Blue Island Police Department

  • Agency: Blue Island Police Department
  • Address: 13031 S. Greenwood Avenue, IL
  • Chief: Douglas E Hoglund (Chief of Police)

Blue Island Police Department is located at 13031 S. Greenwood Avenue, IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Douglas E Hoglund. The Blue Island Police Department phone number is 708-597-8601.

Blue Island Police Department News

Officer Becerra, Officer Murray, and Officer Pinedo at Blue Island Park District Trunk or Treat.

Officer Colone photo bombing at the Blue Island Park District Trunk or Treat.

The Blue Island Police Department has revamped the training program for officers for 2018. In the last year, legislation passed that required officers to have mandatory training in the following topics: Blood Bourne Pathogens, CPR/AED, Narcan, Civil Rights/Human Rights, Sex Assault Trauma and Arrest Procedures for Policies for Domestic Violence. All Officers must attend training in these areas. In addition to mandatory training, the Blue Island Police Department will continue to retrain officers every 2 years on Ethics and Diversity and De-Escalation as we have done for the past 4 years.

The winners of the Blue Island Fire Department poster contest for Fire Prevention Week are Jayden Jones 2nd Grade (left) , and Jazmine Silva-Castro 6th Grade (right), both from St. Benedict School. Congratulations, young ladies!

Come on out and support the Blue Island Firefighters 3547 fundraiser for Rocco Cipriani.

On August 28th, Cpl. Sepessy and Officer Wright were on aggressive patrol near the Fulton Street parking lot. This area has attracted gang activity and delinquent juveniles because it is a large area with many discreet places to be concealed. Cpl. Sepessy observed a vehicle parked in the lot with two occupants inside at approximately 10:00 pm. While checking out the vehicle and the occupants, they observed the odor of burning cannabis. While speaking with the occupants, Cpl. Sepessy observed a handgun under the front seat. Both occupants were secured and the gun was recovered. The driver of the vehicle admitted to possessing the gun. The gun turned out to be a stolen handgun from Pennsylvania. The driver was charged with Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon.

We are excited to announce that four new squad cars are being fitted for patrol and all four vehicles are expected to be on the road by the end of the month. Keep your eye out for new graphics on the cars also.

Blue Island's newest Firefighter Joshua Budoff-Johnson, sworn in at last week's City Council Meeting. Congratulations to him and his family!

Check out our new cover photo! #ProtectAndServe

Officer Ortega and Alderman Carr hold the poster for this year's "Thank a Police Officer Day" September 16th.

Remember 9/11

I want everyone to be a ware of this. I just recieved a pre recorded telephone call from the "IRS" and the message was that there is an arrest warrant for me and the IRS is watching my every move. The number I received the call from was a (515) area code. If you have any questions or concerns because you received a similar call please call me at 708-396-7020 and I will help you. The IRS does not call and threaten you. Deputy Chief Michael Cornell

Officer Strezo responded to a call of an unresponsive male at the bus stop near 129th and Western. The person was breathing shallow and would not move. Officer Strezo saw a small bag in the victim’s mouth, an apparent heroin overdose. Officer Strezo injected the victim with Naloxone. The victim quickly came to and was transported to MetroSouth Hospital.

A citizen dropped her wallet at Thornton’s gas station and the wallet was picked up by an unethical person who walked away. Officer Bryan Holwell quickly recovered the victim’s wallet and all the contents from the offender. The victim sent a Thank You letter to Sergeant Connors thanking Office Holwell for doing such a great job.