Rolling Meadows Police Department

  • Agency: Rolling Meadows Police Department
  • Address: 3600 Kirchoff Rd, 2nd Floor, Rolling Meadows, 60008 IL
  • Chief: David Scanlan (Chief of Police)
Phone: 847-255-2416
Fax: 847-506-0297

Rolling Meadows Police Department is located at 3600 Kirchoff Rd, 2nd Floor, Rolling Meadows, 60008 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is David Scanlan. The Rolling Meadows Police Department phone number is 847-255-2416.

Rolling Meadows Police Department News

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The city has once again partnered with the U.S. Marine Corps for Toys for Tots. Check out the flyer and bring in your unwrapped toys to the dropbox.

On Sunday, November 5, 2017 shortly after 1:00 a.m., an officer from the Rockford Illinois Police Department made a traffic stop in the area of State Street and Dawn Avenue. A short time later, the officer made a brief radio transmission indicating he needed assistance. It was later determined that Officer Jaimie Cox was critically injured and passed away. Officer Cox was doing his job and protecting the citizens of Rockford and he made the ultimate sacrifice to his city. Officer Cox was on the job for less than one year and was taken much to soon. The members of the Rolling Meadows Police Department are saddened by this senseless loss and tragedy. Our hearts and prayers go out to Officer Cox's family and fellow brothers and sisters at the Rockford Police Department. Officer Cox, your fellow brothers and sisters have the watch now. R.I.P Officer.. E.O.W 11-5-17. #weremember #takenmuchtoosoon #truebluewarrior

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Scar’s Blog November 3rd, 2017 Graduation Day! Ruff ruff!! Today was a very special day for Officer Don and I. 👮🐕 We have officially completed our six weeks of training at Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana. 🏆🥇The training was intense and rewarding. I couldn’t have done it without Officer Don. 👮Together, we put in some very long training days and succeeded in reaching our training goals. Along with Officer Don, I also want to thank all of the outstanding instructors at Vohne Liche Kennels and our fellow police K9 handlers who went through the training class with us. I will certainly miss them in the short term; however I know I will be seeing several of them in the future at various training events. Now that I am done with basic training, I’m heading home with officer Don to spend some quality time with my new family. 👪 🐕Soon Officer Don and I will be patrolling the streets of Rolling Meadows, where I will have Officer Don’s and his fellow officers’ backs and they will have mine and together we will have the backs of the residents of Rolling Meadows! 👮🐕🚔🚨🔴🔵🔴🔵 🐶🐾 A message from the Rolling Meadows Police Department: With the graduation of Scar and Officer Don from K9 training, “Scar’s Blog” will officially be concluded. We hope that you enjoyed Scar’s perspective of his training and found it entertaining and informative in relation to the training that a police K9 and handler go through. Although Scar’s blog has ended, we hope that you will continue to vote for the Rolling Meadows Police Department in the Aftermath Police K9 grant contest. Remember, you can vote once a day, every day until November 7th.

IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE November 2nd, 2017 Burglary to Motor Vehicles Arrest-Rolling Meadows Police On October 24th, the Rolling Meadows Police Department took multiple reports of burglaries from motor vehicles. The incidents occurred west of Rte. 53 during the early morning hours and the victims vehicles were unlocked. Property taken included wallets and credit cards. Rolling Meadows Detectives learned that the below offender had been attempting to use the stolen credit cards at multiple retailers shortly after the burglaries had occurred. As a result of the investigation, the offender was arrested and charged with multiple counts of Identity Theft. Rolling Meadows Detectives continue their investigation into additional offenders associated with the vehicle burglaries. ARRESTED: Daekwon Kern 21 years of age 5000 block of Twining Ave, Bellwood CHARGES: 2 Counts of Identity Theft 1 Charge of Probation Violation 1 Charge of Bond Violation BOND: $150,000, 10% All defendants benefit from a presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. Daily Herald Journal & Topics Newspapers

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat Hours are 3pm until 8pm Let's stay safe and have a happy one!

