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Phone: 630-529-9868

Bloomingdale Police Department is located at 201 S Bloomingdale Rd, Bloomingdale, 60108 IL. The Bloomingdale Police Department phone number is 630-529-9868.

Bloomingdale Police Department News

On behalf of the men and women of the Bloomingdale Police Department, we would like to extend our most sincere condolences to the Rockford Illinois Police Department and family for the devastating loss of Police Officer Jaimie Cox who was killed in the line of duty early Sunday - November 5, 2017. You all will be in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time for the Rockford Police Department as well as our Law Enforcement family.

***Crime Alert*** The Bloomingdale Police Department responded to two Residential Burglaries last night (11-04-17) in the areas of the 100 block of Franklin and the 100 block of West Street. On both occasions around 10:00PM, the resident was home when the crime occurred. A male suspect was seen at one incident, describe as average height, possibly heavyset, wearing dark clothing and a winter type hat. Residents are encouraged to use exterior lighting around their home, and always secure your doors. We have a safe community, but we do not want to give the bad guys an advantage.... Any questions or concerns, please contact the Bloomingdale Police @ 630 529-9868, or call 911. Director of Public Safety Frank Giammarese

Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 5 at 2:00 a.m. Don't forget to turn you clocks back by one hour. This is also a good time to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

As a follow up to the article attached from today’s Daily Herald, the Director of Public Safety – Frank Giammarese would like to remind our residents to immediately call 911 if they suspect any suspicious activity occurring at their home. The Bloomingdale Police Department is aggressively following up on all potential leads in these cases, as well as networking with area law enforcement personnel who have had similar incidents in their jurisdiction. Our goal will always be to keep Bloomingdale a safe environment for all. Thank you!

In our continuing effort to keep the citizens of Bloomingdale Safe and Secure, we offer the following information on Ruse - Distraction type Crimes. If you think you have been a victim of this type of crime, or see suspicious activity in the village, please call (630) 529-9868. Distraction burglary or diversion burglary is a crime in which elderly persons are often the targets. The perpetrator seeks to draw a resident out of the house on a pretext. While the resident is occupied, an accomplice enters the home and picks up valuables such as money and jewelry. Thieves may also pick up papers with the intent of committing identity theft. In a variation, the accomplice enters the dwelling by a second door while the resident is occupied at the other door. Types of Impostors Thieves who specialize in distraction burglary typically assume a false identity, which is why this crime is also known as impostor burglary. These false identities fall into three categories. In the first type, the thieves come in the guise of officials such as utility workers, postal workers, door-to-door salesmen, delivery men or surveyors. They may even pretend to be police officers or firefighters. Often they pretend that they need to show the resident some problem on the property and thus lure them outside and away from the door. They often win the resident's confidence through wearing a uniform and displaying official-looking badges or ID. In a recent variation, criminals tell the residents that they have won a gift card or other prize. The second category of impostor includes thieves pretending to be contractors or laborers. They may try to convince householders that they need trees trimmed, gutters and drains cleaned, fences mended or roofs repaired. Similarly to those in the first category, they try to get the landowner outside to look at the problem. This type of impostor often relies upon a glib tongue and persuasive abilities to win over the homeowner. In one common tactic, the impostor will offer to do the work for a rock-bottom price. The price is immaterial since the work isn't actually going to be done. Thieves belonging to the third category come as ordinary citizens, but pretend to have a problem. Perhaps they are seeking an address or looking for a lost pet. Sometimes they pretend to be ill or in need of a bathroom. Women and children are often employed in this type of distraction burglary, as people may be more likely to let down their guard if approached by a woman, a woman with children or a youngster alone. To prevent distraction burglary, be suspicious of anyone who comes to your door under any of these guises. In the case of someone claiming to be on official business, it's a good idea to ask for identification, but that can be faked. It's a better idea to call the agency and confirm that there are legitimate workers in the area. Other Preventive Measures In addition to being suspicious of callers, follow these other practices: Do not leave your purse or wallet out in the open. Many women have the habit of putting down their purses as soon as they come in the door, making them easy for a thief to spot. Keep jewelry and small valuables in a safe. Use jewelry boxes only for costume jewelry. Keep all doors locked. If you believe a caller has a legitimate reason to get you out of the house, pick up your key and lock the house behind you. Why Older People May Be Targeted Elderly individuals may be targeted for the following reasons: They are more likely to live alone. They may be more likely to keep cash at home. They may need help in maintaining their property and may thus be especially vulnerable to those asking to do maintenance work. They may suffer from impaired cognition or judgment. They may make poor eye witnesses due to issues with sight and cognition. They are often conscientious individuals who want to be cooperative. If they have impaired mobility that keeps them from getting to the door, they may leave the door unlocked, especially if they are expecting caregivers to arrive. They may not notice missing items in a timely manner. Women are victimized around twice as often as men. This may be because the elderly are targeted, and women tend to outlive men, or it may be a result of the thieves targeting women. In addition, statistics show that households are more likely to be targeted if the residence is poorly maintained and if the entryway is not readily visible from the street. Learn about other fraudulent schemes that target seniors and why seniors may be vulnerable to scams. Spread the Word Do your part to foil distraction or impostor burglars by passing on this information to individuals who may be targeted. If you are involved in the care of an elderly family member or neighbor, be sure they know the proper steps to take if they are approached. If a suspicious incident occurs, report it immediately to prevent others in your area from being victimized. Social media can be a useful way of getting the word out. It is especially important that victims do not let their embarrassment about falling for a scam keep them from reporting the crimes. Some distraction burglars are highly organized and either locate likely victims through surveillance or rely on tipsters for this information. Some are opportunistic and strike whenever they spot a likely victim or location.

