Beecher Police Department

  • Agency: Beecher Police Department
  • Address: 724 Penfield St, Beecher, 60401 IL
  • Chief: Jeffrey L Weissgerber (Chief of Police)
Phone: 708-946-2341

Beecher Police Department is located at 724 Penfield St, Beecher, 60401 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeffrey L Weissgerber. The Beecher Police Department phone number is 708-946-2341.

Beecher Police Department News

2018 Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week Beecher PD to Participate in Second Annual Distracted Driving Week Education, Enforcement Campaign to take place April 23-27 Each day, 10 people are killed in distracted driving crashes - contributing to the 37,000 people killed in crashes on U.S. roadways during 2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). To help bring attention to the dangers associated with driving distracted, the Beecher Police Department, announced today it will participate in Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week (DDAW) and conduct an enforcement campaign of Illinois’ distracted driving laws. “No distraction- whether texting or talking on the phone - is ever worth the loss of life on the roadway,” said Chief Greg Smith. “These senseless deaths can easily be prevented if drivers simply choose to focus on the core task of driving when behind the wheel. We aim to do our part to help keep Beecher’s roads safer.” The second annual Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week is a coordinated effort between the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP), AAA, the Illinois State Police, the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois High School High School and College Driver Education Association (IHSCDEA) and nearly 300 local law enforcement throughout Illinois to educate motorists about the dangers of driving while distracted and enforcing the laws on Illinois’ roadways. Last year’s DDAW efforts resulted in over 18,000 warnings and citations for distracted driving offenses. Contrary to what some drivers may think, hands-free, handheld and in-vehicle technologies are not distraction-free, even if a driver’s eyes are on the road and their hands are on the wheel. The latest AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety research found that: • Drivers who text when behind the wheel more than double their odds of being involved in a crash; • Drivers who use in-vehicle technologies, like voice-based and touch screen features, can be distracted for more than 40 seconds when completing tasks like programming navigation or sending a text message. • Removing eyes from the road for just two seconds doubles the risk for a crash For more information on Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week visit These partnerships have been formed to help further a traffic safety culture in Illinois and to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries resulting from distracted driving. Please help the ILACP, AAA, and Beecher, to keep Illinois’ roadways safe and Illinois strong. Be good to each other, stay safe and please put your electronic devices down while driving.

Good Saturday morning Beecher. Welcome to April 21st. So our teachable lesson today comes to us from the great state of Ohio and happened earlier this month. This following is the report from Fox News: An Ohio man was arrested late Tuesday after he attacked his girlfriend, at one point hitting her in the face with a pizza, police said. Kenneth Evans, 24, was arrested by Brookfield police officers after he allegedly got into an altercation with his 23-year-old girlfriend, whom Fox News is not naming. She told police he repeatedly screamed at her, pushed her head and hit her in the face with a pizza while she was driving. When police arrived at the home in Masuary, Ohio – southeast of Cleveland – Evans slammed the door on the officers and continued to yell and act “belligerent,” according to a police report. Officers said Evans admitted he argued with his girlfriend and flipped over a couch, but he denied touching her. Officers also saw tires in the road which the victim said Evans threw after attempting to fight a neighbor. He also smashed a mailbox, the victim told police. Evans was arrested for domestic violence and continued with his “belligerent behavior and mood swings,” going back and forth between crying and laughing hysterically, while at the police department, according to the report. He was also told to stop “boxing” the walls while there, police said. Evans was suspected of being intoxicated with alcohol – not drugs or other substances, police say. He's currently being held at the Trumbull County jail. According to jail records, he has been arrested twice before on assault charges. The victim sustained minor injuries, the report adds. So our teachable lesson today is simple and I believe it was explained to us in Kindergarten. Keep your hands to yourself. Hitting another person is not cool, nor is it an expression of love. If you want to hit people give boxing or MMA fighting a try. While Ken seemed to be confused (brown bottle stupid) about the intended use of pizza, I want to clear up any confusion Ken might have. Pizza is for eatin', not for beatin'. Consider pizza a gift from the food Gods and don't use a slice (or the box - lots of sharp edges) as a weapon. Needless to say, Ken (pictured below in his booking photo) will not be dotting the "i" in Ohio at an Ohio State University football game anytime in the future. In addition, I imagine Domino's has Ken's picture by their registers and he will not be eligible to purchase their carryout insurance for his pie. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Welcome to Friday April 20th. The sun is out, temps are rising, and the forecast for the weekend looks beautiful. Our PSA today is to remind everybody roadways are for operating vehicles not sporting events, American Bandstand or other activities that should be conducted in a safer location (parking lot, the yard, or a park). Rapper Ken Green learned the hard way several years ago in Aurora while his buddy recorded Ken performing his new dance "I'm Gipper." As Ken two stepped backwards into a busy street, he was hit by an ice cream truck. Ken wasn't able to order any ice cream from the truck (he was resting horizontally on the pavement), but he did receive a broken wrist, broken leg and bruised lungs and had medical bills of $26,000. Luckily you don't have to worry about ice cream trucks in Beecher, but there are a lot of other vehicles using the roadways and sometimes the drivers are distracted, impaired, or just plain tired. Please choose another location for your activities, somewhere you don't have to play Frogger with vehicles weighing anywhere from 4000 to 80,000 lbs. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Behold the phenomenon of Dad with the kids and no supervision by the boss (Mom). It usually falls somewhere between Mad Max and Gladiator Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your afternoon.

