Mahomet Police Department

  • Agency: Mahomet Police Department
  • Address: 303 East Oak Street, Mahomet, 61853 IL
  • Chief: Daniel J Driscoll (Chief of Police)

Mahomet Police Department is located at 303 East Oak Street, Mahomet, 61853 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Daniel J Driscoll. The Mahomet Police Department phone number is 217-333-8911.

Mahomet Police Department News

TRAFFIC: Due to an accident, traffic on I-74 westbound near Champaign is backed up. If you're heading toward Mahomet anytime soon, I suggest taking a different route home.

MISSING: This fella. It appears that someone thought that he may look better in their yard this Halloween. If you know who this might be, give us a call at (217) 586-5533. We have a "bone" to pick with them.

If all goes as planned this morning, the bridge construction should be picked up and both lanes open by school pick up time.

Norfolk/Southern Railroad will have the railroad crossings at Route 47 and Center street closed due to repairs. Work will take place on 10/10 and 10/11.

If anyone has information on the theft of this car, please call the Mahomet Police Department or CrimeStoppers.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 29th, Crowley Road from the entrance to the high school parking lot to north of the bike path entrance will be closed to traffic to enable the safe passage of LTS students doing their DAWG Walk. A message board will be placed near County Road 2400 N give motorists advanced warning. If you live north of I-74 and use Crowley Rd to get to the schools, you will need to use an alternate route.

Construction has been set up and the Oak St (RT 150) bridge is down to one lane. Plan your school pick up and trip home from work accordingly.

As we anticipate the construction beginning next week on the Oak St (RT 150) bridge in Mahomet and the congestion that it will bring, we are happy to report that the I-74 construction at Mahomet has been cleaned up and all lanes are open.

Heads up, Mahomet residents!

Thanks again to ISP for providing great information.

It's that time of year again when we start to see the deer on the move. Please be alert.

I-57 southbound is at a standstill south of I/72.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT: I-74 westbound near the Prairie View Rd exit. We suggest seeking alternate routes for your commute home if you will be heading toward Mahomet.

Some great young folks selling home made bracelets in order to raise funds to fight cancer. They're at Marietta and Center just south of the police station. Swing by and help them out.

Traffic on I-74 westbound between Champaign and Mahomet is backed up due to an accident. We recommend finding an alternate route home! Drive safe and enjoy your weekend!

Great job this morning everyone! Drop off for the first day of school is always hectic, but everyone was patient, respectful and helpful. We're hoping the kids and the teachers all have fun!


Everyone's cooperation in following the established plans for drop off and pick-up is greatly appreciated. The plans have been developed to increase the safety of our children while expediting the flow of traffic as much as possible. Be patient. Be kind. Be safe.

SCAM ALERT--Apparently, the IRS scammers are now making calls that appear to be coming from the Mahomet Police Department's non-emergency, administrative telephone number. Remember, we will never ask you to send us money to keep you out of jail. If we want you, we'll come get you.

Code 44

Mahomet's newest recruit is enjoying his first day on the job!

Police Procession Route Trooper Ryan Albin: EOW 06/28/2017 The emergency services procession for fallen Illinois State Trooper Ryan Albin will depart the Blue Ridge High School after the funeral service on Thursday, July 6, 2017, and travel to the Bellflower Cemetery. The procession is projected to depart the high school at approximately 12:00 PM and will follow the below route at a low speed of approximately 20 miles per hour. Those that wish to view the procession are welcome to do so and should consider the locations noted below as ideal viewing opportunities. Those that choose to view in Mansfield or Bellflower should consider the slow speed of the procession and the distance of their viewing location when planning attendance. Estimated time of arrival in Mansfield is 12:20 PM and estimated time of arrival in Bellflower is 12:55 PM (note: times are estimates based on final time of departure from the high school). Depart: Blue Ridge High School (Thursday, July 6th @ approximately 12:00 PM) • 411 N. John Street, Farmer City, Illinois (Blue Ridge High School) o South on JOHN STREET to W. CLINTON AVENUE (Route 54) – procession viewing area along JOHN STREET in Farmer City – do not park along JOHN STREET. o East on CLINTON AVENUE (Route 54) – procession viewing area along CLINTON AVENUE in Farmer City. The procession will continue along CLINTON AVENUE (US 54) in Farmer City to the intersection of US Route 150. o The procession will continue east on US Route 150 into the city of Mansfield where it will turn and go north on N. MCKINLEY STREET out of town. There is ample procession viewing opportunity along the entire route through the city of Mansfield. o The procession will continue north on PIATT COUNTY HIGHWAY 2 (1300E turning into 4000E) to the intersection of US Route 136 where it will turn west to the BELLFLOWER ROAD (3850E) o The procession will turn north on the BELLFLOWER ROAD (3850E) and continue through the town of BELLFLOWER to the BELLFLOWER CEMETERY to the north of the town. There will be ample viewing opportunity along the route in BELLFLOWER. END: Bellflower Cemetery The attached link will generate a Google Map with additional procession route information:,-88.6460991/40.3631734,-88.5268803/@40.2876297,-88.7123809,11z/am=t/data=!4m14!4m13!1m10!3m4!1m2!1d-88.6453437!2d40.2406737!3s0x880ca338641e1a31:0x41b965879a828a!3m4!1m2!1d-88.5201698!2d40.2163169!3s0x880cbecd303bd9c9:0xa6bac1f2890f68ff!1m0!3e0