Schiller Park Police Department

  • Agency: Schiller Park Police Department
  • Address: 9526 E Irving Park Rd, Schiller Park, 60176 IL
  • Chief: Daniel Schulze (Chief of Police)

Schiller Park Police Department is located at 9526 E Irving Park Rd, Schiller Park, 60176 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Daniel Schulze. The Schiller Park Police Department phone number is 847-678-4794.

Schiller Park Police Department News

Last night at the Village of Schiller Park board meeting, Chief Thomas Fragakis promoted Commander Joseph DeSimone to the position of Deputy Chief of Police. We would like to congratulate Deputy Chief DeSimone on his new position!

Many of our Schiller Park Police Officers will once again be participating in "No Shave November" which raises money for cancer research and care for cancer patients. Please join us and donate ( Our team name is "SchillerParkPD17". Help with the fight against cancer!

**Information for Residents** The Schiller park Police Department has received some complaints about a male subject knocking on doors of residents or approaching people on the street to ask for money. The subject has been using various bogus reasons for why he urgently needs money. During at least one incident, this subject has acted in an aggressive manner and was subsequently arrested for Disorderly Conduct. We would like all residents to know that they should contact the Schiller Park police department immediately should they be approached by any solicitors acting in an aggressive manner.



**INFORMATION** The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) was established to promote the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the administration of the internal revenue laws. It is also committed to the prevention and detection of fraud against the Federal tax administration. Any call requesting that taxpayers place funds on an iTunes Gift Card or other gift cards to pay taxes and fees is an indicator of fraudulent activity. No legitimate United States Treasury or IRS official will demand that payments via Western Union, MoneyGram, bank wire transfers, or bank deposits be made into another person’s account for any debt to the IRS or Treasury. The TIGTA Office of Investigations (OI) is the lead federal agency combatting and investigating these scams. To date, TIGTA has indicted 88 persons, allegedly responsible for $64,223,354.70 in victim losses. For coordination on your investigations involving the IRS Impersonation Scam, contact TIGTA-OI at (202) 927-0047. Victims can report their IRS Impersonation Scam complaints at reporting page: TIGTA’s public information outreach at:

National Night Out 2017

The Schiller Park Police Department is looking forward to seeing everyone at the National Night Out this Tuesday from 6PM-9PM. See Flyer for details.

*TRAFFIC UPDATE 07/23/17* River Road throughout Schiller Park is open to traffic!

*TRAFFIC UPDATE 07/21/17* River Road south of Irving Park Road has been closed yet again due to the recent storms throughout the area. As of right now, there is no set time when it will reopen. We thank you for your understanding during this inconvenience and wish you safe travels. Please check back for updates throughout the weekend.

*ROAD CLOSURE UPDATE* As of 09:00 am, River Road south of Irving Park Road now has the inside lanes open both northbound and southbound. This update only applies to Schiller Park and may change at any time depending on the weather. For updates about River Road in Franklin Park and River Grove please check with those villages individually.

**River Road Traffic Alert** Unfortunately the recent rainstorm has again caused the DesPlaines River to rise and overflow onto River Road. We have closed all lanes of traffic south of Irving Park Road and north of Ivanhoe Avenue. We are expecting this road closure to be somewhat brief and we are hoping to reopen it by sometime tomorrow.

** Flood Update ** We are happy to announce that river waters have receded and River Road has been reopened for north and southbound traffic in Schiller Park.

**Des Plaines River Flood Update** As of last night, River Road south of Irving Park Road and North of Ivanhoe Avenue is completely shut down. We anticipate that River Road will be reopened by Monday or Tuesday.

**Des Plaines River Flood Update** As of 3:30 P.M. today, both northbound lanes of River Road are closed south of Irving Park Road and north of Ivanhoe Avenue. We still have one southbound lane open south of Irving Park Road and that lane will be shut down should the water level continue to rise.

**Des Plaines River Flood Update** As of 11:30 A.M. today, a small stretch of River Road south of Irving Park Road has both the north and southbound curb lanes closed off due to flooding. For now, traffic is down to one lane in each direction, but the entire road could eventually be closed off if waters continue to rise.

Due to extensive rainstorms, the National Weather Service has predicted that the Des Plaines River could rise to record level heights this Friday into Saturday morning. The Schiller Park Police Department anticipates that the Des Plaines River in our area could begin to reach flood stages sometime on Friday into Saturday morning. Water is likely to spill over and cover the pavement along parts of River Road and possibly Irving Park Road and Lawrence Avenue east of River Road. We are prepared to set up the appropriate road closures and alternative routes in order to keep residents safe during their travels. Drivers should not attempt to bypass any traffic control barricades or cones and should avoid traveling through standing water. The Village of Schiller Park has begun preparing sandbags for use by residents and has set up the following sandbag pickup locations: • Schiller Park Village hall – sandbags will be inside a shipping container located in the rear of the Street Department building at 9526 W. Irving Park Road. • Schiller Park Fire Station #2 – sandbags will be inside a shipping container located just outside of the building at 4499 25th Avenue. • Schiller Park Water Department – sandbags will be located inside a shipping container outside the building at 9238 Irving Park Road (next to Stalica Park). • Schiller Park Water Tower – sandbags will be inside a shed located in front of the water tower at 4001 Scott Street.

