Plainfield Police Department

  • Agency: Plainfield Police Department
  • Address: 14300 Coil Plus Dr, Plainfield, 60544 IL
  • Chief: John Konopek (Chief of Police)
Phone: 815-436-6544
Fax: (815) 254-9304

Plainfield Police Department is located at 14300 Coil Plus Dr, Plainfield, 60544 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is John Konopek. The Plainfield Police Department phone number is 815-436-6544.

Plainfield Police Department News

***PPD Social Media Effort*** (satire included) Over the past several months, the Plainfield Police Department’s Social Media footprint has increased. In the spring of 2017, Chief Konopek directed his staff to utilize Social Media to better inform the public as to the operations of the Department. Chief’s requirements: the best and brightest be involved, posts be informative/proactive when possible and “lighten the mood” when appropriate. Well, his best and brightest were unavailable…you know, making sure the Department keeps operating/protecting/serving/etc. So a ragtag team was chosen, consisting of civilian and sworn employees. With Chief’s goals in mind the adventure began. With much training for some (heck, one team member doesn’t even have internet at home) and a great deal of brainstorming, some SM post ideas came to light: - Crime Alerts - Crime Prevention - Traffic Tips - Traffic Alerts - Employee Profiles - Fugitive Notices - Emergency Preparedness - Educational Posts - Call for Service Anecdotes - Equipment Profiles - Found Pet Posts - Found Property Posts - Tweet-Alongs (take on ride-alongs) - Arrest Information - Issuance of Press Releases It was decided to slowly build the PPD’s Social Media space in a positive and fun manner. Some ideas were implemented right away, while others phased in slowly. In fact, our first “Wanted Fugitive Notice” was recently posted, despite the idea being in the works for some time. We will implement and update our list of priorities based on citizen reception and feedback. The PPD is committed to the use of Social Media, but more importantly, we are committed to providing our citizens information they wish to see to help improve their quality of life. If you have questions or suggestions, please direct message us at our Facebook page. And if you see user-errors , blame the guy without internet (or cable, or satellite, or video games, or Facebook, or a life). Thanks!!! Your PPD Social Media Team

PPD um "Morning" Mugshot!!! Was a busy morning, so just getting into the swing of it. A Detective had an interview last night and asked the perp where he was between 5 and 6. The perp responded "Kindergarten." Different Detective took over. Make it a great day!!!

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY issued for our area from 6pm tonight until noon on Monday. 3 to 5 inches of snow is expected with some blowing and drifting. Use caution when traveling tonight and tomorrow

Shared from the Braidwood Police Department page: Please keep Officer Gatto’s family and the Braidwood Police Department in your thoughts Sadly today, Officer Michael Gatto, who has served 25 years on the Braidwood Police Department has passed away. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family and friends.

Happy Friday Plainfield!!! When you put that car in park You must lock it When the outside's getting dark You must lock it With an exclamation mark You must lock it!!! Now lock it Lock it good Take your stuff Go for it!!! Take or hide your belongings and LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!

UPDATE - THE POOCH IS IN CUSTODY. A PHOTO IS FORTHCOMING. BUT IF YOU KNOW THE OWNER, HAVE EM GO TO THE PLAINFIELD STATION ASAP PLEASE. ***URGENT HELP NEEDED - LOOSE DOG*** Area of Rock Dr. and Drauden Rd., officers are trying to corral a loose brown pit bull. It's smaller in stature, so maybe a pup. But we can't get near it. It wants nothing to do with us. If you are missing a small brown pit, or know someone, please help. It's cold out, we don't want it to be harmed by the cold.

Help out our neighbors if you can:

***WEATHER ALERT*** Current temp Joliet: 61 Current temp Dubuque: 14 AND IT'S COMING OUR WAY!!!!! Dress accordingly. Drive safe. Salt trucks will be out after the rain stops.

***WEATHER / DRIVING ALERT*** Mother nature is throwing a doozy at us here in the next few hours. 60 degrees and rainy out now...down to 32 about 6 PM. And colder as the night progresses. Rain with freezing temps...NOT GOOD FOR DRIVING!!! PLEASE DRIVE SAFE!!!

