Itasca Police Department

  • Agency: Itasca Police Department
  • Address: 540 W Irving Park Road, Itasca, 60143 IL
  • Chief: Scott Heher (Chief of Police)
Phone: 630-773-1004
Fax: 630-773-2734

Itasca Police Department is located at 540 W Irving Park Road, Itasca, 60143 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Scott Heher. The Itasca Police Department phone number is 630-773-1004.

Itasca Police Department News

An Itasca resident was recently the victim of a Ruse entry burglary. Though information is often passed through the community concerning these types of crimes, please take a moment to watch this video presented by the Cook county Sheriffs office, which is an accurate portrayal of a Ruse entry burglary. These criminals most often target the elderly and occur in most every Village, town or city in the area. Please share this with elderly relatives, friends and neighbors and help us communicate how this crime works in order to stop it before it occurs.

On Saturday 12/9/2017 Officers from Itasca, Roselle and Hanover Park came together on their own time to spend a day with a group of wonderful children and do some shopping during our annual "Shop with the Cops" program. Fun was had by all and smiles were plentiful. Thank you to all the Officers, Volunteers and those who contributed to make this a great day for both the children and us. If you would like to donate or contribute to future "shop with cops" events please contact Sgt Mike Shrader at the Itasca Police Department.

The Itasca Nature Center is doing a controlled burn today within the nature center ground. Please do not be alarmed by the smoke and flames.

Please help the owner locate their pet.

Congratulations to Deputy Chief John Matuga on his graduation from the Southern Police Institute. Deputy Chief Matuga endured 3 months of full time higher education in Louisville, Kentucky to achieve this prestigious goal.

Weather Alert for Sunday, November 5 -- The National Weather Service has indicated severe thunderstorms are possible for the afternoon and evening of Sunday, November 5. In addition to large hail and damaging winds, current models suggest a possibility of tornadoes. The greatest risk currently exists south of I-80, but there is a model which shows a potential for the storm to shift north. Per the National Weather Service, the storms will likely move at 45+ mph and could be after dark. Please stay alert this weekend to the possibility of changing weather and stay safe. Check your local forecast for the most current update on weather conditions.

Following a department tour, some tasty treats were given to the Itasca Police Dept by some very generous residents. These will not be around for long!

While waiting to pay for a box of donuts (yes, it true, we like donuts) at Kean's Bakery today for our quarterly supervisor staff meeting, a gentleman in line who refused to give his name or accept any recognition, paid for the donuts and thanked the department for what we do. Director O'Connor and rest of the Itasca police department Supervisor staff would like to thank this gentleman for his kind words and generosity. We hope this message finds him.

Det Kaltenbach and Det Esmael finishing the Ocktoberfast 5k in full uniform in 90 degree heat. Trying to raise funds for the

Tomorrow morning (09/23), Itasca officers will participate in the Oktoberfast 5k running in full uniform with the exception of their ballistic resistant vests due to record heat temperatures. Officers will be running in support of their brothers and sisters down south on the front lines working to restore damages sustained by the recent hurricanes. Please come out and support all runners, officers and the Itasca Runners Club.

Illinois Residents Encouraged to Register for ‘The Great ShakeOut’ Earthquake Drill ‘Drop, Cover and Hold On’ Drill Set for October 19 SPRINGFIELD – On Oct. 19 at 10:19 a.m., millions of people in the U.S. and around the globe will take a few minutes to practice three simple actions that could save their lives during a major earthquake. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) and municipal and county emergency management agencies are encouraging Illinois residents to drop, cover and hold on during The Great ShakeOut earthquake drill. “Earthquakes occur without warning, so it’s important to know what to do as soon as you feel the earth shake,” said IEMA Director James K. Joseph. “With two seismic zones in southern Illinois and residents who travel throughout the world, it’s important that everyone knows how to stay safe during an earthquake. The drill takes only a few minutes, but the lessons learned could save your life.” The Great ShakeOut drill centers around the drop, cover and hold on actions: drop down to the ground, take cover under a table or other piece of heavy furniture, and then hold on until the shaking stops. In October 2016, nearly 500,000 Illinoisans took part in the ShakeOut drill. To date, more than 300,000 people in Illinois are registered for this year’s event. Some of the most powerful earthquakes to ever occur in the U.S. happened in the winter of 1811-12 in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which reaches into southwestern Illinois. That series of earthquakes lasted for several months and shaking was felt as far away as the East Coast. A similar earthquake today could cause catastrophic damage in a region that is much more developed and populated than in the early 1800s. Schools, businesses, government agencies, families and others can register to participate in the drill at Registered participants will receive additional information about the drill and earthquake preparedness. While the international drill will take place on Oct. 19, individual drills can be conducted anytime within two weeks of that date. Additional information about the earthquake risk in Illinois and steps to take before, during and after an earthquake is available at

