Nampa Police Department

  • Agency: Nampa Police Department
  • Address: 820 2nd St S., Nampa, 83651 ID
  • Chief: Curtis Homer (Chief of Police)
Phone: (208) 465-2257

Nampa Police Department is located at 820 2nd St S., Nampa, 83651 ID. The Chief of Police of the department is Curtis Homer. The Nampa Police Department phone number is (208) 465-2257.

Nampa Police Department News

Here’s to strong women making a difference everyday! Thank you to all of these strong women from Nampa PD #NampaProud #InternationalWomensDay #Celebrate #Uplift #Inspire #Teamwork

Nampa Police Department Investigators have been hard at work trying to disrupt the flow of narcotics from the streets of Nampa and to dismantle organizations trying to put roots into the Treasure Valley. Armed with some new vigor and the full support of the Nampa Police Administration (many of whom are former narcotics detectives themselves), investigators have made some notable arrests and narcotics seizures recently. Here are some of our noteworthy seizures since the start of 2018: 1,193 grams of meth 1,000 grams of heroin 7 pounds of marijuana 70 OxyContin The street value for the illegal drugs from these notable cases is over $270,000 These investigators have also recovered ten guns from known felons. We are proud of the work we do. We are here to protect and serve you Nampa! We will keep working hard to make our community even better! #Community #Commitment #Dedication #NoteworthyForSure #1T1M #NotInNampa #DontDoDrugs #NampaProud

Happy #NationalOreoDay Oreo + 🥛 = ❤️ #TuesdayThoughts #DoubleStuff #Woodword600 #Duke621 #FunAtWork

Sandpoint Police Officer Update - Good News The Sandpoint Police Department reports the two officers shot in the line of duty in the early morning hours yesterday are recovering. One of the officers, shot in the leg and chest, was treated and released from the hospital. The second officer, shot in the neck and left hand, has undergone two surgeries, is still in the hospital, and is in recovery. Keep doing whatever you do to send SPD strength to help with the speedy recovery of these heroes and for the safety of all police officers. We appreciate your support! #UPDATE #GoodNews #Grateful #ThankYouForYourSupport #BlueFamily #StayVigilant #1T1M #BackTheBlue #InValorThereIsHope #StayStrong

Sending strength to our brothers and sisters at the Sandpoint Police Department Two Sandpoint Police Officers were transported to local hospitals after being shot overnight. Stay vigilant Officers! #BlessedAreThePeacemakers #InValorThereIsHope

Benefit Gala to help victims of family violence! A great opportunity to help your community and have a great time! #HOPE Nampa Family Justice Center #aLightInTheWindow

A stark reminder, for sure. #NeverForget

Nampa PD is one of six police departments in the nation to be selected to participate in a grant from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to improve our response to investigations of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking. Last week, a delegation from IACP came to Nampa to conduct an onsite evaluation of our department, examining policies and evaluating our overall response to domestic violence related cases. This team also had meetings with our community partners and provided feedback as well as established goals for us to achieve in this process. Nampa PD is excited to be part of this process and we are confident we will exceed the expectations set by IACP. #StarByBelieving #HOPE #UpForTheChallenge #Community #Service #NampaFamilyJusticeCenter #FJC #NampaProud #Teamwork One Team, One Mission #1T1M Nampa Family Justice Center

Teamwork from every position is critical in handling the challenges we face every day. Nampa Police Department and Nampa Idaho Fire Department leaders attended “Effective Leadership” training this week. We are proud (and lucky) to have smart, motivated, trustworthy and funny men and women willing to take on the many roles to lead us to where we are going. We are following you! “Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.” Thank You to each of you for your commitment and the example you are setting. #Motivate #Inspire #BeHumble #BeFunny #JonesandJonesIncorporated #CheckOutTheirSelfie #HaveHUMOR #FunAtWork #WeWannaBeLikeYouWhenWeGrowUp #KernDoesThatEveryChanceHeGets #GTandBradWhySoSerious #NampaProud Nampa Firefighters L-804

Nampa Police Department responds to two separate reports of school threats. On the evening of March 1, 2018, officers of the Nampa Police Department received information of a threat to Ridgevue High School. The threat was made through social media referencing a possible shooting. Members of the Nampa Police Department and the Canyon County Sheriff’s office worked together to quickly identify the alleged suspect and located him at his residence. It was determined that there was no actual intent of a shooting. The student will not be attending the school in the near future and there is an extra police presence on campus today. No charges have been filed at this point but the investigation will be reviewed by the Canyon County Prosecutor’s office. This morning, March 2, 2018, officers of the Nampa Police Department were notified of a possible intoxicated student with a firearm at Columbia High School. The school resource officer along with patrol officers and the school administration located and detained the student. The student was not in possession of a weapon and was not intoxicated. It was determined that the nature of the information was untimely and not accurate. Several students had been told of the possible threat and they relayed that information to appropriate authorities. We believe there is no threat to the school from this incident. While both situations were not actual, legitimate threats to either school, it is an opportunity to remind the community of the magnitude of this problem. There are no, “innocent pranks,” when it comes to school threats. There is no reason to think it is okay to make these types of statements on social media. Law enforcement takes these situations extremely serious. The protection of our children is one of our highest priorities. We will aggressively pursue any information of threats and will prosecute any violations we find. We applaud those students and parents who heard something and told the authorities. This enabled us to respond quickly to the information to reduce the likelihood of an actual event. It is only through the partnership between the schools, parents, students, and police that we can attempt to address the difficult issue. The Nampa Police Department reminds everyone to stay vigilant and if you see something, say something.