EDIT: In response to this post, SPPD was contacted by an individual who legitimately works for a recreation department. This individual recognized some of the story listed below, although he has a different recollection of some of the events. He stated that he did speak with a young male who was riding his bicycle regarding a summer camp being put on by the recreation department. He informed the juvenile to talk to his parents about it and did give the juvenile a flyer for the summer camp. That recreation department employee spoke with the police and has been fully exonerated. Although the story below represents a great reminder of what could happen when children speak to strangers, this particular instance was a harmless and legitimate encounter. COMMUNITY REMINDER: Please take time to talk to and remind your children about the dangers of talking to strangers and especially what to do if they are approached by a stranger. On Tuesday morning (6/20/17) a male juvenile was riding his bike near North Park, which borders Franklin Park and Schiller Park, when a white male approximately 50 YOA, 5'05", 150lbs with short hair blocked his path on the sidewalk. The suspect began asking the juvenile for his name, age and where he lived. The suspect then attempted to lure the male juvenile towards his vehicle, a rusting older model dark grey 4 door, stating that the juvenile could join a "summer camp" and that he had "flyers" in the vehicle. The juvenile recognized the danger of the situation and called his mother to tell her that the suspect wanted him to get into the suspect's vehicle. The suspect, hearing this, stated that he forgot his flyers and drove away. If your child is approached by a stranger please call the police as soon as possible. For additional resources on what to teach your children about the dangers of talking to strangers visit the National Crime Prevention Council at

A reminder: LOCK your car doors and remove valuables. Crimes of opportunity are on the rise! Don't be a victim. Car Burglary Prevention Crime is like a table with three legs - it takes all three legs to stand. If you take away even one leg, the table isn't supported. Desire, ability, and opportunity must all exist to support crime. Even though we may not be able to stop someone's desire to commit a crime, we can take away their ability and/or their opportunity to commit the crime. DESIRE + ABILITY + OPPORTUNITY = CRIME Auto Burglary Prevention, like all crime prevention, is the act of taking away the criminals ability and/or opportunity to commit a crime. With a little time and diligence, you can make a difference in your vulnerability to Auto Burglary! Curb Auto Burglary We would like to remind citizens how the simple act of placing valuables into the trunk of their car can significantly reduce the likelihood of being a victim of auto burglary. It only takes a few seconds to put your valuables in the trunk and out of plain view. A laptop, cell phone, GPS, purse, or even a cup holder full of change can tempt a thief. Sometimes we have wrong impression of criminals. We put our valuables on the floorboard or seat and cover them. Actually this often has the opposite effect and broadcasts that there is something of value in the car. Natural Surveillance One of the techniques used in modern crime prevention is "natural surveillance." While this principle is usually applied to building and area design, you can use it to your advantage too. Park in an area where the likelihood is greatest that others will view it with the greatest frequency. Criminals do not like to commit their acts in plain view of many people, they like seclusion. Prevention Tips •Lock Car Doors, Close your windows & lock your doors (the simplest & easiest prevention technique). •Remove valuables or place them in the trunk of your automobile. •Remove 'pull-out' style radio face plates (if equipped). •Park in well lit areas when possible. •Park where your car will be easily & frequently viewed (natural surveillance). •Park in your garage if you have one. •Use a car alarm, it will alert anyone nearby. BY THE NUMBERS 30 - The seconds it takes for a thief to break into your car and steal your valuables! 20 - The seconds it takes to put your valuables into your trunk, out of sight!

***Information Release Update (5/27/17)***

***Updated Information Release***

***Information Release***

This Memorial Day weekend the Schiller Park Police Department wants everyone to enjoy the holiday but also wants to be sure they do so safely. In the spirit of ensuring safety for all, we will have a special enforcement team specifically patrolling for intoxicated drivers, proper use of seat belts, and proper child safety belts (IDOT S.T.E.P. program). Here are some important tips for the holiday. --If you are hosting a Memorial Day party: • Remember, you can be held liable and prosecuted if someone you serve is involved in an impaired driving crash. • Make sure all guests designate a sober driver in advance or help arrange ride-sharing with other sober drivers. • Serve lots of food and include lots of non-alcoholic beverages at the party. • Keep the phone numbers for local cab companies, Uber and Lyft handy, and take the keys away from anyone who is thinking of driving drunk. --If you are attending a Memorial Day party: • Designate a sober driver before the party begins and give that person your keys. • If you do not have a designated driver, ask a sober friend for a ride home, call a cab, use Uber or Lyft, call a sober friend or family member to pick you up, or just stay where you are and sleep it off until you are sober. • Never let a friend leave your sight if you think they are about to drive drunk. • Always buckle up. Have a safe holiday everyone! For more information on the IDOT S.T.E.P. program follow this link for a detailed explanation:

***CASE UPDATE*** On the morning of November 17, 2016, the Schiller Park Police investigated a very severe traffic crash involving four vehicles in the 9200 block of Irving Park Road. The crash resulted in five people being transported to local hospitals for medical treatment. Although no deaths occurred as a result of the crash, a two year old boy sustained injuries that will require long term care. The Schiller Park Police Department recently completed a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash. As a result, one driver was charged with 3 counts of Aggravated Felony DUI.

This Friday, come out to 4111 Mannheim to support a great cause