Halloween is an exciting time for children and parents alike. It comes with wearing costumes and getting all that candy :-) We would like to share some safety tips for this upcoming Halloween: Be sure costumes are flame retardant and be sure they fit children well to reduce any falls. Consider light colored costumes or if costumes are dark, place reflector tape on the costume. Also make sure your child can see out of their mask if they are wearing one. Always carry a flashlight and also consider providing your child with glow sticks. Kids love glow sticks! :-) Children 12 and under should be accompanied by a parent. Make sure your child and their friends stay within the trick or treat hours so everyone is back home safely, and above all make sure they know not to enter homes of a stranger. Advise children to stay on well-lit streets and avoid going through parks or residents backyards. Remember Trick or Treat Hours are 3pm-8pm. Have fun!

For those that remember this cute little guy that was running around Rolling Meadows he has finally been adopted! Great job to PAW Fort Madison Animal Shelter! Looks like he is very happy! Thanks Becky Fuscone for letting us know.

Commander Gadomski has reported that we collected 170 lbs of unused prescription drugs today. Thank you for allowing us to properly dispose of them for you. Just a reminder. You can drop off your unused prescription drugs on the second floor of the police dept in the drop box anytime.

For everyone who could not make it today to drop off your unused prescription drugs we wanted to remind you that you are able to drop those off everyday on the second floor of the police department. Also, please remember to continue to vote for Rolling Meadows Police Department at the following link to help us win the grant for Scar and Officer Don. This will assist them with their training and could get Scar a bullet proof vest. Please vote everyday, once a day until November 7th at noon.

Drug take back and car seat inspection going well. Thanks for bringing us your unused prescriptions for proper disposal. Yes, it’s a little cold, but we will still be here until 2pm in front of city hall.

Today is the drug take back day along with car seat inspections. Stop by city hall between 10am-2pm. Bring us your unused prescription drugs to dispose of. We will also be conducting car safety seat inspections. Have a question or want to know if it is installed correctly. Stop on by!

Scar’s Blog October 27th, 2017 As I continue my training here in Indiana, I have noticed that the weather is really starting to change. The temperatures have been dropping and the winds really………howl…..through the open farm fields. This week’s training taught me about a new form of communication between my partner, officer Don, and I. Apparently there could be times where Officer Don is standing too far away from me and I may not be able to hear his commands. To make sure that Officer Don can always communicate with me they gave me a high tech device called an e-collar. 🐶 It looks just like my regular, every day dog collar but it has some hi-tech features to it. Instead of yelling out a command, Officer Don can use a remote device to send a signal to my e collar. The collar then gives me different signals through vibrations or tones depending on the command. The e-collar was a lot of fun to learn and train with. I am still wondering if the collar is more for Officer Don so he can catch his breath instead of shouting a command after he has been running with me.🐾🐾🐾🐕👮😂 We also did some more bite training. This time we tracked decoy “bad guys” who were sitting in cars. My job was to find them and bite onto them. We trained for hours and hours on tracking and biting decoy “bad guys”. Apparently I performed well in these exercises since the trainers no longer wanted to volunteer to wear the bite suit when they saw that it was my turn. Officer Don and I are getting ready to start our sixth and final week of training. I really enjoy training with my fellow Police K9s, but I can’t wait to get back to Rolling Meadows. 👮🚔🐕 Until next week, Scar🐾🐶🐕

Don't forget tomorrow, October 28, 2017 we will be holding a drug take-back day along with car seat inspections. Please bring us your unused prescription drugs for proper disposal. We will also have a certified car seat inspector/installer on scene to assist anyone who needs help with car seat installation or assistance in knowing if the seat is installed correctly. This event will take place in front of City Hall 3600 Kirchoff, Rolling Meadows from 10am-2pm.

Rolling Meadows Police Department wants to again congratulate these fine individuals on their promotions and hiring. Congratulations to our fellow first responders!

Tonight at the City of Rolling Meadows city council meeting several members of the Rolling Meadows Fire Department were officially sworn in to their new roles. Chief Valentino, Deputy Chief Moxley, Battalion Chief Dolinsky, Lieutenant Kusek and newly sworn FF/PM Josh Gould and FF/PM Tim Drain. on behalf of your fellow first responders Rolling Meadows Police Department we Congratulate each and every one of you. Well done!