Good Thursday morning Beecher, welcome to April 19th. I believe Old Man Winter had his last gasps overnight and you can stick a fork in him (fingers crossed). We are going retro today with a flashback from 1975 and Schoolhouse Rock this morning, in honor of the Battles of Lexington and Concord (April 19, 1775) aka "the shot heard around the world." I don't think any of us understood the purpose of Schoolhouse Rock was to educate us each Saturday morning while watching cartoons on ABC (ah the 70's, on the con side: bad hair styles, bad clothes-like Polyester leisure suits and disco music, but on the pro side: cool cars, cool television shows and Evel Knievel). Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

If you have kids/grandchildren, or transport kids under 5'00" tall please take 5 minutes to watch this video. There are no winners in traffic crashes, but there are losers. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your evening.

Well since it's the 3rd Wednesday of the month, Beecher Manor was a must stop location today for bingo and visiting with the residents. BPD spent an hour before lunch playing bingo with approximately 25 residents and staff members. Overall it was a successful day with the prize cart cleaned out and an emergency run made for Quarters to reward all the lucky winners. A big thank you to the staff and administration of Beecher Manor for allowing us to stop by and spend some time with the residents each month. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your afternoon.

Nirvana! Dreams do come true. I use to have the same look as a kid (probably more drool) when the Sears Christmas catalog arrived in the mail. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

RIP Gunny 1944-2018

BPD press release

Good Tuesday morning Beecher. Welcome to April 17th Tax Day. You have until midnight to get your tax returns stamped to stay out of trouble with Uncle Sam and the folks in Springfield. Enjoy Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland as performed by the President’s Own USMC Band. A little inspirational music if you have to write a big ole check to the Fed or State revenuers today. The Fanfare premiered during WW 2 on March 12, 1943 at income tax time. Copland stated "I’m all for honoring the common man at income tax time.” When I hear this fanfare, I instantly think of the US space program and the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. RIP Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

So the first born daughter wanted some fries from McD's this afternoon after visiting the library. The fry guy reminded me of the episode of Family Guy when Peter Griffin worked part time at BK. And what better way to tie in with our PSA earlier today. After Peter sings "Ding fries are done" I am fresh out of French fry humor. Remember tomorrow is Tax Day. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your evening.

Good Monday morning Beecher. Welcome to a cold April 16th. It would appear Winter wants to hang around for a little while longer causing numerous headaches for Spring soccer, track and softball. So our PSA today is simple and straight forward, don't eat another person's fries (curly, seasoned, and/or regular - I will include tater tots in this category). The police blotters all across this great country of ours are filled with arrests that start with these culinary trespasses and end in a battery (and quite interesting booking photos). Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Good Sunday evening Beecher. We are going to end the weekend with a little culture. Enjoy the theme to the classic 1960 Western, The Magnificent Seven, as performed by the Orchestra at Temple Square. If you have never seen the original movie, I highly recommend you take the time to watch an all-star cast including Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn, Brad Dexter, James Coburn and Horst Buchholz protect a small village in Mexico from Eli Wallach and his bandits. One of the best Westerns made in my humble opinion. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your evening.

