Elgin Police Department

  • Agency: Elgin Police Department
  • Address: 151 Douglas Ave., Elgin, 60120 IL
  • Chief: Lisa Womack (Chief of Police)
Phone: (847) 289-2700

Elgin Police Department is located at 151 Douglas Ave., Elgin, 60120 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Lisa Womack. The Elgin Police Department phone number is (847) 289-2700.

Elgin Police Department News

Chief Swoboda here - Thank you to all who came to the police station today. Everyone was respectful while expressing their points of view. We appreciate that emotions are high and want the community to know we understand and we are going to work through this together.

Do you know someone who wants to be an Elgin police officer? Applications are now being accepted! Everything you need to know about our requirements and testing process is available at www.cityofelgin.org/jobs. Please share, as we know many have been waiting for this opportunity.

It is Social Worker Month so we thought this would be a great opportunity for you to meet our Social Services staff. We can't say thank you enough to these four individuals who dedicate their lives to making Elgin a better place. We appreciate you Vanessa, Ada, JoAnn, and Lark! #NationalSocialWorkerMonth #SocialWorkers #ElginIL

Chief Swoboda joined Larry and MarkyB on WRMN 1410 Radio this afternoon to discuss what he could about the officer-involved shooting that occurred this week.

Chief Swoboda here - I'm here to provide you with an update regarding Monday’s police-involved shooting. As a reminder, I cannot provide any details on the investigation of Decynthia Clements’ death as it is being handled by Illinois State Police. I do, however, want to tell you about our timeline to release video footage from the incident. Although the investigation is expected to last several months, we recognize that the public has a right to know what happened. It is against the preference of the Illinois State Police to release the video, but our community needs answers. It is our understanding the Illinois State Police will be concluding the interview portion of the investigation next week. That being said, we plan to release the videos at the end of next week. I want to personally thank those who have come to the police department this week. We have had many conversations about a topic that I know brings many emotions to the forefront. I understand there is another event planned for Sunday. We will be here and available to talk. Thank you for your continued patience and openness.

#EPDCommunityNotification This St. Patrick’s Day, Plan Before You Party! Remember: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over As one of the country’s most popular holidays, St. Patrick’s Day has long celebrated the roots of millions of Americans with Irish ancestry. But all-too-often, the celebration can turn deadly because of impaired driving. This year, if you’ll be drinking alcohol, the Elgin Police Department has some advice for you: “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over!” “The Elgin Police Department will be on patrol this St. Patrick’s Day, so make sure you obey the law,” said Sergeant Senne. “Don’t drink and drive, and don’t let your friends do it, either. Help us make Zero Fatalities a Reality in Illinois.” In addition to looking for alcohol and drug-impaired drivers, the Elgin Police Department will be stepping up seat belt enforcement, particularly at night when seat belt usage rates are lowest. “Before celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year, decide whether you’ll drink or you’ll drive,” Sergeant Senne said. “If you choose to drink, designate a sober, reliable driver to get you home safely from the party. If you’re planning on driving, don’t drink. The last thing you want is to ride home with a cop.” Sergeant Senne said always designating a sober driver and not letting friends drive drunk are just two simple steps to help avoid a tragic crash or an arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of drugs and/or alcohol. Other important tips: If you are hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party: • Remember, you can be held liable and prosecuted if someone you serve is involved in an impaired driving crash. • Make sure all guests designate a sober driver in advance or help arrange ride-sharing with other sober drivers. • Serve lots of food and include lots of non-alcoholic beverages at the party. • Keep the phone numbers for local cab companies handy, and take the keys away from anyone who is thinking of driving drunk. If you are attending a St. Patrick’s Day party: • Designate a sober driver before the party begins and give that person your keys. • If you do not have a designated driver, ask a sober friend for a ride home, call a cab, sober friend or family member to pick you up or just stay where you are and sleep it off until you are sober. • Never let a friend leave your sight if you think they are about to drive drunk. • Always buckle up. Pedestrians are at risk, too. If you are walking, keep an eye out for cars. Designated drivers: Be alert for impaired walkers who may not obey street signs. The St. Patrick’s Day “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” Crackdown is funded by federal traffic safety funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and is administered through the Illinois Department of Transportation.

We had a very special guest with Chief Swoboda on WRMN 1410 Radio's #FridaywiththeFuzz today, Mr. Xavier Hare. He is the Boys & Girls Club of Elgin 2018 Youth of the Year. He explained in a moving and inspirational way how this club impacted his life. We think he is someone you should know. Thank you to the club's Executive Director Cathy Russell for also being there to provide more information on the Boys & Clubs Club and how you can become involved. Judson University deserves a shoutout for providing Xavier with a four-year scholarship so he can pursue his dream to become a non-profit founder and artist. He's already working the artist gig by painting murals for the new Legit Dogs & Ice space. As a side note, we will post another interview with Chief Swoboda later today, as he's going back to WRMN at 1 p.m. to talk about the officer-involved shooting of Decynthia Clements. Elena Ferrarin of the Daily Herald's article: http://bit.ly/2HDns0c

The IF Project In 2008, Seattle police officer Kim Bogucki walked through the gates of the Washington Corrections Center for Women, intent on asking a group of mothers for permission to work with their school-aged daughters in a Girl Scouts Beyond Bars troop for girls with incarcerated parents. On that day, Bogucki asked the mothers a critical question: “If there was something someone could have said or done that would have changed the path that led you here, what would it have been?” What evolved from this project is pretty amazing. Come to this discussion and learn more. Please register in advance at http://bit.ly/2FnfH1O This program is presented in cooperation with Elgin Police Department, Elgin Community College MAGIC, Elgin Human Relations Commission, Coalition of Elgin's Religious Leaders, Gail Borden Public Library, & Elgin City of Peace

Chief Swoboda here - The Larkin gym is packed. Getting ready to send these young men down state to represent Elgin. You have made us all so proud already. Go Royals!!