Community Alert We want to let our residents know that there has been an increase in burglaries to UNLOCKED vehicles and we would like to remind people to be sure to lock your cars and report any suspicious activity , persons, or vehicles by calling 911 immediately. We try hard to patrol all the streets the best we can. You are our eyes and ears. Do not hesitate to call 911. We welcome the call. Again, please remember to lock your car and remove your valuables. Anyone with information to share is also encouraged to call us or stop by and provide any information to us. Thank you.

Community Alert This Saturday October 28th from 10am until 2pm we will be participating in the DEA Drug Takeback Program. Bring all of your unused prescription drugs for us to properly dispose of. We will also be conducting child safety seat inspections as well.

Scar’s Blog October 20th, 2017 This past week I did a lot of search and find training. The instructors had Officer Don and I look for role playing “bad guys” that were hiding in old, abandoned buildings, fields, and even cars. In one of our training scenarios, we chased after a bad guy who ran into a dark field. I pulled Officer Don along as I was determined to find that bad guy. While we were in the field, I noticed a different scent and saw an unfamiliar animal “steering” us down. I attempted to lunge at it but Officer Don held me back and then the both of us ran our fastest out of that field. I heard Officer Don keep yelling the words “bull….it’s a bull!!!” 🐃 Wow that was the fastest I have ever seen Officer Don run. 🏃👮🐕 I still don’t know what was so funny 😄 but the instructors couldn’t stop laughing.😂 Some of my search training involved getting over high obstacles. For this training we had to search for a bad guy who ran into a junk yard. Officer Don and I had to climb up onto old, piled up cars where I followed the scent and found the bad guy every time. Next we searched for bad guys in an old, abandoned building that was completely dark. I think Officer Don was cheating by using his flashlight but I guess his nose doesn’t sniff as well as mine. I didn’t need a flashlight, I could sniff out the bad guy’s scent each and every time. The next thing we worked on was control work. I heard the instructors telling Officer Don how important it was that I pay attention to him and avoid any other distractions. Then they put me to the test. The instructors did everything they could to try and get my attention distracted from Officer Don. We would be in the middle of searching for someone when the instructors made noise by making gunshot noises with guns that used blanks. Next Officer Don and I approached an instructor who was wearing one of those funny looking bite suits. Usually when we see that Officer Don gives me the command to bite. But this time Officer Don only wanted to talk to that guy so I just sat there and watched over him. Then they put out objects like tennis balls to see if I could be distracted. Boy were they wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love playing with a tennis ball but only if Officer Don gives me the command that it’s ok. Thanks to everyone who keeps voting for the Rolling Meadows Police Department to win the K9 Aftermath grant. Remember you can vote once a day, every day until November 7th. Until next week, Scar🐾🐶🐕

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Stop by and meet the members of the fire department Saturday!!

Scar’s Blog October 13th, 2017 Week three of my training was called “Bite Week”. Every day I started off with a brisk run through the obstacle course. Not surprisingly I sped through it with ease. I am happy to report that Officer Don is really improving on his cardio and is keeping up with me.🐕🐶😂 After getting a good cardio workout in, it was time for business. It was time to officially learn how to…….Take a Bite Out of Crime”……… I learned how to use my bite to stop and apprehend the bad guys. My partner and I went through all sorts of different scenarios where I had to demonstrate that my bite can be far worse than my bark. During the bite training, the other human K9 officers would wear this crazy looking suit called a bite suit. It protected them from my strong bite. I even saw my partner, Officer Don, put on the suit so that my fellow K9 classmates could train by biting him. Apparently all of the human partners had a turn wearing the bite suit, but we were not allowed to train on biting our own, human partners. Thank goodness, I could never bite Officer Don, I love that guy !!!👮 A major part of bite training was listening to our human partners. It’s important that we obey their commands of when to bite and when to release. Officer Don and I were then put through a whole bunch of scenarios where we had to find a bad guy. Sometimes he was in an open field, sometimes he was hiding in a bush, and sometimes he was hiding in a dark warehouse. It made no difference to me, as long as I had Officer Don with me, I found the training scenario “bad guy” each and every time.🐕👮 I am now half way through my six week K9 training and I am really starting to…..”sink my teeth” into the class….😂 Thank you to everyone who has been casting their votes on line for the Aftermath K9 grant. Please remember to vote daily. Until next week, Scar🐶🐾