Good Sunday morning Beecher. Welcome to a cold and rainy April 15th. Sometimes you need to recalibrate your OODA loop. I had an old timer tell me once “believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.” Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Good Saturday afternoon Beecher. So our PSA today deals with personal space, or more to the point respecting other individual's personal space (this seems timely with people out and about tonight for dinner, drinks, and possibly a movie). Now everybody has personal space, but you usually don't know what it is until you cross the invisible line that delineates the space. It could be inches if you know the individual, to several feet depending on the context of the interaction (for example people who spit while talking - "say it, don't spray it" - in this case you would want to increase your personal space, or put on PPE, and/or eye protection at the least). An easy way to determine personal space is to sit down next to someone in a busy location (restaurant. coffee shop, Metra train, or sporting event) and watch as they move their food, coffee, cell phone, purse or backpack. You will start to see the dynamics of personal space quickly. If you should invade another individual's personal space (and you realize it) remember to apologize, end the conversation in a polite manner and excuse yourself before anything embarrassing happens. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your night.

Good Saturday morning Beecher. It's cold and rainy this morning, feels more like November than April today. So it was a busy morning with the Senior breakfast and the HOF 5K run/walk at the Township Center. Inside at Cardinal Creek, 50+ Seniors and guests were joined by Village President Greg Szymanski, Trustee Frank Basile, Fire Chief Joe Falaschetti, and Police Chief Greg Smith for breakfast this morning. Outside BEMA spent the morning providing traffic control and direction for a dedicated group of runners/walkers who braved the cold and rain this morning for the inaugural Beecher HOF 5K run/walk. A visit to both locations led me to believe everybody had an enjoyable day. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Good Friday morning Beecher. Welcome to April 13th - Friday the 13th. So we all know what that means, right? Basically use caution around anybody named Jason wearing an old school hockey goalie face mask with an edged weapon or chainsaw (in addition watch out for black cats, ladders, broken mirrors, spilt salt, yadda, yadda, yadda, you get the picture). A busy weekend on tap for the metro Beecher area with the following events taking place: Tonight, April 13th, a Fish Fry at the Beecher Sportsmen’s Club. Saturday, April 14th the inaugural Beecher HOF 5K run/walk at the Washington Township Center, with registration from 8:00 am to 8:45 am. Saturday, April 14th, a Senior breakfast at Cardinal Creek at 8:30 am. Whatever you choose to do this weekend, make the most of it. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Good Wednesday morning Beecher. It's April 11th and it looks like we have several great days of weather on tap till Sunday or so (perfect time to get those Xmas decorations down - or as I tell the wife leave them up for a few more months and you look like a genius because your decorations are up before everybody else). So the missing K9 yesterday (Shadow) was an easy one for us to locate family (sorta like taking a kick from the Bears and running it back for a touchdown against their special teams, quick and painless). I think it was less than 1 hour from post till the family was picking up a release form. A big thank you to FB nation. But, I have another K9 with a lost family that I need your help to reunite. This came to us through a FB message. The message read "a family found this old lady Sundayish in Crete, but couldn't keep her until her family was found, so she is crashing at our place. She is old, scared, shy, sweet, but thin. Her nails are short, so someone loves her." I know you folks love animal posts (especially that cat that rides the iRobot Roomba), so please do what you folks do best, share this post and lets see if we can reunite this doggy with her family, or give us a call at 946-2341 if you know where home is. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

*********************Breaking News***************************** At 7:15 pm, Shadow's lost family was located and he is on his way home As always thanks for your help ******************************************************************* Good Tuesday evening Beecher. Okay Facebook nation we need to fist bump and say "wonder twin powers activate" in the form of a pit bull mix dog (which I have) and home (which I need to find). He was located on Fairway Drive today. Staff checked and were unable to locate a chip and he has no collar or tags. He is currently at the Beecher Vet Clinic waiting for a ride. So please do what you folks do best, share this post and lets see if we can reunite this pit bull (not to be confused with Pitbull the rapper, spelled different ways) with his family, or give us a call at 946-2341 if you know where home is.

