Winnetka Police Department

  • Agency: Winnetka Police Department
  • Address: 410 Green Bay Road, Winnetka, 60093 IL
  • Chief: Joseph A De Lopez (Chief of Police)
Phone: 847-501-6000
Fax: 847-501-6042

Winnetka Police Department is located at 410 Green Bay Road, Winnetka, 60093 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Joseph A De Lopez. The Winnetka Police Department phone number is 847-501-6000.

Winnetka Police Department News

Today we reflect on the wise words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Although they were spoken many years ago, they remain timeless and true. At WPD, it is our goal to live by these words and do right by our community everyday.

As temperatures fall outside today, the roads can become icy and slick. Remember to use caution when driving. Be careful when approaching intersections, ramps, and bridges which are all prone to icing. Also, watch out for black ice which freezes clear and can be invisible.

💡#TipTuesday We've recently learned of several occurrences of ruse burglaries in the North Shore area. A ruse burglary occurs when two or more individuals come to your home and purport themselves to be contractors or utility workers. One individual distracts the homeowner while the other enters the home and steals valuables. These crimes are often committed against elderly residents. Protect yourselves against ruse burglars by doing the following: 1️⃣️ Don't open the door for unknown visitors. Ask to see identification. A legitimate contractor/utility worker will be able to produce an ID. 2️⃣ Contact the utility company to verify whether they've sent a worker to your home. ️3️⃣️ Call the police department to verify the identity of the individual and organization they purport to represent. #WPDTipTuesday #themoreyouknow

Sometimes our officers take really cool photos. When they do, we like to share them with you. 📸🌛 #WPD #amateurphotographers #winnetkaatnight

💡On this frigid #TipTuesday, remember: 1️⃣ Use electric space heaters with caution. Do not place them near flammable materials and turn them off before going to bed. ️2️⃣ Check on elderly neighbors and relatives. Make sure they're staying warm. ️3️⃣️ Never leave pets outside for extended periods of time. Stay warm everybody! ❄️🌬️

Happy New Year! 🎉🎆

#ThrowbackThursday to the days of the police snowmobile! Do you think Officers Caskey and Geier would be enjoying their ride down Elm Street in the freezing cold weather we're having today? 🌬️❄️ #WPDThrowbackThursday #ItsSoCold

Junior SWAT Officer John paid a visit to the station today and got to meet with Detective Walton and Detective Levy. Maybe in a few years you'll see John wearing a Winnetka PD uniform instead! 👮‍♂️ #WPD #JuniorPoliceOfficer #FuturePoliceOfficer

💡 #TipTuesday A great reminder from our friends at Kankakee County Sheriff's Office. Take a few extra minutes to break down your boxes before you put them out in the garbage/recycling bins. #WPDTipTuesday #themoreyouknow

Sending cheerful wishes and warmest greetings to all. May you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

We are very fortunate to receive so many cards during the holiday season. The warm wishes brighten up our squad room bulletin board as well as our spirits. Thank you to our community for all your support! #WPD #SeasonsGreetings #MakingSpiritsBright

#ThrowbackThursday to the 2001 Law Enforcement Show at Randhurst Mall. Pictured here: then Officers Harty and Hornstein. Fast forward 16 years and we now refer to them as retired Sergeant Harty and Interim Chief Hornstein. #WPD #timeflies

It's not every day we can get the whole department together in one room, but today we did! Our department meetings give us a chance to recognize officers for exemplary work, listen to guest speakers from outside agencies, and educate ourselves on current law enforcement topics. The more we learn and grow, the better police agency we become. #WPD #AllHandsMeeting #EveryDayIsASchoolDay

💡 Happy #TipTuesday! We know solicitors have a job to do, but we also know that not everyone wants solicitors knocking on their door. The Winnetka Police Department maintains a "Do Not Solicit Registry" for residents who would prefer not to be visited by solicitors. If you'd like to add your residence to the registry, visit the Village website at to complete the form. You can drop it off to the police department, or email it to #WPDTipTuesday #themoreyouknow #donotsolicit

Thank you everyone for your generous donations to our Toys for Tots collection! The toys have been picked up and are on their way to making children's spirits bright this holiday season. 🎄🎁 At this time, we are no longer accepting additional donations as we do not have any more scheduled pickups.

Today a kind stranger turned in a whole mess of keys found in the area of Tower and Gordon Terrace. We’re guessing someone might breathe a sigh of relief if they knew we had them! If these keys belong to you, please stop by the police department to claim them.

💡 Welcome back to #TipTuesday! Have you ever received a phone call from someone claiming to be with the IRS demanding payment for taxes via wire transfer or pre-paid debit card? Or have you ever received an email asking you to verify your bank account number? Did you know these are common scams used by criminals to commit theft or fraud? Protect yourself against scammers by keeping these simple tips in mind: 1️⃣️ Hang up on suspicious phone calls 2️⃣️ Don't provide your credit card or bank account information to a caller 3️⃣️ Don't wire money to people you don't know Read about more common scams and how to protect yourself by visiting the following: #WPDTipTuesday #themoreyouknow #scamalert

Did you know the Village of Winnetka subscribes to the "Code Red" Emergency Notification System? This allows residents to be notified in the event of an emergency, such as hazardous materials leaks, boil orders, missing persons, or other important messages. We likely already have your home phone number, but you can register your cell phone too! Click the link below to register, or click the "Sign Up" button at the top of our Facebook page.

💡 It's #TipTuesday! Holiday time means lots of package deliveries. It's not unusual for holiday grinches to target those unattended packages left outside. To help prevent these thefts, residents are encouraged to: 1️⃣️ Make arrangements with neighbors to bring packages in 2️⃣️ Consider an alternative delivery location 3️⃣️ Require a signature for delivery #WPDTipTuesday #themoreyouknow

When we consolidated our dispatch center in June, we knew we were gaining a professional partner in Glenview Public Safety Dispatch. What we’ve actually gained is much more than that - telecommunicators (TCs) who have become part of our police family. Thank you to Taylor, one of our TCs, who brought us a giant tray of homemade holiday cookies to perk up the day! 🍪

#ThrowbackThursday to the time our patch showed up on a short-lived tv series "Winnetka Road" staring Josh Brolin back in the 90's. #AlmostFamous #WinnetkaPolice

It's that time of year again! We are collecting donations for Toys for Tots. Donations can be dropped off in our lobby at 410 Green Bay Road. Help us fill our boxes and spread holiday cheer to those less fortunate than us. #ToysforTots #tistheseason #goodreasonstovisitthepd

💡 #TipTuesday With the holiday shopping season upon us, we'd like to remind everyone to be extra vigilant in protecting themselves from identity theft. Check out our identity theft prevention "Do's and Don'ts" to see how you can make yourself more secure. #WPDTipTuesday #themoreyouknow #WinnetkaPolice

We're not asking for a show of hands, but how many people are still guilty of leaving their keys/fobs in their unlocked cars? This weekend, Winnetka had three stolen vehicles and numerous burglaries to auto. You can help us reduce this number by simply locking your vehicle and taking your keys with you when you leave. #9pmroutine #lockitorloseit