Lockport Police Department

  • Agency: Lockport Police Department
  • Address: 1212 S. Farrell Road, Lockport, 60441 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: (815) 838-2131
Fax: (815) 838-9233

Lockport Police Department is located at 1212 S. Farrell Road, Lockport, 60441 IL. The Lockport Police Department phone number is (815) 838-2131.

Lockport Police Department News

*****Subject has been identified. Thank you for your help***** The Lockport Police Department is attempting to identify the male subject pictured above who was involved in a theft of services incident on Tuesday, 10/24/17. The male subject hailed a cab in Joliet and was driven to the area of Gougar Road and Iroquois Drive in Lockport. The male subject told the cabbie he needed to go into his house for his wallet in order to pay the fare. Upon exiting the cab, he walked in between two house and never returned. Anyone who can identify this subject or has information is asked to contact Det. Jeff Dopke or the Lockport Police Department Investigations Division at 815-838-2132.

The Lockport Police Department warns residents to be on the lookout for some very SCARY individuals this afternoon during trick or treating. Once again, two of our police cars have been haunted by some (hopefully) friendly characters and are looking to scare up some visitors this Halloween. Feel free to come up to the cars and get candy from some zombies that have been loaned out to us by HellsGate Haunted House. We would also like to remind residents to drive safe as there will be an increased amount of pedestrian traffic this afternoon. Our officers in their non-haunted cars will be giving tickets, not candy, to motorists who drive too fast through our neighborhoods. We are all responsible for making sure that our little ghosts and ghouls make it home safe tonight.

The Lockport Police Department is investigating an unlawful use of credit card incident at the Speedway, 314 S. State Street. The above pictured offender entered the store and used a stolen credit card to complete a purchase for goods from the store. If you can identify this female, or have information about this incident, please contact Det. Jeff Dopke #50 or the Lockport Police Investigations Division at 815-838-2132.

The Lockport Police would like to remind you that this #Halloween, make memories-not NIGHTMARES! #DriveSoberIllinois #ImpairedDrivingIsScarey

****UPDATE**** After an investigation into the previous press release, it has been determined to be a misunderstanding. A family member stopped to offer a ride to his nephew who lived in the area. The student refused the ride because he wanted to walk home with his friends. At no time were any students in danger. The Lockport police does ask that everyone remains aware of their surrounds and to always call the police if they notice anything suspicious.

Lockport Police Investigations Unit Press Release Suspicious Vehicle Suspicious Person On October 19, 2017 at or around 3:30 P.M. (2) 5th grade students were walking home near St. Joe’s school (529 Madison St. Lockport. IL). A male Hispanic in his 30’s driving a light blue Honda Odyssey mini-van offered the students a ride. The students reported this to a teacher’s aid at St. Joe’s school. There was NO physical contact between the students and the driver. No license plate was obtained at the time of the incident. The incident was not reported to the police department until after 5:00 PM. The Lockport Police Department Investigations Unit is looking into the suspicious activity and asks that anyone with any information to please contact Det. Neyhart at 815-838-2132 Dt. Sgt. John Arizzi

8 Car Seat Mistakes: 1. Turning the child forward-facing too soon 2. Not adjusting the harness snugly against the child 3. Not securing the car seat in the vehicle properly 4. Forgetting to register the car seat for recall notifications 5. Having toys or other items unsecured in vehicle 6. Not using the lower anchors/LATCH system as approved 7. Not using the top tether on a forward-facing car seat 8. Moving to the next car seat or booster seat too soon Come see our officer's this Saturday at Wal-Mart and get all your questions answered.

Are you ready for National Seat Check Saturday in Illinois? Saturday September 23, is the perfect opportunity to get your car seat checked by an expert! Join the Lockport Police Officers from 11:00am to 3:00pm at Walmart, 16241 S. Farrell Rd, Lockport, IL, to meet with safety professionals to ensure your child is in #TheRightSeat and their seat is free from #8carseaatmistakes.

