Carmi Police Department

  • Agency: Carmi Police Department
  • Address: 108 N. Main, Cross St, Carmi, 62821 IL
  • Chief: Randy Hamblin (Chief of Police)
Phone: 618-382-4633

Carmi Police Department is located at 108 N. Main, Cross St, Carmi, 62821 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Randy Hamblin. The Carmi Police Department phone number is 618-382-4633.

Carmi Police Department News

The Carmi Police Department had fun visiting with all the kids yesterday at the Jefferson School Family Fun Night! Thanks to all the kids that stopped by to check out the Carmi Police HumV!

On 09/26/17 White County Drug Court celebrated its first Drug Court Graduate with James D. Jordan. James was placed on White County Drug Court in April of 2015. During the last 30 months James has strived hard to make positive changes in his life. James has completed all requirments of the Drug Court Board and has successfully become a graduate. We want to congratulate James on his life endeavor for a positve change. Congratulations James D. Jordan. Keep up the positive attitude and positive decisions! The White County Drug Court Board consists of Judge Mark Stanley, States Attorney Denton Aud, Assistant States Attorney Chris Neal, Probation Officers John Unfried and Sara Wiser, Rhonda Blades, Egyptian Health Paula Lawrence, Circuit Clerk Kelly Fulkerson, and Carmi Chief of Police Jason Carter. White County Drug Court has been in place since 2014.

The Carmi Police Department has received information that several citizens have received phone calls from a construction company wanting to come to their homes tonight to inspect for any damages to their homes. Please be advised that the information given so far appears to be some sort of a scam that is occurring. If someone shows up at your home that you have not contacted and you don't know please call the Police Department at 618-382-4633 immediately

The police department continues to get reports almost daily of residents who have been targets of scams. These scams include electric companies, publishers clearing house, claims of being grandkids in jail, and the list goes on. Please be aware of these types of scams and NEVER give personal information out over the phone. Do not send cash or green dot cards or any type of gift cards to people you don't know. If you feel like you have been scammed or attempted to be scammed please call your local police department and report the scam.