Dupage Pads is offering a free event in Wheaton on October 27. Meet with social service agencies across Dupage County. Many family Resources, items and services provided. Follow the Event on Social Media: #OpenDoorEvent2017 The Itasca Police Department is attempting to do a small part in assisting our brothers and sisters down south!

A tremendous effort put forth by the Itasca Fire and Police working together to save a life.

Itasca's Subaru participated in the 20th Annual Emergency Vehicle Procession from North Aurora to downtown Oswego - thank you to all the shout outs from the wonderful spectators who yelled and cheered in support of law enforcement!

Thank you to Senator Tom Cullerton, seen here with Mayor Jeff Pruyn, for spending the evening with us at Itasca Night Out.

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Mayor Jeff Pruyn took the opportunity to share a Proclamation honoring our VFW at tonight's Itasca Night Out!

The DuPage County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) staff and trained volunteers have finished their assessment survey. Thank you to all the residents who cooperated in this process, your assistance will help the Village of Itasca provide the most accurate information to FEMA and other emergency management agencies.

Residents impacted by Friday’s storm event need to be on alert for home repair scams looking to exploit homeowners that need repairs due to weather-related damage. Use caution when dealing with individuals claiming to be with insurance companies. It has been reported that there is a scam occurring within the village in which perpetrators are initiating contact with residents claiming to be working on a claim that has been opened for the homeowner. Be cautious of home repair companies that list only a telephone or post office box number for their contact information. Do not pay in cash or make a check payable to anyone other than the owner or company name. Get all contracts in writing and be aware that you have the right to cancel within three business days if you sign a contract based on a salesperson’s visit to your home. Tree removal efforts have continued today with a focus on damaged trees that might affect the safety of the public. Continue to check back here for future storm related updates.

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· As of 9:25pm last night, all power has been restored. · Use caution when dealing with individuals claiming to be with insurance companies. It has been reported that there is a scam occurring within the village in which perpetrators are initiating contact with residents claiming to be working on an assessment or claim that has been opened for the homeowner. · The Village’s refuse company, Republic, will have extra trucks in the area over the upcoming days, however the bulk of the tree and branch pickup will still be performed by the village and authorized contractors. · On Tuesday, DuPage County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) staff and trained volunteers will be conducting a damage assessment survey. They will be going from house to house in the main damaged neighborhoods conducting a 6-question survey to determine how many properties have damage to structures and the extent of the damage. Workers will have appropriate credentials identifying them as DuPage OEM workers. Your assistance in answering their questions will help the Village of Itasca provide the most accurate information to FEMA and other emergency management agencies. Should you have any questions or are unsure if a worker is with DuPage OEM, please feel free to contact the Itasca Village Hall at 630-773-0835. · Just as a reminder, a hotline has been set up to assist with identifying and prioritizing tree removal needs for those in need of assistance; the number is 630-228-5625. Please leave a message indicating your name, address and phone number, along with a brief description of the number of trees affected, size and their location on the property. · Check back for the next update tomorrow morning or early afternoon.

UPDATE: Press release info: Community Development offices are open today, 7/23, from 12-3 for emergency permits and contractor registration. If cooling services are needed, the Village Hall can be used. Water and ice will be available until 5pm. Thereafter, call the non-emergency #630-773-1004 for police assistance. Move all branches to the parkway. Any branches that cannot be moved report to 630-228-5625. Any downed power lines should be reported to 630-228-5625. Currently there are less than 100 residents without power. We are working with ComEd to have those restored by days end

The next update will be sent out around 9:00 A.M. tomorrow 7/23/2017.