow, it must be moved or it will be ticketed. Please spread the word. Thanks for your Help to make this a safe place.

Please don’t drink and drive tonight. Be safe and not sorry. Have a Happy New Year! We will be out watching out for you! From the Wilton Police Department!