Kenilworth Police Department

  • Agency: Kenilworth Police Department
  • Address: 419 Richmond Road, Kenilworth, 60043 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: 847-251-2141
Fax: 847-251-3445

Kenilworth Police Department is located at 419 Richmond Road, Kenilworth, 60043 IL. The Kenilworth Police Department phone number is 847-251-2141.

Kenilworth Police Department News

Residents are being warned of the growing blackmail scam that demands payment in bitcoin.

The IRS Scam continues. Don't fall prey to these individuals

The following is posted at the request of the Cook County Clerk's Office: Democracy doesn’t just happen. Every voter who casts a ballot on Election Day depends on the poll workers who are there serving voters and facilitating democracy. The Cook County Clerk's office is hiring community members to serve in suburban polling places and make it possible for their neighbors to cast their ballots and be heard on March 20th. There are two positions available: Election Judge or Equipment Manager. Both Election Judges and Equipment Managers assist voters and ensure the polling place is running smoothly. Equipment Managers are also responsible for setting up and maintaining the voting equipment. Due to the additional responsibility, Equipment Managers receive more training and get higher pay. Election Judges earn $190, Equipment Managers earn $340. To learn more and apply online visit or call 312.603.0970.

The Kenilworth Police Department is excited to announce that our 2017 Annual Report is now available on our website! Our 2017 Annual Report details our activities, accomplishments, and statistics from the previous year. The report is available for viewing by clicking on the link below.

Stolen Auto overnight in Kenilworth

Important Winter Storm information for Kenilworth residents.

A dog walker was followed by a Coyote yesterday evening and serves as a reminder for all residents to be vigilant while outdoors with small pets.

Crime Alert - Cars Entered and a Stolen Auto in Kenilworth overnight. Click below to learn more.

CRIME ALERT A crime pattern continues to occur on the North Shore. Several unlocked vehicles with the keys left inside were entered or stolen within the last week on the North Shore. These incidents are occurring primarily, during the overnight hours. The Police Department believes the individuals responsible are youthful offenders with street gang affiliation. These subjects should be considered armed and dangerous. The Kenilworth Police Department is collaborating with Law Enforcement agencies throughout the area to work together to identify, arrest and disrupt these offenders. We encourage all residents to lock your vehicle doors and remove keys and valuables. These incidents confirm that offenders are attracted to the North Shore area because these opportunities exist. This crime pattern is moving closer to Kenilworth’s borders and a suspect vehicle was recently chased out of Kenilworth before a crime was committed. We need your help to eliminate crimes of opportunity and to call 911 if you see any suspicious behavior.

The Kenilworth Police Department is again partnering with the Toys For Tots Program this Holiday Season to make a difference in the lives of children. Please donate! #toysfortots

Residents, beware of scams involving the use of iTunes gift cards as payment.

Click below for Kenilworth Trick-or-Treating information and important Halloween safety tips!

The Kenilworth Police Department would like to share the following information on vaping to create awareness among parents and help them to identify the paraphernalia used for this activity

Green Bay Road Construction (Update) After an unexpected delay, emergency water distribution system repairs on Green Bay Road have been re-scheduled to take place starting 10/23/2017 and last through the week. During this time, Green Bay Road near Melrose Avenue, will be reduced to one northbound lane and one southbound lane. All lanes are expected to reopen the following week.

Increased Deer Activity The following information is provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources "Autumn brings shorter days, cooler temperatures and a new set of driving habits for Illinois motorists. The Illinois Department of Transportation and Illinois Department of Natural Resources warn drivers to be vigilant during mating season as deer will be more active and visible throughout the state. The risk for deer vs. vehicle crashes greatly increases in October, November and December, especially at dusk and dawn." For more information and safe driving tips please visit the link below :

Road Closure Alert. Click below for more information

This cool kid (and KPD fan) is #1 in our book and Sgt. Oscar Padilla agrees!

Click below to View our July 2017 Police Blotter