Frankfort Police Department

  • Agency: Frankfort Police Department
  • Address: 20602 Lincoln Way Lane, Frankfort, 60423 IL
  • Chief: Robert Piscia (Chief of Police)
Phone: (815) 485-2500
Fax: (815) 469-7997

Frankfort Police Department is located at 20602 Lincoln Way Lane, Frankfort, 60423 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert Piscia. The Frankfort Police Department phone number is (815) 485-2500.

Frankfort Police Department News

The Frankfort Police Department will be participating in the Illinois Distracted Driver Awareness Week starting 04/23/18-04/27/18.

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of our retired Frankfort Police K-9, Alpha on 4-18-18. Alpha faithfully served the community of Frankfort from 2006-2011 and we are grateful for his service. We would like to thank his partner Officer Lanz and his family for the care and companionship they provided Alpha during his years of service, and during his years of retirement. We know he was a loved member of the Lanz family and will be deeply missed.

Come out to see us at the Kids Expo👮🏻‍♀️🎈

Frankfort Police is again reminding residents to lock vehicle doors and remove valuables when possible. This is the best way to avoid being a victim of a car burglary or theft. Please NEVER leave your keys or key fobs in your car. On Monday night Frankfort, as well as, several other area agencies experienced car burglaries of vehicles left unlocked. In some instances, it was reported that garage door openers from unlocked vehicles were used to also enter vehicles in garages. Frankfort officers on patrol did spot a suspicious vehicle (Black Audi) in the Charrington subdivision that immediately fled at a very high rate of speed upon seeing officers. It was later determined that the vehicle was stolen earlier last night in Evanston. Last night, another suspicious vehicle was identified by another local police agency in the area of Route 45 and La Porte Rd. Once again the suspicious vehicle fled at a high rate of speed and it was later determined that the vehicle the suspicious subjects were driving was stolen from Hazel Crest. We ask that if you see anything out of the ordinary or hear anything, such as a car door shutting or a dog barking at an unusual time, call the Frankfort Police Department immediately at 911 (emergency) or 815-485-2500 (non-emergency). Working with the community is the best way for you to help us to stop crime. Remember “Lock it or Lose it!!” and if you “See (or hear) Something, Say Something”, and call the police.

Through our Nixle communication site, we received a request after the last post. A resident requested more information about the suspects that were stopped on 03/23/18. The subject that was cited for a traffic offense was a white male. He was driving a silver Buick sedan. Please keep in mind, that there are several burglary to motor vehicle crews working in the Chicago Suburbs. So, rather than looking for a particular vehicle, it is more beneficial to look for suspicious activity, particularly during the overnight hours. If you hear a vehicle door slam, dogs barking, or see a suspicious vehicle parked in your subdivision call the police immediately. As always- please remember to lock your car doors and do not key keys or key fobs in your vehicle.

Congratulations to all of our 5th grade DARE graduates. And thank you to Officer Riff and Detective Sroka for all of their hard work on this very important program. Thank you to all of the organizations that help to make this program a success- Family School Partnership (FSP) District 157-C Frankfort Chamber of Commerce Aurelio's Pizza of Frankfort


Thank you to everyone who came out to DD to meet with Ofc. Sroka and Riff. We had 30 students show up and three winners as a result of today's coin signing. You still have till Thursday to win! Sergeant Bender will be around town all weekend, Officer Riff works Monday and Tuesday, and Detective Sroka works all week. Bring your coins with you never know when you may run into one of them!!!!

ATTENTION 5th grade DARE students. Tomorrow between 1-2 p.m., Officers Sroka and Riff will be at their favorite place to get coffee and donuts. Hint: It is near the Frankfort Police Department. Don't forget your DARE coins!!!!👮‍♂️☕🍩

We need your help- please share this PSA to emphasize the importance of locking your vehicle and not leaving keys inside. Frankfort and our surrounding areas have been experiencing burglary to motor vehicles and vehicle thefts. Although this video is a few years old the message is still the same. #lockitorloseit

Thank you to the Frankfort United Methodist Church for hosting an emergency preparedness training for your congregation last Thursday night. Topics covered included: church security and safety, emergency planning, and active shooter response training. We actively work with the schools to complete up to date planning and training on these topics, but we also have presentations available for businesses, civic groups, and places of worship. Interested in hosting a presentation? Call us at (815)469-9435 or e-mail

Frankfort Police Crime Alert On 02/13/18 the Frankfort Police Department responded to a retail establishment regarding the passing of a fraudulent $100-dollar bill. The suspect was taken into custody and during our interview we were able to gather information about how this crime is occurring. The suspect is an African American female who is under the age of 18. She is working with a 19 to 21-year-old male who drives her from business to business. She is instructed to spend less than $10-$15 with the fake $100-dollar bill. In the most recent incident, the older male was driving a black BMW SUV, and did not enter the store with the female. The female in turn gets $20 for each time she can use the $100-dollar bill. The older male has a “crew” of young females he recruits to commit these offenses. This information was reported to Secret Service and the following serial numbers have been used in these types of cases. Serial Numbers used: B00096990A G03715635A DG75897473A Please feel free to share with anyone who works in a retail establishment or who owns a business! Go to: to find out how to identify if money is real and train your staff. The marker does not work a lot of times because they sometimes use real currency ($1-$5 bills) to make the fraudulent 100-dollar bills.

Looking for a place to warm up tomorrow? Come to our "Coffee with a Cop" event tomorrow at the New Starbucks from 8:30-10 a.m. We hope to see you there!

This pup was found in the area of Wood Street and Tanglewood Lane tonight. We are trying to find her owner. She had no collar. Please pass this along!🐾