Good Monday morning Beecher. Welcome to April 9th, kiddos head back to school today and their educational pursuits. Well we woke up to snow this morning, with rain due in later today. It's looking warmer at the end of the week with a rumor of 70 degrees. Such is life in northern Illinois in April. There is a saying that some days you're the windshield and some days you're the bug. The key is not to go out of your way to make yourself the bug. Sometimes karma works in mysterious ways, and puts a smile on your face. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Good morning Beecher. Welcome to Friday, April 6th, the weekend is in sight. So last night I was browsing for a picturesque vacation spot for later this year when I ran across this video travel brochure (if you will) for this idyllic getaway in Mother Russia. I’m not sure why Samantha Brown didn’t film an episode here, but this город, peaked my curiosity. Now after you watch this video, you natural inclination is to head on over to Travelocity, or Kayak, or Hotwire and start banging away at the keyboard to make a reservation. Just remember to pack accordingly. Looks like an interesting place to stop, grab an adult beverage and a bite to eat. Road trips like this provide stories for years to come. The only thing missing is Natasha and Boris discussing how to get moose and squirrel. The video is about 15 seconds long, but pay close attention there is a lot packed into those 15 seconds (FYI - the guy in the street is not dead, just sleeping one off). Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Well Facebook nation, we have a key fob that does not belong to us. It was found in Firemen’s Park this week. We have items turned in at the police station on a fairly regular basis. We try to get in touch with the owners of wallets, Trapper Keepers, debit cards, etc, but items like keys usually don't have identifiable information on them. So we have two basic ways to find the fob owner: First, BPD can drive around town hitting the panic button listening for the horn (cons for this plan include too cold right now, arm is going to get sore hanging out the window after several hours, and with the radio on, that would require turning down Taylor Swift). Or, we could post a picture here and see if anybody can identify the fob. If the fob looks familiar to you, please stop by the station to further identify and claim it. (Standard legal jargon goes here – void where prohibited, one winner per household, winner must be present and oh yeah, the fob has to start your vehicle.) Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Good Thursday morning Beecher. Everything points to a beautiful 5th of April, as long as the anticipated fast moving clipper hits north or south of us today. Otherwise we might get anywhere from a dusting to an inch of snow depending on the variables (path of jet stream, air pressure, temperature, number of hot dogs sold at sox park today, and air density, to name a few). Last night BPD had the opportunity to meet and speak with representatives of local Beecher churches regarding security and safety at their parishes during times of worship. Chief Smith explained the assistance BPD can provide to the religious community including security audits, visits by officers during services, networking, and DOJ programs to assist with policy creation and implementation. A lively discussion was held among everyone present and we plan to host these meeting on a quarterly basis to exchange information and serve as a resource for local houses of worship. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Good Wednesday morning Beecher. Welcome to April 4th, sunny, but cold outside today. So our teachable lesson today comes to us from very sunny and warm Phoenix (Arizona, not Illinois). This is the incident from the Associated Press: PHOENIX – A Phoenix woman shocked her teenage son with a stun gun to wake him for church services on Easter, authorities said. Phoenix police arrested 40-year-old Sharron Dobbins on suspicion of child abuse Sunday morning after her 17 year old son alerted authorities. The teen did not complain of any pain but told police he had two small bumps on his leg where he was shocked, according to police documents. Dobbins said she did not shock her son. She only used the noise from the stun gun to wake her two sons who were refusing to get up for church, she said. "I don't think I did anything wrong because you're supposed to put God first and that's all I was trying to do is tell my kids to put God first," Dobbins told KNXV-TV. The teen told police he was unwilling to testify against his mother and he did not want to prosecute, according to the police documents. Dobbins was taken to jail and later released. She is scheduled to appear in court later this month. Police seized the stun gun as evidence. "Nobody writes a book on the correct way of parenting," Dobbins said. "I tell my sons to honor thy mother and thy father or their days will be shortened and that's my favorite." Life lesson - Don’t use a stun gun to get your kids out of bed to go to church (or anywhere else for that matter). Those moments aren’t going to end well. I doubt “use a stun gun” is the answer to WWJD. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.