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY issued for our area from 6pm until midnight. Temperatures will drop dramatically this afternoon and wet conditions will lead to icy roads and walkways. Plan for extra travel times, and watch your footing

Friday, January 26 - Mark your calendars and join us for an evening of fun for a great cause! Dinner, live music, and raffle prizes at the Plainfield Moose to benefit the Plainfield Police K9 Memorial. In addition, at 5:15 p.m. there will be a blessing of the hounds by the Plainfield Police Chaplain, followed by a performance by the Providence Catholic High School Bagpipe Corps! K9 Kody would love to meet you!

***SCAM ALERT - JURY DUTY*** Spread the word...DON'T FALL FOR IT!!! From the Will County Sheriff's Office: Several citizens have notified the Sheriff that they have received calls from a Deputy Walker or Deputy Chief Zachary Miller. The "Deputies" state that they are from the Sheriff's Office and that because the citizen did not show up for jury duty they would need to pay a fine or a warrant would be issued for their arrest. The numbers they call from are 815-733-8238 and 815-733-1909. The Sheriff's Office, nor the Jury Commission, do not call citizens regarding no shows, nor do they threaten issuing an arrest warrant for you missing jury duty.

***THANK YOU*** Officer Cook and the Plainfield Police Department send a HUGE THANKS to Plainfield Brownie Troop 75134. The young ladies toured the station then surprised us with some well thought out goodies. The snacks and drinks were spot on and the puns are still making us laugh...absolutely nailed it!!! Keep up the great work Brownie Troop 75134!!! Girl Scouts Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana

***Traffic Advisory*** Renwick Rd. east of Rt. 30 RR Tracks The tracks are REAL bad today. Please slow down. Jurisdictions involved: - Tracks, all aspects CN Railroad - Renwick E of 30, all maint/repair/signage Will County Highway Dept - Renwick, 30 to McClellan, Law Enf. Plainfield Police - Renwick, McClellan east, Law Enf. Will County Sheriff Will County Highway Dept advised they will work on warning signs leading up to the tracks. Plainfield can't put signs on the road at all. Please direct all concerns on the condition of the roadway to the Will County Highway Dept. (815) 727-8476 CN has been contacted as well, but hey, the more the merrier, so feel free to call them as well. (888) 888-5909

PPD Morning Mugshot Happy foggy morning Plainfield...Go Bears!!! The other night a battery suspect ran from us. When we caught him he said he always wanted to be tased, so that's why he ran. He was stunned by the outcome!!! Make it a great day!!!

***Hazardous Weather Outlook*** From the National Weather Service Risk of: - Tonight: Elevated to Significant Patchy Fog - Thursday: Limited Ice Accumulation, Snow/Sleet - Friday: Limited Excessive Cold, Snow Drive safe, be prepared!!! ALERT:

***TRAFFIC TIP TUESDAY*** Question: Sirens and lights, pull to the? a.) left b.) median c.) drive in front of emergency vehicle d.) keep texting E.) RIGHT THE ANSWER IS "E", PULL TO THE RIGHT! We are trained to pass on the left, that way our field of view is wider and we minimize the chance of crashes. Help us out with that. The Law: 625 ILCS 5/11-907 - In short it says ...SIRENS AND LIGHTS, PULL TO THE RIGHT Fun Video:

***DRIVING TIP*** Stuff is melting and crud is flying up onto your windshield. Don't get caught not being able to see during your commute. Check your wipers and fill your fluid. Make it a great week Plainfield!!!

Mark your calendar...Chat with the Chiefs is back on January 24 at the Police Department!

Remember, icy conditions so drive safe and WALK SAFE!!!

National Weather Service Update Snow and freezing rain, possibly mixed with sleet before 1am, then a chance of freezing drizzle between 1am and 3am. Temperature rising to around 32 by 2am. South southwest wind 10 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New ice accumulation of less than a 0.1 of an inch possible. New snow and sleet accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

National Weather Service Alert Plainfield Winter Weather Advisory until 6am Monday!!!

***ICE ALERT*** Roads are slick, please use caution. Can't see the ice, but it's there!!! 7 crashes in the last 10 minutes. If you get in a minor crash and all parties can, drive to the PD for a report. Salt trucks are out in full force, but please drive slow/safe.