The Lockport Police Department is investigating a ruse entry burglary that occurred in the 700 block of Read Street, near the intersection of 7th Street and Read Street. The incident occurred on Thursday, 09/07/17, at approximately 4:00 pm. The elderly residents reported two different white work trucks pulled up in front of their residence. One male subject exited one of the work trucks and came to the front door of the residence and began a conversation with the homeowner. The male subject went by the name of “Mike”. The homeowner showed “Mike” a crack in a sidewalk in the backyard of the property. The homeowner and “Mike” agreed on a price for the repair, and “Mike” completed the repair. While one homeowner was in the rear of the residence with “Mike”, the other homeowner observed a male subject of average height and build exit a bedroom in the residence and go into the backyard where the others were. Later in the evening, the homeowner discovered jewelry items missing from the bedroom where the male subject exited earlier in the day. The male named “Mike” is described as approximately 6-foot tall and 200-pounds. The male subject who exited the bedroom is described of average height and weight. Any person who may have seen these subjects or the vehicle in the area of 7th Street and Read Street or anyone who has additional information is asked to call Det. Jeff Dopke #50 or Ofc. Jeren Szmergalski #18 at the Lockport Police Department, (815) 838-2132. As always, the Lockport Police Department reminds residents to be vigilant of their surroundings and to secure their homes, whenever possible. In addition, if someone comes to your door that you do not recognize or find to be suspicious, do not hesitate to call the police department to have them checked out. Finally, the Lockport Police Department asks those with elderly neighbors, friends, or family to look after them so as they do not become the victim of a crime.

Lockport Police Department FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 14, 2017 CONTACT: Sgt. Brian Phelan, 815-838-2132, bphelan@lockportpolice.info This Labor Day, the Lockport Police Department Reminds Motorists to Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over [Lockport] — The end of summer is traditionally marked by the Labor Day holiday, often celebrated through picnics, pool parties and other gatherings. Sadly, the Labor Day holiday also can be one of the deadliest because of motor vehicle crashes related to drunk and drug-impaired drivers. Once again, the Lockport Police Department is joining the Illinois Department of Transportation to stop drunk and drug-impaired drivers and help save lives. The high-visibility enforcement campaign, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” runs from Aug. 21 through the early morning hours of Sept. 5. During this period, law enforcement across the state will show zero tolerance for impaired driving. Officers also will be looking for seat-belt law violators. This comprehensive effort aims to reduce impaired driving and help make zero fatalities a reality on Illinois roads. National statistics show a frightening trend in drunk driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 10,265 people were killed in drunk-driving crashes in 2015, an increase from 9,967 people killed in 2014. This is why the Lockport Police is working with IDOT to remind drivers that drunk driving is not only illegal, it is a matter of life and death. “Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is a massive problem in Illinois with more than 300 people dying annually,” said Sgt. Brian Phelan. “Alcohol- or drug-impaired driving is not acceptable behavior. It is essential to plan a sober ride home before you go out. We make zero exceptions for impaired driving. There are just no excuses.” Lockport Police Department recommends the following safe alternatives to drinking and driving: • If you will be drinking, designate a sober driver before you go out. • Plan to use public transportation, call a cab or use a ride-sharing service to get home safely. • If you see a drunk driver on the road, contact 911 if it is considered an emergency or (815) 838-2132 for non-emergency. • Have a friend who is about to drink and drive? Take the keys away and make arrangements to get your friend home safely. The 2017 Labor Day “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign is funded by federal highway safety funds from NHTSA and managed through IDOT.

The Lockport Police Department is now accepting applications for our 9th annual citizen police academy class. This is a free 12 week program. The class meets every Monday evening at the Lockport Police Station. The citizen police academy is a program to give the public a working knowledge of the Lockport police department. The instruction is comprehensive; each week different units within the department are covered. The slogan of the citizen police academy is, :Understanding through Education." The goal is educate the public about the Lockport police department and to increase the rapport between citizens and police officers. We hope the graduates of the citizen police academy become more aware and better informed about how the police department operates, and will encourage friends, co-workers and families to join the Lockport police department in this rewarding program. You can obtain an application at the Lockport police department, located at 1212 S. Farrell Rd, Lockport, Il 60441; download a pdf form from our website or Facebook page ( http://www.lockportpolice.info/NewsPad/uploads/154_F95_citizen_academy_20forms.pdf) . If you have any questions, please contact the coordinator of the program Officer Jeren Szmgergalski #18 at (815)838-2132 or by email jszmergalski@lockportpolice.info. The start date of the academy will be announced at a later date.