Even with the challenging weather, the Bloomingdale Police Department and the Bloomingdale Fire Department Open House was a great success! Families enjoyed the variety of activities and food provided for the event. “Special Thanks” to the Bloomingdale Park District and Village of Bloomingdale Public Works Department for their participation, as well as, the donation from Mori Milk. Also, the event would not have occurred without the time and efforts of the volunteers (Neighborhood Watch, Senior Citizen Advisory Council, Citizen Police Academy and many others). Thanks to everyone who attended!!! See you next year! 

And so it begins (again)… The Bloomingdale Police Department has begun its participation in the “No Shave November” program to raise money through the Bloomingdale FOP Lodge #175. Our usual Department policy of no beards, unless medically authorized has been suspended, in order to fundraise for organizations such as the American Cancer Foundation, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and other needy organizations and initiatives. Each Officer will be asked to make a donation in order to participate in the program for the month of November. So, you may see an Officer that is unshaven and we wanted to share the reason why. If you would like to help support this cause and are willing to make a donation in November, please send an email to the Director of Public Safety – Frank Giammarese at We will have staff member or a police union member make contact with you or your business. Thank you for your support! Pictures of the progress to follow.

November Winter Preparedness Month Winter is right around the corner now that November has arrived. The link below will provide information on how to better prepare for this winter. State of Illinois Illinois Emergency Management Agency

Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims and families in New York City.

Have a Great Week ! Cold and Dry for Halloween tomorrow..

Halloween Trick or Treating information for Bloomingdale Residents Today! Please see below information - Have a Safe and Fun Halloween!

The Bloomingdale Police Department is proud to support our neighbors to the north - The Roselle Police Department in their fundraising efforts. The campaign is their Pink Patch for Breast Cancer and are donating 100% of the profits to various Cancer treatment, research and care centers. We were happy to support this very important cause that we've all been touched by in some way. Great Job Roselle PD!!!

Thank you to everyone that came out to support this event. Together just over $800 was raised for IL Special Olympics!! Please join members of the Bloomingdale Police Department this Saturday October 21st, 2017 (From 11:30am - 5pm) as they team up with Red Robin (152 Stratford Square) to raise money for the Illinois Special Olympics. Bloomingdale Officers will be on sight assisting Red Robin staff in waiting tables and visiting with patrons. 100% of the proceeds raised go directly to the Special Olympics.