Nampa Police employees were treated to a special meal break provided to them by a generous anonymous donor. The agency has 171 employees and they work 24 hours, 7 days a week so trying to schedule a meal break for all of them was a challenge. At least it was until one local business stepped up and made sure they were able to cover all times of the day and some of the night! When attempting who to set up who to feed all the troops, a quick survey was done around the department as to a favorite place to dine might be. Over and over we heard, "the taco truck on 11th Ave. and Franklin". Danny, the Proprietor and amazing chef, not only agreed to cater the event, he stepped up and agreed to cover multiple shifts and days to make sure all the employees were taken care of!! One records employee was heard cheering while waiting in line, "Best day ever!" Thanks Frescos Tacos Taqueria Grill and Thank you Danny and Micheal for your great food and your great service! #BDE! #Frescotacos #yum #keepcalmandtacoon

First night of Nampa PD’s Public Safety Academy Hope these folks are ready for some NPD education AND some fun! Buckle your seatbelt class - you’re in for quite the ride! #NampaPublicSafetyAcademy #FunAtWork #NPDVolunteers #Community #drivefast #shootguns #HopeTheyKnowWhatTheySignedUpFor #tasertasertaser

Honoring a community hero with the Nampa Police Medal of Merit, the highest NPD honor given to a civilian: Antonio was witness to a vicious and violent attack on a fellow student, who had already been stabbed by a knife wielding subject. As Antonio heard the urgent calls for help, he selflessly ran to her aid. Regardless of the inherent and extreme danger of confronting a subject with a knife, Antonio grabbed the subject and stopped the attack. Antonio’s exemplary selfless actions and conspicuous efforts most certainly saved this student from life threatening injury and easily saved her life. He has earned the admiration of his fellow students, his community, the City of Nampa and the Nampa Police Department. Antonio, your exceptional selfless bravery and devotion to your fellow citizen is admirable and rarely displayed in such intensity as life or death. The entire Nampa Police Department want to recognize your exceptional service to our community. You acted, where others may not have, and in doing so saved your fellow student from additional life threatening injury. With humble gratitude, Chief Joe Huff. #Hero #Selfless #Exemplary #Bravery #Devotion #Huff300 #Workman397

So Happy To Share This News! Love to hear “...expected to make a full recovery.” #Grateful #BlueFamily

Sending strength to our brothers and sisters of the Coeur d'Alene Police Department At least one Coeur d’Alene Police Officer was shot by a wanted subject last night. The officer was transported to the hospital. “He was up and talking to us.” -Chief Lee White, Coeur d’Alene PD #BlessedAreThePeacemakers #InValorThereIsHope

#TuesdayThoughts We hope you have something in your world that inspires you the same way Special Olympics Idaho athletes inspire Nampa Police Officer Deny Burns! #Inspire #Champions #BeAFan #GuardiansoftheFlame 🔥 #LETR #LawEnforcementTorchRun Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Idaho #Burns386

Nampa Fire Captain Jerry Flavel - Thank You for your service, dedication, hard work and humor! We’ll miss you. Happy Retirement. #Teamwork #Brotherhood #Hero #NampaProud #HaveFun #NFDFlavel Nampa Idaho Fire Department Nampa Firefighters L-804

In case you were wondering, it’s still winter! The roads are slick. Snow is coming down in Nampa. Take some extra time this morning to get where you’re going. #GetThereSafe #SlowDown #TakeSomeExtraTime #ItsSlick ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

