Berwyn Police Department

  • Agency: Berwyn Police Department
  • Address: 6401 W. 31st Street, Berwyn, 60402 IL
  • Chief: James D Ritz (Chief of Police)
Phone: 708-795-5600
Fax: 708-795-5627

Berwyn Police Department is located at 6401 W. 31st Street, Berwyn, 60402 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is James D Ritz. The Berwyn Police Department phone number is 708-795-5600.

Berwyn Police Department News

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For tonight’s #9PMRoutine, let us strive to be the light that drives crime out from our community. Lock your doors and make sure that your valuables are kept from view.

With the overnight snowfall that is expected to continue throughout the day and into tomorrow, Berwyn’s Department of Public Works is working diligently to clear the snow and make our roadways safer. Please follow the street maintenance schedule for your block to allow the plows to pass. The street maintenance schedule is the same as it would be for street sweeping during warmer months, and signs are posted on your block if you are unsure or need clarification. Thank you for your cooperation, and have a great day.

Vehicle windows closed, doors locked and valuables out of sight ✓ Garage windows secured and door locked ✓ Home windows secured and doors locked ✓ You just completed the #9PMRoutine – well done!

For tonight’s #9PMRoutine, we’re going to infinity and beyond to remind you to keep your doors locked and to not leave your toys in plain view. You’ve got a friend in us! #YoureMyFavoriteDeputy

Stop by the Police Station (6401 W. 31st Street) before 11am for Coffee with a Cop!

Happy Friday – it’s time for the #9PMRoutine! Start your weekend off right by making sure that your home, vehicle and garage are secure. Don’t forget to join us in the morning for Coffee with a Cop at 9AM at the Police Department (6401 W. 31st Street).

Even if you KNOW that everything is locked, what could it hurt to double-check? It just takes a moment to verify that your vehicle, garage and home are safely locked, and doing so helps to reduce crime in our community, so get into the #9PMRoutine!

With the nice break from the cold weather, what better time than now to do the #9PMRoutine! It’s easy to do – just verify that your home, garage and vehicle are safely secured and that any of your belongings that might be attractive to thieves are out of sight.

It’s 9 o’clock – time once again to put the LID on crime and Lock It Down! Get into the #9PMRoutine with us and lock your car, home and garage to prevent theft.

No speeches, just conversation – join us on Saturday morning for a hot cup of coffee (or two) and let us know what’s important to you!

We need your help to spread the word about the #9PMRoutine. Only 2,500 people see our nightly reminders to lock up your home, garage and vehicles for the evening, and to verify that valuables are stored out of sight. This small act goes a long way in preventing theft in our community, and we can do better. Get involved and SHARE these posts when you see them so that your friends and family get the reminder too!

We have received several reports this morning from Morton West students and parents of alleged threats that have been made on social media. According to reports, the posts on social media are warning “MHS” students not to go to school. We have actually determined the posts are referring to Monticello High School in Virginia, not Morton High School in Berwyn. THERE IS NO ACTIVE THREAT TO MORTON HIGH SCHOOL AT THIS TIME. Furthermore, authorities in Virginia have detained a juvenile in regards to the threat made in their jurisdiction.

Keep the spirit of the #9PMRoutine with you throughout the day! Even though it’s cold outside, don’t leave your vehicle running unlocked and unattended. We’ve already had several reports in the area this season of vehicles that were taken while the owners left them to warm up. It’s not worth the risk!

You are NOT the victim! Doing your #9PMRoutine every evening reduces your risk of becoming a victim of theft and burglary. Lock the car, lock the garage, lock the house, and keep valuables secure and out of sight.

9 o’clock – time to lock! Secure your belongings, and make sure that you’ve locked your home, garage and vehicle. It’s another cold one tonight, but crime doesn’t take a day off, so lock it up! #9PMRoutine

Lock your doors, keep what’s yours! #9PMRoutine - Let us know in the comments if you’ve taken this opportunity to make sure that your car, home and garage are locked.

If you like it, lock it and join in on the #9PMRoutine! Secure your valuables and lock the car, house and garage. LIKE and SHARE to keep Berwyn safe!

It’s 9PM – you know what to do! 1.) Remove valuables from your vehicles and lock the doors 2.) Check the windows and doors in your garage to make sure they’re locked 3.) Bring in any of your belongings that were left outside 4.) Check the windows and doors of your home to verify that they’re secure 5.) Share this post with your friends and family so that they can stay safe too! #9PMRoutine

Happy New Year from the Berwyn Police Department! Make safety and security a part of your resolutions for 2018 by doing the #9PMRoutine – take a few minutes every evening to make sure that your home, garage and vehicle are secure, and that your belongings are kept away from the view of potential thieves.

We hope that everyone is enjoying a safe, responsible and happy New Year’s Eve. Even if you’re not at home for the #9PMRoutine tonight, take a few moments whenever you have time to verify that your home, vehicle and garage are locked.

Don’t be pitied; make Mr. T proud!! Secure your belongings, and verify that you’ve locked your home, garage and vehicle. #9PMRoutine

Help us spread the #9PMRoutine’s message of safety by sharing our nightly reminders with your friends, and don’t forget to lock up your car, garage and home for the evening.

Finnegan really wanted to stay up for the #9PMRoutine tonight - we’ll have to try again tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s make sure that our cars, homes and garages are locked tight, and that our families (including pets) are staying warm during this spell of cold weather.

Theft is often a crime of opportunity – don’t give criminals an easy target! When the clock strikes 9, verify that your home, garage and vehicles are safely secured, and that valuables are stored out of sight for the #9PMRoutine.

Did you do your #9PMRoutine tonight? Let us know in the comments! Double check all of the doors and windows in your home, car and garage to ensure that they are locked for the night. Also, attached is a list of Warming Centers that are available in the City of Berwyn, in the event that you or someone you know is currently without adequate heating in their home.