Wood Dale Police Department

  • Agency: Wood Dale Police Department
  • Address: 404 North Wood Dale Road, Wood Dale, 60191 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: (630) 766-2060

Wood Dale Police Department is located at 404 North Wood Dale Road, Wood Dale, 60191 IL. The Wood Dale Police Department phone number is (630) 766-2060.

Wood Dale Police Department News

Congrats to The VFW Officer of Year Evan Grant (top right). Recognized along with firefighter of year tonight at VFW. Thanks to @CityofWoodDale Elected officials for joining in the celebration and supporting the PD! #wdpdpride

We were lucky to be visited by Zach on his day off from school on this President's Day. He stopped by to learn more about the Police Department. Ofc. Zito showed him around the station and answered all his questions.

Our deepest condolences to the members of the Chicago PD and the family, friends and loved ones of Commander Bauer. We mourn with our brothers and sisters in law enforcement.

The City of Wood Dale is increasing its social media presence in 2018. Please be sure to LIKE the City’s page if you haven’t yet. Look to the page for important City information, news about local businesses, special events and more!

With all of the snow piling up, we would like to take a moment to remind you to clear out any obstructed fire hydrants in front of your house. We’re sure the Wood Dale Fire Department appreciates any assistance you can provide.

We would like to remind all residents and visitors that with the predicted snowfall totals, parking on all City streets is prohibited after 2 inches of snow, and continues for 24 Hours after the snowfall ends. This is essential to plowing operations by the Wood Dale Public works as well as for our emergency vehicles to respond to calls for service on our City streets. Please remember that the heaviest predicted snow is to reach our area somewhere around the Friday morning rush hour. Use extreme caution if you must travel.

The Wood Dale Police Department encourages you to be safe this Super Bowl weekend. Please be smart when consuming alcoholic beverages. Designate a driver or use a ride-share service. The Department will be conducting extra patrols funded by an Illinois Department of Transportation grant to ensure that our City is safe. Have fun and be responsible this weekend!

Attending the Addison Police Department Consolidated Dispatch Center dedication along with our elected officials. ACDC provides 9-1-1 dispatch service for the City of Wood Dale.

We have received several questions about door to door soliciting, including energy and utility companies asking residents to switch to their service. It is important to remember that the City of Wood Dale cannot implement a blanket prohibition against soliciting. However, the City does have a solicitor registration system in place. Residents have three options when dealing with solicitors. If you post a "NO SOLICITORS ALLOWED" sign at your residence, any solicitors would be in violation of the City ordinance. Violations can be handled with appropriate citations from the police department. Your second option is to post a sign that says "ONLY SOLICITORS REGISTERED WITH THE CITY OF WOOD DALE INVITED". This will only permit companies that have passed a background check with the City and are approved for soliciting to visit your residence. Stickers are available at the City Clerk's office, or you can make your own and post at your entrance. Your third option is to post nothing, which will result in likely visits to your door by solicitors throughout the year. If you do not post any signs at your residence, we cannot take any enforcement action against these individuals, unless you ask them to leave and they do not comply. It is important to also note that these soliciting ordinances do not apply to religious speech, political campaigns, or non-profit groups such as a local sports team selling small items. As always, if there is any suspicious activity or concerns, we encourage residents to cal 9-1-1 and an officer will be dispatched immediately.

We have another missing kitty, dark blue from the 300 block of North Walnut. Silver collar with tags, name is Rysiek. If found, please call us at 630.766.2060, Option 1. Thank you! ***Update- this kitty was found!***

We have a missing 8 month old kitten for the past two days. No collar, tags or chip. Missing male, named Andrew, from the 300 block of North Maple. If found, please call us at 630.766.2060, Option 1. Thank you! **UPDATE: This kitty was found!****Thanks for everyone's help!

This is quite a system moving through. Please remember to move your vehicles off the street so PW can get through. All roads must be street parking free for 24 hours after a 2" or more snowfall.

It's a cold one out there! Please be sure to check on your elderly neighbors and please don't leave pets out for extended periods of time. Remember, if your cold in this weather so are your pets!

Officer Osten got a Christmas visit with these sweet boys tonight when they brought us goodies of donuts and coffee. What cop doesn't like a donut? Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Congratulations to Officer Haumann for completing the 14 week Suburban Law Enforcement Academy! On to a 3-4 month field training program before becoming a solo patrol officer. Looking forward to her serving the community as a part of our department!

We want to share our thanks to the residents and businesses who have dropped off special treats the last couple weeks! Your support is appreciated! Please have a safe Christmas weekend and we will be here if you need assistance!

Please see attached.