Steger Police Department

  • Agency: Steger Police Department
  • Address: 35 W 34th St, Steger, 60475 IL
  • Chief: Richard L Stultz (Chief of Police)
Phone: 708-672-1564
Fax: 708-755-4977

Steger Police Department is located at 35 W 34th St, Steger, 60475 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Richard L Stultz. The Steger Police Department phone number is 708-672-1564.

Steger Police Department News

Been a bit since we posted pics. Construction has restarted.

Steger Police Department recently recognized Officers for exceptional work.

In honor and respect for National Telecommunicator Week April 8th – April 14th, the members of the Steger Police Department would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to public safety. You serve as a vital link between the communities and first responders you proudly serve and often acting as a critical lifeline. Thank you for your service!

Some awareness info for parents.

Press Release 03/09/2018 **Correction to the Release. The suspect in the case was the father of only the younger child. Both children had the same mother.

Remember to lock your car doors. On 02/19/2018 the Steger Police Department arrested a juvenile for burglary to several cars. The juvenile was caught in the act by concerned residents. No sign of forced entry was observed on any of the cars. The vehicles were in the south west part of Steger. The Steger Police would like to remind you to not only lock your doors but also remove any temptations for thieves from sight. As always we encourage residents to call in suspicious persons or incidents. The phone number for Dispatch is 708-754-8121.

Reminder, Snow is in the forecast tonight. Predictions are over 2 inches of snowfall during the night. All vehicles must be off the roadway until after snow removal is finished.

From Chief Ken Boehm PRESS RELEASE February 8, 2018 In the best interest of the Village of Steger, and the time and energy needed to focus on more pressing matters facing the Steger Police Department, I have rescinded the uniform code to maintain the American flag patch on the sleeve of the uniform shirt. However I must set the record straight; the American flag was never being completely removed from the uniform, but rather modified to bring some uniformity to the department uniform code. NO ONE has received or been threatened with any form of discipline to date, nor was it designed to be unpatriotic or disrespectful toward our nation or our military past or present. It should also be noted that before this change was implemented many within the department endorsed it freely. It is unfortunate that so many have resorted to misperceptions, made non-factual conclusions, without any opportunity to have a productive discussion on this matter which I am confident would have offered some rationale for the change and prevented all the hostilities. I have always had an open door philosophy to discuss any matter openly and freely. Rather than incite any further hostilities regarding this matter I will refrain from any further comment, but will continue to offer anyone the opportunity to meet with me to have a respectful dialogue.

REMINDER It is against Village Ordinance to park on the Street after 2 inches of snow. This means vehicles must be off the street until after the roads have been cleared by the snow plows. Officers allow vehicles to park on parkways or grass until the snow has been removed. There is confusion about this and some believe there is a time limit, or grace period, where they are allowed to park on the street. This Ordinance applies Day or Night and there are no time exceptions. Signs stating this are posted on every street and on the signs when entering or leaving the Village. Vehicles can return to the street after the snow has been removed by snow plows. Here is the text of the Ordinance: “Sec. 82-478. - Snow removal parking prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to park any vehicle on any public street in the village at any time after a snowfall of two or more inches has occurred before the public street has been plowed.”

Sharing this for Tinley Park Police. Please share and help solve this.

Press Release regarding lockdown at Steger Intermediate Center

Cook County Sheriff’s launches email helpline for opioid antidote drug. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is launching an email helpline to help people find an antidote drug used to revive opioid overdose victims. In a news release on Wednesday, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s office also says it’s releasing the second installment of the Sheriff’s Awareness Initiative video series on the opioid crisis. Dart’s office says the public can learn how to obtain free naloxone by sending an email to: Opioid.Help@CookCountyIL.Gov. The release says Dart’s office will work with sources of naloxone to distribute the naloxone to those who need it. The helpline is part of a larger effort by Dart’s office public health professionals to react to the opioid crisis. That effort includes a program in which naloxone is distributed to at-risk detainees when they’re release from custody.