The Lockport Police Department announced the availability of applications for forming Lockport’s Citizen’s Police Academy Class of 2017. Citizen’s Police Academy is an intensive curriculum of 3 hour courses that will run every Monday night starting in September.

The Lockport Police would like to invite everyone out to the Lockport Culver's on Thursday August 10th from 4PM to 8PM for the annual Butter Burgers and Badges event. The event helps to raise money for the Special Olympics. The Lockport police officers will be running the food out to cars in the drive through as well as inside.

Lockport Police will be having their National Night Out On Tuesday August 1st at Willow Walk Park Cagwin Dr. The time for the event will be 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Food and drinks will be provided along with several fun activities and raffle prizes. We hope everyone can attend. If you have any questions please contact Officer Schreiner or Officer J. Szmergalski at (815) 838-2132.

Press Release- (Lockport, IL 7/11/17) The Lockport Police Department announced the availability of applications for forming Lockport’s Citizen’s Police Academy Class of 2017. Citizen’s Police Academy is an intensive curriculum of 3 hour courses that will run every Monday night starting 8/28 through 11/27 from 6:00-9:00PM. Selected applicants will be taught by guest lecturers from the Will County Court, Will County State’s Attorney Office, and members of the Lockport Police Department who have received specialized training in certain areas. The program uses a “hand’s on” combination of classroom and scenario-based activities to provide a no holds barred view of the rigors of police work. Training in the history of policing, mechanics and tactics of traffic stops, DUI detection, use of force in “shoot, or don’t shoot” situations with simulated ammunition, crime scene processing, as well as court preparation and proceedings, and K-9 drug detection are among the areas that will be covered. Graduates of Class 2017 will be allowed to participate in a 4 hour ride-along, and will be invited to attend a formal graduation banquet along with their families upon completing coursework. Applications will be available by picking up an application in person at the police department which is located at 1212 S. Farrell Rd., Lockport IL. Class size will be limited to 20 residents age 21 and over, who will be selected by the crime prevention unit. The deadline to apply is 8/7/2017. There is no fee for an application, or cost to enroll. If you have additional questions please contact Officer Jeren Szmergalski or Officer Adam Schreiner at (815)838-2132. Questions can also be answered by email at jszmergalski@lockportpolice.info or aschreiner@lockportpolice.info

The Lockport Police Department is investigating an aggravated battery, which occurred on Friday, 06/02/17 in the 100 block of W. 10th Street at approximately 10:50 pm. The above pictured male subject drove his vehicle towards two pedestrians walking across 10th Street, striking and injuring one of them. The male is described as a male white or Hispanic. No other descriptors are available. The vehicle he was driving was an unknown year Nissan Altima, gray or black in color. Prior to the offender driving his vehicle at the victim, he is believed to have been in an altercation and removed from Paradise Bay by security staff. Anyone who can identify the offender, or has additional information is asked to contact Det. Jeff Dopke #50 at the Lockport Police Department, (815) 838-2132.

The Lockport police station has received several calls from citizens that the IRS scammers are starting to call again. They are calling from numerous numbers. If you receive a call from one of these scammers do not send them any money. Advise the caller you will contact your local police department. The scammers are advising that the offenses occurred in tax years 2013, 2014 and 2015 and said we may be arrested and property seized for three things: 1.Violation of federal IRS rules – violating code section 101A; 2.Deficiency in payment of tax; and 3.Willful misrepresentation to the IRS The Lockport police department wanted everyone to be aware of the situation. Here is a list of phone numbers so far. (817) 587-8308 (817) 587-9308 (817) 587-7994