Mahomet Police Department

  • Agency: Mahomet Police Department
  • Address: 303 East Oak Street, Mahomet, 61853 IL
  • Chief: Daniel J Driscoll (Chief of Police)

Mahomet Police Department is located at 303 East Oak Street, Mahomet, 61853 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Daniel J Driscoll. The Mahomet Police Department phone number is 217-333-8911.

Mahomet Police Department News

SCAM ALERT - Grandparents beware. Telephone scammers are calling with the claim that your grandchild is in trouble and they need you to send them money. They can be very persuasive and will play on your emotions. DO NOT send them any money. We know of at least one of these calls being received here in Mahomet. Leroy Police posted a similar warning yesterday.

Hey Mahomet folks how about helping out our friends at Mahomet Parks & Recreation Department. We are blessed to have a parks and rec department that does so much (with a very small staff) for our community.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT: 47 South on the overpass over I-72. Looks like they could have 47 shut down for a little bit, so avoid this route if possible.

If you'll be heading toward Mahomet on I-74 any time soon, we advise you to find another route home. There is a traffic accident at the I-74 and I-57 interchange that has westbound I-74 traffic backed up. Safe travels!

We have been working with school administration on these reports. Those involved have been identified and we have had spoken with them directly. We do not believe there is a credible threat against the school or anyone in the school. As Dr. Hall said, out of an abundance of caution we will have an increased presence at MSHS.

Eastbound traffic on I-74 is at a standstill between Mahomet and Champaign. Please avoid the area and find an alternative route.

In the past couple of weeks we have seen an increase in activity related to car burglaries. We have reports of people looking in and going through cars in the Briarcliff subdivision, the Edgewood area and in the 700 block of Dianne Lane. Please lock your cars if they are left out outside and do not leave valuables in the car. We rarely see force used to enter cars. The bad guys generally pick on unlocked cars and trucks.

Stay safe out there this weekend, everyone! Sunday sounds like a good day for a Netflix marathon and not leaving the house. However, if you must leave, drive with caution and give yourself plenty of time to get to where you’re going.

Mahomet residents noticed a lot of police activity around the high school this morning. Everything is fine and everyone is safe. Area police officers were involved in a chase of a suspect wanted for several crimes in Champaign and the surrounding area. The subject was caught and taken into custody on the high school grounds. Several students were in the building at the time of the incident. School staff took appropriate action and secured the students until the suspect was taken into custody and removed from the scene. The suspect DID NOT enter the building. The Champaign Police Department will release additional information to the local media as it becomes available.

Many thanks to the Mahomet Streets & Alley guys, Mahomet TWP, and IDOT for working hard this holiday weekend to clear the roadways to grandma’s. Merry Christmas!!

Hey, Mahomet! The roads are pretty darn gross out, so if you need to leave the house today, allow yourself extra time to get to your destination. Drive safe and enjoy your holiday!

A friendly reminder from our friends over in District 10!

A very nice young man visited the police department yesterday and donated two bags of stuffed animals he wanted to share with other kids. Instead of presents for his birthday, he had asked for these stuffed animals so that he could donate them to the police department. Such acts of kindness are even more special this time of year! Merry Christmas.

Just a reminder as we approach the end of the school semester, from 625 ILCS 5/11-1414. "The driver of a vehicle shall stop such vehicle before meeting or overtaking, from either direction, any school bus stopped at any location for the purpose of receiving or discharging pupils." This includes the driveway of the high school, a frequent source of complaints, when buses are stopped.

An excellent and accurate explanation of how you are suppose to behave at crosswalks.

For those of you that have inquired about where to dispose of old medications, this post is for you!

TRAFFIC: Due to an accident, traffic on I-74 westbound near Champaign is backed up. If you're heading toward Mahomet anytime soon, I suggest taking a different route home.

MISSING: This fella. It appears that someone thought that he may look better in their yard this Halloween. If you know who this might be, give us a call at (217) 586-5533. We have a "bone" to pick with them.

If all goes as planned this morning, the bridge construction should be picked up and both lanes open by school pick up time.

Uniquely put, but still good info.

Norfolk/Southern Railroad will have the railroad crossings at Route 47 and Center street closed due to repairs. Work will take place on 10/10 and 10/11.

If anyone has information on the theft of this car, please call the Mahomet Police Department or CrimeStoppers.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 29th, Crowley Road from the entrance to the high school parking lot to north of the bike path entrance will be closed to traffic to enable the safe passage of LTS students doing their DAWG Walk. A message board will be placed near County Road 2400 N give motorists advanced warning. If you live north of I-74 and use Crowley Rd to get to the schools, you will need to use an alternate route.