Hodgkins Police Department

  • Agency: Hodgkins Police Department
  • Address: 6015 Lenzi Avenue, Hodgkins, 60525 IL
  • Chief: Phillip H Kringlie (Chief of Police)
Phone: (708) 352-4623
Fax: 708-579-6712

Hodgkins Police Department is located at 6015 Lenzi Avenue, Hodgkins, 60525 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Phillip H Kringlie. The Hodgkins Police Department phone number is (708) 352-4623.

Hodgkins Police Department News

A very Merry Christmas from our family to yours! For all our brothers and sisters who are spending the holidays in a squad, God bless, and thank you! And a Merry Christmas to the hose draggers next door!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Please, please, please, pleeeeaaaassssseeeeee keep your doors locked on your vehicles

After 32 years dedicated to Law Enforcment, Sgt. Pawlowski signed off for the final time yesterday! From all of us here at the Hodgkins Police Department, Congratulations! You will be missed. Enjoy retirement Sarge!

Happy Halloween!🎃

Please be careful on LaGrange road near I-55 and the Archer split. Multiple traffic crashes occurring throughout the day

We had a great time this past weekend at the Run for Kelli! The police collected over 1000 pounds of pop tops for the Ronald McDonald House! Gia told us she wants to have another competition for next year so don't stop collecting those pop tabs! Our Department took second place, collecting 201 pounds. McCook took first place but have zero chance of a repeat. Countryside was a close third. As always, please feel free to drop tabs off at the station or give us a call and we will be happy to come pick them up! 708-352-4623

Pop tabs are being picked up Thursday morning from our PD. If you're still holding on to them, time to bring them in! 6015 Lenzi Ave. Hodgkins, IL 60525. If you can't make it here please contact the PD asap and someone will come get them. 708-352-4623.

Northbound LaGrange Rd between Archer and 55 down to 1 lane due to IDOT work

We've had a lot of people step up and turn in their pop tops so far! You still have time to turn them in. The competition is at the end of the month. Please turn them in at the PD - 6015 Lenzi Ave. Hodgkins, IL 60525 - or call us and we can schedule a pick up - 708-352-4623! Keep up the good work!

This is Johnny Rocket and he went missing from the 6500 block of East Ave on Saturday the 26th. He is a little skittish but not aggressive. If you see him please, call our PD. 708-352-4623.

Take a second and read the article below about Gia and her amazing idea! Our Department would love some help collecting pop tops from our community! Feel free to drop them off at the station whenever you get a chance. Final count is Oct 1st. (We will gladly accept pop tops from anyone and everyone, especially if you live in McCook or Countryside😉)

Can you help us identify this man? Please call our station. 708-352-4623

We are currently accepting applications for the position of Police Officer! Please see information at theblueline.com. Come to the station to pick up your application today! 6015 Lenzi Ave. Hodgkins, IL 60525. http://www.theblueline.com/feature/ILhodgkins7.html

Gmail phishing scam alert!

Please take a look at Western Springs PD's Crime Alert post. Please remember to keep your doors locked at all times! and remember, if you see something suspicious give us a call!