Toledo Police Department

  • Agency: Toledo Police Department
  • Address: 214 W High St, Toledo , 52342 IA
  • Chief: Jeffery L Harnish (Chief of Police)
Phone: 641-484-3013

Toledo Police Department is located at 214 W High St, Toledo , 52342 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeffery L Harnish. The Toledo Police Department phone number is 641-484-3013.

Toledo Police Department News

HONORING THEIR SERVICE. REMEMBERING THEIR SACRIFICE November 2nd marks the 1 year anniversary of the heinous act that took the lives of Des Moines Police Sergeant Anthony Beminio and Urbandale Police Officer Justin Martin. Our hearts go out to their families, friends and the members of the Des Moines and Urbandale Police Departments. "Blessed are the Peacekeepers"

The Toledo Police Department wants to give the public a reminder not to leave vehicles unlocked or to leave keys in ignition or inside the vehicle. This includes in driveways. There are the two biggest deterrents from falling victim of vehicle burglary and theft. 3 vehicles have been stolen in Toledo in the last few months. 2 of which had keys in them. All the vehicles have been recovered, but either damaged, or with valuables missing. Leaving vehicles unlocked with valuables in open view is cause for alot of vehicle burglaries. If you see suspicious people in or around vehicles please report it through the 24 hour dispatch center at 641.484.3760 (option 1)

The Toledo Police Department would like to thank the community for all of their help in identifying the two subjects in the photograph published in the newspaper. The investigating officer will be taking the information and using it in their investigation.

found at Ohio and 63 in Toledo. Very friendly, looks to have broken the tie out. Will be at the Tama County Humane Society.

Toledo Police Department is looking for your help to identify this female subject. If you know who this is or have any information please contact us. This female has a tattoo on her left wrist if that helps anyone.

The Toledo Police Department extends it's sympathies and prayers to those who were lost, injured and all affected in the horrific shooting in Las Vegas. One cannot fathom the mindset of the individual behind the trigger. It will be debated and obsessed over by his family, academics, the victims, law enforcement for years to come. No matter the motive, the incident was horrific and hundreds of lives are forever altered.

The Toledo Police Department would like to thank all the community members who came to our "coffee with a cop" event this morning. A special thanks to Ross Street Roasting Company, Kwik Star, and Toledo Casey's for their generous donations of coffee and donuts!


Just a reminder about "Coffee with a Cop" this coming Saturday from 8-11 am at the State Bank of Toledo Community Room on Broadway Street. Ross Street Roasting will be donating the coffee. NO speeches, NO agenda, just chance to sit and voice concerns, ask questions and meet the Officers that serve the community. As a side note; It is unfortunate that Chief Kendall will not be able to attend this as he was diagnosed this evening with Pneumonia. He's sidelined for at least a week, depending on how well the medications prescribed to him work. With that said though, Chief Kendall wishes to tell everybody hi who plans on attending this event. :)

The Toledo Police Department would like to take a moment to remind the community to be sure to take the time to lock their cars and homes. This is one simple task you can do to prevent falling victims to burglaries. We have had reports burglaries and suspicious people in and around homes. Please contact the Toledo Police Department through dispatch (641.484.3760 Opt 1) if you see anything suspicious or concerning. It was brought to our attention that people may have been seeing suspicious people on their property at night and were not reporting it to law enforcement. Calling in a timely fashion is best. We want to work in partnership with the community to prevent crimes such as burglaries. Things you can do to minimize the chances of falling victim is locking doors and windows, keeping outside or motion lights on, closing curtains, etc. Thank you for your due diligence.

In regards to the drug take-back day on Saturday the 16th; We initially informed everybody that we wouldn't take sharps(needles). That has now changed thanks to some help from Premier Estates! We will now take sharps on Saturday as we have several containers to place them in! :)

Toledo Police Department is looking for this vehicle. It has been reported stolen, if you have any information please let us know, we would like to return it to its rightful owner.

We invite the community on Saturday, September 23rd, to join the Toledo Police Department for another "Coffee with a Cop" event. The event will be held at the State Bank of Toledo Community Room in the 100 blk of South Broadway from 8-11 a.m. Members of the Toledo Police Department will be there to sit and chat with citizens and talk about anything from concerns, answer questions, or about life in general. We invite citizens and business owners in Toledo to come and join us for this event. Local business Ross Street Roasting Co. (@RossStreetRoasting) has graciously offered to donate the coffee for the event. We hope to see you there!