*** IMPORTANT MESSAGE *** KARI’S LAW *** *** PLEASE READ & SHARE *** If you have an emergency while you’re at work, while you’re staying in a hotel or at a school, would you know how to call 911? Do you need to dial a 9 for an outside line at your office? Does that mean getting emergency help requires you to dial 9-911? Is there a prefix you have to dial to access an outside line from the facility you’re calling from? Does that prefix need to be added to the front of 911 when reporting an emergency? If you’re staying at a hotel, do you have to dial the front desk or hotel operator and have them call 911? Will the emergency response be delayed? Will all of the details be relayed accurately? On February 16, 2018, the President of the United States signed a bill to make sure YOU can dial 911 from any multi-line telephone system (MLTS) direct. The new law will allow you to dial 911 without the “9”, without the prefix and without the assistance of someone else. You will be able to dial 911 direct. There is a heartbreaking story behind this change — and the Nampa Police Department supports this decision 100%‼️ In December 2013, Kari Hunt was killed by her estranged husband in a motel room in Texas. Kari’s 9 year old daughter repeatedly tried to dial 911 from the motel room, but was unable to make the call because the motel’s phone system required users to dial “9” to reach an outside line. Would you know that? Would your child? This little girl didn’t. She never reached 911 that day. Let’s not let that happen ever again. Help us fix the problem. ATTENTION BUSINESSES WITH MULTI-LINE TELEPHONE SYSTEMS (offices, schools, hotels...): This law will require you to allow direct access to 911 and you may need to do some work to change your phone configuration. You are not alone! Many businesses will be affected. Please do what is necessary to reconfigure your phone systems. Most MLTS allow for direct dialing to 911 today, if settings are configured property. Thank you for taking the time to read and share this critical message. Thank you for changing your MLTS if yours doesn’t allow direct dialing today. Nampa PD wants to protect and serve you during any emergency, at any location in Nampa. Our hope is to help raise awareness and deliver this very important message beyond our jurisdictional boundaries. Please help us with a share. #KarisLaw #NeverLetThisHappenAgain #WeCanMakeItBetterTogether #SpreadTheWord APCO International NENA - National Emergency Number Association Idaho Chapter of APCO and NENA

Extreme athletes enduring extreme weather at the 2018 Special Olympics Idaho Southwest Regional Games at Terrace Lakes Resort today. The Guardians of the Flame🔥 were there to support the athletes, to include Nampa PD’s very own Officer Deny Burns. Way to represent, Deny! Thank you Chief Patrick Calley, Ada County Sheriff's Office for the photos and for your dedication to these amazing athletes! To the Athletes - you are OUR Olympic champions! 🥇🥈🥉 #FollowTheFlame #BeaFan #CHAMPIONS #SpecialOlympicsIdaho #Burns386 #ACSOCalley Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Idaho

A Nampa Police Leader and a couple of our future leaders met recently to discuss the job of a police officer. These two Boy Scouts are working toward some scouting achievements, and one of their goals was to talk to a Nampa Police Officer about his job. They came to the PD and met with Sgt. Rob Wiggins, asked him questions about his work and when they were done, they presented him with this plaque, to show their appreciation for his time and his service. Thank You, gentlemen, for choosing NPD for your project and for the reminder of the work being done in our community to shape our future leaders. Keep learning and working hard! #MadeOurDay #FunATWork #Service #Commitment #NampaYouth #Community #PRIDE #Character #OnMyHonor #IWillDoMyBest #ToHelpOtherPeopleAtAllTimes #FutureLeaders #WhatIsTheFavoriteThingAboutYourJobRob❓ #PosingForFacebookPhotos ⁉️ #Wiggins367 Boy Scouts of America

#Teamwork #MakingaDifference #McCain366 #Hobson327

#GOALS #SUCCESS #ACCOMPLISHMENT #NAMPAPROUD A huge #CONGRATULATIONS to Maureen from Nampa Dispatch for achieving her POST Level 1 AND Level 2 Communications Specialist Certification AND for completing her in-house/on-the-job training here at NPD. Each of these goals alone is a huge step in a dispatchers career, requiring many hours of hard work and commitment. Well, Maureen just wrapped them all up at pretty much the same time and we are impressed! We are incredibly proud of these accomplishments and we are so happy she’s part of our team. Way to go, Maureen! Congratulations to you too, Nampa. You have another fully trained, totally committed, hard working, awesome 911 Dispatcher serving and protecting YOU! Thank You also to each of our Dispatch Trainers for your hard work and dedication to our training program. We obviously couldn’t do it without each of you. #TEAMWORK #ShesARockStar #IAM911 #1T1M #CriticalNOTClerical #MakingaDifference #ThinGoldLine 💛 #Riha384 #Aysha807 #Shankel302 #Case617 #Beth835 #Becky837 #Kim832 #Pam812 #Maureen861 Nampa Idaho Fire Department Nampa Firefighters L-804

#ShoutOut to Treasure Valley Baptist Church Home School Group for stopping by today for a tour of your Public Safety Building. The group was very interested, very engaged and they had great questions for us! THANKS for coming by and THANKS for supporting us! We are proud of what we do to protect and serve our community. This group also sent a #ShoutOut to everyone at the PD who helped with their tour. They sent us this message: “We wanted to thank you for the kindness you showed our group today. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and your beautiful facility and the talks given to us by your team. We live in a dangerous world and appreciate you all! Thanks for having our backs. We appreciate each of you and support your presence in our community.” There you have it! Great support, Great opportunities, Great teamwork and don’t forget some #FunAtWork #Community #ProtectandServe #TreasureValleyBaptistChurch #GreatQuestions #KeepAskingThem #GreatLessons #KeepLearningThem and #KeepTeachingThem #Crockett317 #ShoutOut also to our volunteers for helping TONS with all of our tours! We ❤️Our Volunteers!