Armed Robbery Investigation – Roselle / Bloomingdale / Arlington Heights PD’s (Roselle PD) On 10/14/2017 at 12:30pm, Roselle PD responded to a report of an armed robbery at the Marathon Gas station on Irving Park Road. The offender entered the gas station and displayed a black handgun. The offender demanded the cash from the register and left the business once the clerk handed over the cash. The offender was described as M/W 5-08” – 5-10” tall, with a mustache and unshaven beard. Offender was wearing a baseball cap, grey hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. The offender did not speak with any type of accent. (Bloomingdale PD) On 10/16/2017 @ 3:00pm, the same offender entered a dry cleaner on Lake Street in Bloomingdale and committed an armed robbery. The offender displayed a black semi auto hand gun and demanded cash from the register. The offender was described as a male white 30-40 years of age, approx. 190 -200lbs. wearing a black t shirt – black jeans, and white gym shoes. The suspect was also described as having a large tattoo on his right forearm. The subject exited the business and entered a black SUV with a spare tire on the back of the vehicle. (Arlington Heights PD) On 10/22/2017 at 11:57am, Arlington Heights PD responded to an armed robbery at a liquor store on the north side of town. The offender entered the store and demanded money from the cash register. The offender left the business after receiving cash, and he entered a black SUV with a spare tire on the back. Offender described as male white - approx. 6 feet tall weighing 200lbs. The offender partially covered his face with a hoodie / mask. The offender was wearing partially camouflaged jacket, black shorts – black shoes. Suspect Vehicle used in all three Armed Robberies is described as a – Black older SUV (Chevy Blazer or GMC Jimmy) with a spare tire on the rear of the vehicle. If you have any information relating to any of these ongoing investigations, you are asked to please call the police agencies listed. Roselle Police – (630) 980-2025 Ask for Investigations Bloomingdale Police – (630) 529-9868 Ask for Investigations Arlington Heights Police – (847) 368-5300 Ask for Investigations

Fall is here this week - Stay Warm!

Bloomingdale Police and Fire Protection District Open House Halloween Themed ! Saturday - 10/28/2017 Hours - 9:00AM - 1:00PM This is always a Great Event, the kids will love it! (See photo for all information)

Cupcakes with the Mayor and Director of Public Safety Join us on November 6th @ 6 PM-7:30 PM, with your questions, comments or concerns and chat with Mayor Franco Coladipietro and Director of Public Safety Frank Giammarese, while enjoying a sweet treat. Cupcakes with the Mayor & Director will be held at Delish Cakes 148 S. Bloomingdale Rd. Whether you are a resident, business owner or community member, this is a great opportunity to meet the mayor and director to discuss issues affecting our community in an informal setting. All are welcome!

Please join members of the Bloomingdale Police Department this Saturday October 21st, 2017 (From 11:30am - 5pm) as they team up with Red Robin (152 Stratford Square) to raise money for the Illinois Special Olympics. Bloomingdale Officers will be on sight assisting Red Robin staff in waiting tables and visiting with patrons. 100% of the proceeds raised go directly to the Special Olympics.

~ Crime Alert ~ On 10-15-2017 at 1300 hours, a Ruse Burglary occurred at the 200 block of Arbor Lane in Bloomingdale. The female victim was 86 years old. A Male subject rang her door bell and stated that he had purchased the house across the street and he wanted to talk to her about some fencing in the back yard. The victim was with the male subject by her sliding glass door in the rear of the house which was on the other side of the house from the bedrooms. After 15 minutes the male subject left the victim's house. The suspect was on a cell phone communicating with someone during this incident . The victim went into her bedroom and noticed numerous rings were missing from her dresser. total value of the stolen items was $18,000. A blue truck was seen in the area at the time. The male subject was described as being: 5-08 inches tall slim build - Hispanic looking approximately 40 years old red shirt sun glasses baseball cap. If you have any information on this incident, you are asked to please call the Bloomingdale Police Department - Detective Jeff Hill (630) 529-9868. Thank You!

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Fall Fest at Bloomingdale Park District - TONIGHT! Gather family and friends and enjoy an evening full of fun, fall festivities from 6 to 8 p.m. on October 13. The Fall Fest will be held at Circle Park, weather permitting. Some of the activities include: • Arts & Crafts • Facepainting • Bounce House • Caramel Apple Station • Climbing Wall • Costume Contest • Hay Rides • And much more! The first 100 children ages 12 and under to pre-register receive a FREE giveaway the day of the event.

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2017 Open Door Event Meet with social service agencies across DuPage County in one location. See attached information.

Several lucky Students from Erickson School won a visit with police staff and a ride to school in a squad car. We enjoyed their visit with us this morning. (Pictured - Chief Giammarese - D/C Tim Roberts)