Prospect Heights Police Department

  • Agency: Prospect Heights Police Department
  • Address: 14 E Camp McDonald Rd, Prospect Heights, 60070 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: 847-398-5511
Fax: 847-398-6080

Prospect Heights Police Department is located at 14 E Camp McDonald Rd, Prospect Heights, 60070 IL. The Prospect Heights Police Department phone number is 847-398-5511.

Prospect Heights Police Department News

Our Torch run crew!!! June 10th is around the corner!!!

#prospecthtspd would like to thank everyone who came out to #dunkindonuts in Prospect Heights, to support the #specialoympics! We raised over $1,500! @ Dunkin' Donuts

TODAY IS THE DAY for this years Dunkin' Coffee #CopOnARooftop event for Special Olympics Illinois! Come out to your local Dunkin' Coffee at 1204 N Milwaukee Ave, Prospect Heights! We will be starting bright and early at 6am and will be going till about 10am!😁

Come show your support this Friday at the Prospect Heights Dunkin Donuts located at 1204 S Milwaukee Ave!! #dunkindonuts #coponarooftop #specialolympics #charity #giveback

Charity Golf Outing time!!

Stay dry Prospect Heights!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!! #mothersday #policemomsrock

Come out and show your support at 1204 N Milwaukee Ave!!! #coponarooftop Dunkin' Coffee #specialolympics

Next week Friday! Come out to Dunkin Donuts on Milwaukee and help support #specialolympics! #coponrooftop #dunkindonuts #tbt

Congratulations to City of Prospect Heights 2018 Employee of the Year Police Records Supervisor Margie Bolger!

At the Mayors Breakfast, Mayor Helmer, Chief Steffen, and Deputy Chief Zawlocki also honored the anniversary dates of the following officers and staff! 25 Anniversary Corporal William Suerth 10 Year Anniversary Detective Corporal Jesus Duron Records Clerk Evaristo "Junior" Mendez 5 Year Anniversary Officer Milo Derman Corporal Kevin Lange Corporal Mark Pufundt Corporal Michael Smith Officer Matthew Willis Thank you all for your hard work and service to our community.

A wonderful group of our community and staff came together on Saturday, April 21, 2018 to enjoy delicious food and company at the 2018 Mayors Breakfast hosted by our Mayor, Nick Helmer. On behalf of Chief Steffen the officers and staff of PHPD voted to honor Cindy Huitink as our Volunteer of the Year. Cindy is an amazing person with a heart as boisterous and kind as her laugh. She is with us every Friday afternoon to assist in our Records Department. Please read our speech to honor Cindy's contributions to our town! Thank you Cindy!!!

*********Community Awareness******** Happy Friday PH! With the recent news of suspicious incidents/attempted child luring in our surrounding towns we felt this was a good time to bring awareness with some tips to our families in how to talk to our kids about staying safe as they grow and mature in their independence from Mom and Dad. This incidents have not occurred in Prospect Heights but we do not want to cause any of our residents to be alarmed when they see extra patrols through our neighborhoods as our kids walk to and from school. Our officers are vigilant in pro active patrolling to insure the safety of our kids. Please click on the link below to read some safety tips and steps to take if your child is missing.

PHPD is a proud participant with the DEA's prescription drug take back program! This Saturday, April 28th, you can drop off any unused or expired prescription drugs at the police station! The collected items will be transported to the DEA for proper and safe disposal! Don't be the dealer! #keepthemsafe #clearthemout #takethemback #deanationaltakeback

If any of our PH families are looking for budget friendly family fun that has proceeds that go to a good cause check out the CPD Enforcer's Games! The team isn't only made up of Chicago Police Officers but a few from the 'burbs including our neighbors to the north, Wheeling Police Officer Rick Richardson.

Now that the spring has finally popped in to say hello to PH the sweet staff of Andy's Frozen Custard treated our staff to their delicious custard! We have to write our names on the goods so no one else gets their hands on this treat! Mine! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Mine! 🙋🏻‍♂️ Mine!!!!!!!! 👮🏼‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️

Heads up PH! It feels like The Never-Ending Winter! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😢😢😢😢😢😢

On Saturday, April 14, 2018, many families in the Prospect Heights community will celebrate Vaisakhi Day. The festival of Vaisakhi began on April 13, 1699 when the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, established the Panth Khals. Panth Khals means the “Order of the Pure One.” Guru Singh’s started this sacred tradition by baptizing Sikh warriors to defend religious freedoms. Vaisakhi Day also celebrates the solar New Year and Harvest Day. To honor Vaisakhi Day Prospect Heights Police Officer Pardeep Deol pays tribute to his heritage by proudly wearing a turban to honor and educate awareness of Sikhism. When the Sikh faith was developing during the 15th through 18th centuries the turban was worn only by the higher classes and elites of society. However, a core teaching of the Sikh faith is that all people are equal. As such, it was mandated all Sikhs initiated into the faith cover their heads thus signifying the equal status among the faith’s followers. Because it’s considered respectful for Sikhs to keep their heads covered in public and in religious spaces, the turban serves this function as well. As a side note, Officer Deol carries on his family’s heritage of service in that he is the great grandson of Captain Ishar Singh of the Indian Army. Captain Singh served in the First and Second World Wars as well as the Waziristan Campaign where he won the English Medal of Honor, the Victoria Cross. On November 25, 1921, Captain Singh received this award for valiant effort and devotion to duty during an attack on his unit during the Waziristan Campaign. “On April 10, 1921 Captain Singh was the rank of Sepoy with the 28th Punjabis Indian Army. His unit was assigned to protect an area near the town of Haidari Kach. On that day Captain Singh’s unit was attacked by independent tribesmen that inhabited this region. Captain Singh was Number 1 in the Lewis Gun Section. He quickly jumped into action and began to fight with the tribesmen but was shot in the chest. Through his severe wounds Captain Singh still fought by engaging in hand to hand combat with their attackers after his gun was seized by the enemy. As British and Indian Officers were being killed or wounded around him Captain Singh grabbed two other soldiers, charged the enemy, recovered his weapon, and began to use the gun while heavily bleeding from his chest wound. When his Jemadar arrived he took the gun from Captain Singh and ordered him to return to base to have his injuries attended to. However, instead of receiving medical attention, Captain Singh found a medical officer and began to guide him to other wounded officers. Captain Singh also took many trips back and forth to the river to retrieve water for the officers. On more than once occasion Captain Singh would stop in his tracks when the unit was under heavy gun fire to use the wounded officer’s gun to assist in returning fire. Captain Singh refused to put himself before his fellow officers and used himself as a human shield for a medical officer to get dressings on a wounded soldier. Captain Singh continued to fight through his wounds for over three hours before finally submitting to his injuries after becoming very weak from the amount of blood he had lost and received medical attention”. Captain Singh went on to have a highly successful military career. He was also recognized and awarded the Order of British India, First Class, that carried the title, “Sardar Bahadur. “ The Order of British India is a merit award to honor officers that have given long, faithful and honorable service. Today, Officer Deol carries on his Great Grandfather’s legacy with his vocation and devotion to serving others as an officer in our community. To all the families celebrating today, Happy Vaisakhi Day!

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. #DropItAndDrive #justdrive PHPD Officers have teamed up with IDOT during the month of April because April is designated as Distracted Driving Awareness Month. PHPD Officers enforce this law on a day to day basis, however, an extra enforcement campaign will be run from April 16-30th. Hands free at the wheel is the deal!