Dillsboro Police Department

  • Agency: Dillsboro Police Department
  • Address: 13030 Executive Dr., Dillsboro, 47018 IN
  • Chief: Ryan Brandt (Chief of police)

Dillsboro Police Department is located at 13030 Executive Dr., Dillsboro, 47018 IN. The Chief of police of the department is Ryan Brandt. The Dillsboro Police Department phone number is 812-432-3033.

Dillsboro Police Department News

As I stand in our K9 trailer avoiding the rain I found this. To top it off the Frog jumping contest is going on. You know Rick is watching!!! Rick was always involved in the Frog jumping contest.

ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you coming to the Parade tomorrow? If so, keep reading. South Dearborn Middle and High School band students that are meeting at Dillsboro Elementary that are coming from U.S. 50. Please use the following route to the school: U.S. 50 to State Road 262, Right turn on Rullman Dr., slight left onto Main St. near IGA and go straight till you get to the school. All vehicles/ floats participating need to use Short St. to Bank St. from U.S. 50. Any spectators please use State Road 262 from U.S. 50 to enter town. This year is going to be more difficult with the construction on U.S. 50. PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION. PARKING Available on North Street (east of Washington St), Library Parking lot on Lenover (need to be there 20 minutes before start of Parade because street will be closed), Central Avenue, Park, School. Thanks, Dillsboro Police

Anyone missing a beagle? Around Spangler Rd. area ? Let’s get this one home.

Road closed ! SR 262 from Stevens Rd. to the bottom at Huesman Rd. on the Dearborn County side was due to mulitple emergency roads slips. Estimated 3 week closure. Additional signage to be added.

🚔 🚔 🚔 ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ WE HAVE ISSUED 10 CITATIONS IN THE CONSTRUCTION ZONE ON US 50 IN THE LAST 24 HOURS. The speed limit is 45 MPH. Keep a safe following distance or you will be cited. Thanks and have a great weekend!!!

Attention Drivers!!!!!! Starting Thursday April 5, U.S. 50 between Aurora and State Road 101 will be down to one lane in each direction. The speed limit will be lowered to 45 MPH. Please use caution as lanes will be narrow. Entering and exiting the highway will be more difficult. KEEP A SAFE FOLLOWING DISTANCE. Enforcement will be stepped up to keep the road safe.

Good job Officer Cady and Chevy!

Thank you to the staff and students at 123 Learn With Me Preschool, LLC for inviting me to be part of Dr. Suess week. Today was wear neon colors and crazy hair day. Also talked with the kids about strangers, calling 911 and importance of seat belts.

Found dog in Dillsboro on West Adams St. Trying to locate the owner. Dog is a bit shy and won’t let us catch it.

The Cochran family stopped by today and provided Valentines gift for Chief Brandt and Officer Cady. We are extremely lucky and blessed to serve such an amazing community. Thank you to all businesses and individuals who took time to put this together!

ATTENTION DRIVERS There has been and will be survey crews working on Highway U.S. 50 in our area. This is a reminder you must move over if possible or slow down at least 10 MPH below the posted speed limit. If you don't you commit a class B infraction. I.C. 9-21-8-35(c)(1)

We have received complaints of vehicles speeding on North Street between State Road 262 and Holland Street. To avoid seeing this in your rear view mirror please obey the speed limit which is 30 MPH in this specific area.

Please use caution while driving tonight and Friday morning. There are patches of ice on the roads.

Our 4 legged Officer is enjoying some warmth inside tonight!!

The Town is very fortunate to have these guys!!! Make sure to let them know how much you appreciate them. 28 degrees and they're 5 feet deep in hole with water.

Please use caution while driving on North Street between Front and Bank. Dillsboro utilities are working on a water main break.

This video is a little over 15 minutes long but worth watching. The biggest message I take from it is those of you in recover have to change the people around you. You have to get away from other users.


We have 7 of these still available. Drawing is this Thursday. Only 50 are being sold. $20 each. Send us a PM if you want one. Thanks for your support of our local FOP.

Come out and support 1 Voice as a Community to come together and celebrate recovery....October 25th, 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the Community Park in Dillsboro. Light meal, snacks and drinks provided.

We can't begin to express how much we love serving the Town of Dillsboro and surrounding communities. Here's a couple letters Officer Cady and K9 Chevy received from students at North Dearborn Elementary School.