Coffee with a Cop will be hosted at The Sheridan at Tyler Creek this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. If you would like to talk with us, we'll be there.

Chief Swoboda here - I want to thank everyone who came to the police station yesterday, whether to meet with me or peacefully demonstrate outside of the station. I know this situation is very difficult. I appreciate that we are able to honestly and respectfully engage while we wait for the Illinois State Police to conclude their investigation. I'm asking that we continue to keep communication lines open. I'm here. My command staff is here. Our building is open. I’m very proud of this community. Please reach out to us at any time if you want to talk.

Last week's Teen Life Event at the Gail Borden Public Library was well attended by several future movie producers. The kids were learning moving-making skills and up to ten productions will be submitted to the Elgin Film Festival in the fall. We'll be announcing our April event soon!

Facebook saves the day. Thank you everyone - his owner has been located! 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 FOUND DOG - this beautiful husky boy was found on the 1100 block of Hecker Dr. in Elgin. If you can help reunite him with his owner please call 847-289-2500. Thank you.

Congratulations to our newest officer, Mark Blackburn (#438), who was sworn in yesterday. Please join us as we welcome him to the Elgin community- he came to us from NYPD!

Chief Swoboda invites the community to meet with him any time today.

#EPDCommunityNotification OFFICER INVOLVED SHOOTING Report # 2018-15909 UPDATED INFORMATION: (March 12, 2018 - 3:45 p.m.) The officer involved in this shooting has been identified as 19-year department veteran and current SWAT team member Lieutenant Christian Jensen. He has received 22 commendations and/or awards between the years of 2002-2017, inclusive of the 2014 Manager of the Year. (Photo provided in the comments area of this thread) A direct line of communication has been provided to the family of the shooting victim, including meeting with them, to ensure accessibility to department resources and information. ****************************** On March 12, 2018, at approximately 12:34 a.m., officers made contact with a suspicious vehicle in the area of Cedar Avenue in Elgin. During the encounter the driver, a 34-year-old-female, fled from the scene in her vehicle. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle and subsequently the pursuit was terminated. A short time later her vehicle was located westbound on I90 near Route 25 with obvious damage. Elgin officers made contact with the subject and observed she was armed with a knife. Officers then disengaged from the vehicle and proceeded to negotiate with her for over an hour. During that time she would periodically move her car several feet. At one point officers noticed a fire had started inside the vehicle. They approached the burning vehicle to pull her out. There was an exchange which we are still investigating during which the officer discharged their weapon. She was transported to St. Alexius Hospital in Hoffman Estates where she was pronounced deceased. Her identification is not being released to allow her family time to make their notifications. The Illinois State Police will be investigating the officer-involved shooting portion of the investigation, per Illinois state statute. “I wish to express our condolences to the family,” stated Chief Jeffrey Swoboda. “We are all very saddened by this incident.” All information pertaining to the officer-involved shooting portion of this investigation should be directed to the Illinois State Police’s Public Information Officer.

Route 31 has reopened. There is a power outage affecting that area for the next several hours. 8:45 a.m. ****************** TRAFFIC ALERT: Northbound State Street (Route 31) is shut down from Route 20 to Walnut/National Street due to an accident. Use alternate routes. #ElginIL #TrafficAlert

Thank you to School District U-46's Kimball Middle School for inviting us to their Trivia Night last week. Several of our officers attended and had a great time! #EPDEngages

FINAL UPDATE - the train has moved and is not blocking traffic. ********* TRAFFIC ALERT - the freight train tracks on the hill on Lawrence west of RT31 and on National east of RT31 are blocked by a stalled Union Pacific train. Use alternate routes.

EVENT REMINDER - mark your calendar for Coffee with a Cop on Thursday, March 15 beginning at 3:30 p.m. at The Sheridan at Tyler Creek! We hope you'll join us!

Sergeant Lalley presented explosive breaching information to 66 attendees at our Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association meeting on Wednesday. We love this group of very active volunteers and EPD supporters! Thank you for being there! #EPDEngages

Pupdate - humans located .. thanks for sharing him! 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 *Found Dog* This boy was found on Dundee and Ann in Elgin and is looking for his human parents. Please call 847-289-2500 if you can help reunite him with his family. He’s super friendly!

Deputy Chief Wolf was asked by Councilwoman Rauschenberger to speak to active shooter situations in schools and what EPD's training has included. Parents and teachers, this may be of interest to you.

Fuzz Nation - just an FYI there is no WRMN 1410 Radio #FridaywiththeFuzz today due to the radio shopping show marathon.

**Thank you all who registered - we are full! If you missed out, we'll post our next one soon.** Looking for a time filler for the kids during spring break for a couple of hours? Would you like them to see the police department and meet an officer? Wednesday, March 28, we are hosting another community tour of the station. This opportunity is open to all ages but will be kid-friendly. From 10:00 - 10:30 a.m., the lobby will be open for you to visit the museum cases and have pictures taken with McGruff. You don't have to be there right at 10 - but we do want you there by 10:30 because the tour starts at 10:30 - sharp! It will last for about one hour. For those who want to stay from 11:30 to noon, a "Kid Ready" lesson in emergency preparedness will be provided. We ask that you register so we know how many people to plan for; space will be limited. Come see us - it's FREE!