Protect Animals From Winter Weather! Although they are equipped with fur and feathers, dogs, cats, birds and other animals can still suffer from frostbite, exposure, and dehydration when water sources freeze. Cold temperatures mean extra hardship for “backyard” dogs, who often go without adequate food, water, shelter, or medical care. - Take animals inside. Puppies and kittens, elderly animals, small animals, and dogs with short hair, including pointers, beagles, pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans, are particularly susceptible to the elements. Short-haired animals will also benefit from warm sweaters or coats. - Don’t allow your cat or dog to roam freely outdoors. In cold weather, cats sometimes climb under the hoods of cars to be near warm engines and are badly injured or killed when the car is started. (To help prevent this, bang loudly on the hood of your car before starting the engine.) Animals can also become disoriented when there is snow or ice on the ground. - Increase animals’ food rations in cold weather. In cold weather, animals burn more calories to keep warm. Also, be sure that animals are free of internal parasites, which can rob them of vital nutrients. - Keep an eye out for strays. Take unidentified animals inside until you can find their guardians, or take them to an animal shelter. If strays are wild or unapproachable, provide food, water, and shelter (stray cats will appreciate a small doghouse filled with warm bedding), and call your local humane society for assistance in trapping them and getting them indoors. - Clean off your dogs’ or cats’ legs, feet, and stomachs after they come in from the snow. Salt and other chemicals can make animals sick if they are ingested while the animals are cleaning themselves. - When dogs are left outdoors, provide them with proper shelter. Doghouses should be made of wood (metal is a poor insulator) and positioned in a sunny location during cold weather. Raise the house several inches off the ground, and put a flap over the door to keep out cold drafts. Use straw for bedding (rugs and blankets can get wet and freeze).

Protect your packages from "Porch Pirates" The Steger Police Department is asking residents to be on the lookout for "Porch Pirates" during the holidays. Theses thieves are known to take packages from the doorsteps of a residence after a delivery. We recommend these tips: •Lock boxes: You can build or purchase a rugged lock box for your porch. Bolt it down to a permanent surface, concrete or asphalt work well. •Timely package collection: Pick up your package immediately after delivery, or have a neighbor collect it. UPS, USPS, and FedEx all have tracking services to get a better idea of when exactly your order will arrive. •Have your package delivered to you at work, so you can accept it immediately. •Require a signature on all deliveries and insure your packages when possible. •Security cameras: Security cameras are a tried and true deterrent for all manner of criminal behavior. Thieves are very aware of cameras and often look for them before attempting theft. •Security signs: Post sign in your yard informing the poacher that your home is under video surveillance or has security alarms.

Movember is an annual event involving growing mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues such as prostate cancer, and suicide. The goal is to change the face of men's health. Unfortunately they are not raising funds for the event but just participating. The officers pictured are from left to right; Officer Farkas, Deputy Chief Rossi, Officer Elza and Detective Fajman.

November 20, 2017 Death Notification – Retired Police Officer It is with deep regret that the Steger Police Department announces the sudden passing of retired Police Officer Michael K. Sauter, age 63. Officer Sauter worked for the Steger Police Department for 32 years before retiring on May 15th, 2014; he also previously served as a police officer for the Village of Beecher. The members of the Steger Police Department offer our deepest condolences to the Sauter family. We ask that you keep the Sauter family in your thoughts and prayers. Visitation and Funeral arrangements are as follows; Visitation; Friday - November 24th, 2017 from 2:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at Smits, Steger Memorial Chapel, located at 3045 Chicago Rd, Steger, IL. (A uniformed police walk through will occur at 4:15 p.m.) Saturday - November 25th, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Service begins at 10:00 a.m. Interment; Immediately after the service going to Memory Lane Memorial Park Cemetery – Crown Point Indiana More information can be found at or 708-755-6100

Congratulations to Officer Farkas on his successful completion of the Certified Child Passenger Seat class! The Steger Police Department now has 2 Officers certified to inspect car seat installations. Sgt. Bautista and Ofc. Farkas will be available, by appointment, to inspect car seats for Steger residents. To set up an appointment please use the following email address: In the email please include your name and a good contact number for an Officer to contact you. The Officer will either contact you via email or phone.

Chicago Heights Police Officers are raising money for St. Jude Children's Hospital. Please visit their page. Great Job CHPD Beards!!!!

Steger Police Association’s tree for Christmas on the Boulevard. Thanks to Sgt. Ruff, Officer Elza and Detective Fajman for decorating the tree.

The members of the Steger Police Department would like to express our sincere and deepest condolences to the family of Rockford Officer Officer Jaimie Cox, and all of our brothers and sisters in blue. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Press release regarding an “explosion” on 11/5/2017

Steger Police Department Construction Video 10-14-2017