On Saturday, September 16th, 2017, the Toledo Police Department will again be hosting a drug "take back day" collecting expired, unused or unwanted prescription drugs at the Toledo Police Department located at 214 west High Street from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. This effort is an event to collect and safely dispose of unwanted medications. The Toledo Police Department hopes this "take back: event serves a precautionary effort to safeguard citizens from potentially dangerous expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs. This is a free service provided by the department and helps keep prescription medications out of the garbage/landfill and out of the local sewer system which can not handle prescription medications. Bring in any prescription medications you no longer want or use; no questions asked! Due to privacy issues, please remove any labels on the bottles after you arrive at the police department, or you may place them in one of our disposable bags. We also have a black marker that you can use to blacken your name on the bottle. When transporting them, please make sure they're still in the bottle with your name marked on them. The following items will NOT be accepted by the Toledo Police Department for this "Take back" event: Syringes, needles, inhalers, intravenous solutions, or anything that is an illegal substance such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.... If you are unable to drop off unused or unwanted medications during this event, you may drop them off anytime before the event and after the event if an officer is at the Toledo Police Department. In the event an officer is not in the office, please call 641-484-3760 Ext. #1 and ask for a Toledo Police Officer to meet you at our office. Any questions may be directed to Toledo Police Chief Bob Kendall at 641-484-3013. In addition--to those who bring children to the drop off--Chief Kendall has some stickers, candy and information and coloring books to hand out! :)

The Toledo Police Department is reaching out and asking for the community's help with information on a theft. The Toledo airport has reported that a windsock (like the one pictured) has been stolen from their facility. This is not the first time a windsock has been stolen from the Toledo airport believe it or not! While it may seem insignificant the item does serve an important role for the airport and pilots. Besides, stealing is stealing..... If you have any information please contact the Toledo Police Department, or send us a private message on Facebook. Thanks for your assistance!

It's that time of year again folks. The Toledo Police Department will be taking part in the Governor Traffic Safety Bureau's Safety Traffic Enforcement Program (sTEP). The heightend enforcement phase will occur from August 18th to September 3rd. Please be vigilant in your driving and obey traffic laws. Also remember that it is best to designate a sober valid driver. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and diligence.

Toledo Police Department is looking to identify this individual from a burglary at Shopko. We appreciate any information you may have and thank you as our community's assistance has been a large part of successfully identifying people in the past.

The NATIONAL NIGHT OUT IS underway! C9me in down to the Tama Eagles for sloppy Joes, chips and ice cream! Local Police Officers are even handing out goodies! A special thanks to the Tama Eagles for sponsoring this event to bring the community and law enforcement together!

Need something to do tonight? Like food? Well the Tama Eagles is sponsoring "National Night Out". A community event to try to bring citizens and law enforcement together. Come join neighbors and members of Tama, Toledo, Meskwaki Nation Police and the Tama County Sheriff's Office tonight from 5:30 to 7:30

PRESS RELEASE The Toledo Police Department took a report of a residential burglary in the 1200 blk of S Church on July 12, 2017. The victims reported multiple firearms, money and ammunition among items stolen. During the course of the investigation multiple search warrants were conducted in the cities of Toledo, Tama, and Marshalltown. As a result of these search warrants, multiple firearms that were reported stolen were recovered. 2 juvenile males, and an adult male have been charged thus far. Further charges and arrests are possible as the investigation is ongoing. The Toledo Police Department was assisted by the Tama Police Department, Tama County Sheriff's Office, Marshalltown Police Department, State Center Police Department, and the Marshalltown Police/Marshall County Sheriff SWAT.

The Toledo Police Department will be joining law enforcement agencies across the state for the governor's traffic safety bureau's safety traffic enforcement program (sTEP) this holiday weekend. (July 1-4). Please be responsible when driving. Secure a sober driver or walk to your destination.

The Toledo Police Dept responded to a report of a semi that for stuck in the 200 blk of West Summit in an attempt to turn around. Z-Line assisted with getting the tractor and trailer on it's way. Tama Police, and the Tama County Sheriff's Office assisted with traffic control. A special thanks to Iowa Dept of Transportation Motor Vehicle Sergeant Glenn Goode for answering his phone and taking questions during his time off.

Important message relayed from Tama Police and the State Fire Marshal's Office

The Miami Police Department has launched an innovative new program to help prevent car burglaries in their city. Please watch this public service announcement from Miami PD and take note!

In regards to fireworks use with in the City Limits of Toledo: Please be aware that you are responsible for knowing the new law regarding fireworks use in the State of Iowa. The Senate File 489 ( ) has been adopted by the City of Toledo Section 41.12. Both are applicable and both will be enforced. The city code of Toledo lists out the requirements for insurances and the times when fireworks can be used. Please be responsible as it is now legal to use fireworks the specific nature of individual use of fireworks can still result in criminal charges (disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, etc.). We ask that all citizens of Toledo be aware and educate those around you about the new laws. Please be safe and enjoy. The City Ordinance 41.12 will be posted in the comments below.