Huntingburg Police Department

  • Agency: Huntingburg Police Department
  • Address: 503 E 1st St, Huntingburg, 47542 IN
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Huntingburg Police Department is located at 503 E 1st St, Huntingburg, 47542 IN. The Huntingburg Police Department phone number is 812-683-3003.

Huntingburg Police Department News

Three juveniles have been arrested today over a series of vehicle break-ins. If you believe you have been a victim, please call us 812-683-4111 to file a report.

Applications must be submitted by June 11, 2018.

This little guy was found in our front lobby yesterday. Thanks for thinking of us! #DuboisCountyPaintedPebbles

REMINDER!!! This is the railroad crossing on 400W in front of Farbest Foods. The northbound lane past this sign is CLOSED. Only southbound vehicles are permitted beyond this point. There are several signs advising of this prior to the crossing. Work crews are in the area and enforcement actions are being taken. The fine for this offense is $141 and 4 points on your license. Please, obey the traffic signs and think of the safety of the workers out here.

Remember to STOP Phoenix & Chestnut!!

Congratulations Josh!

Mayor Denny Spinner and Chief Art Parks congratulate Officer Christian Gogel on 20 years of service to the City of Huntingburg and the Huntingburg Police Department as of March 3rd. Ofc. Gogel recently returned to patrol and works nights. Congratulations!

HPD sends thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, and fellow Huntingburg Fire Department members of Capt. Bill Moesner (ret.) as he was laid to rest this morning. Bill was a 46 year member of the department and passed away on Monday, January 22, 2018. It was truly an honor to have known him and worked fire and other calls with him over the years. Rest in peace.

Over the past two days, we have taken reports of at least five vehicles that have been broken into. Victims have advised us that their vehicles were left unlocked. We would like to remind everyone to - LOCK YOUR VEHICLES. If you give a criminal an opportunity, they will take it. This goes for your homes, garages, and other outbuildings as well. Keep. Them. Locked. And as always, please do not hesitate to report suspicious people or activity in your neighborhoods.

Main roads aren't as bad as they were this morning; however, continue to drive with caution. Allow plenty of time to reach your destination and give yourself extra room between your vehicle and the one in front of you. City crews continue to work on local streets as well.

Remember.......this sign means to come to a complete stop, not slow down and roll through! Please drive safely!!

Congratulations to HPD's two newest officers. Pictured with Chief Arthur Parks and Mayor Denny Spinner are Teresa Bowling and Steffen Zink.

Big changes at the Huntingburg Police Department! From left to right: Chief Arthur Parks, new Detective Sergeant Tyler Stivers, new Assistant Chief Brad Kramer, Officer Rusty Drew will fill the new position of narcotics officer, and Mayor Denny Spinner. Congrats to the new appointments!

Physical fitness testing underway for the 2017 HPD hiring process.

HPD would like to congratulate new Jasper Police Chief Nathan Schmitt on his appointment earlier this morning.

Now that's obedience!

5:00 pm today! Have your applications turned in by that time.

REMINDER - HPD is still taking applications. All applications must be turned in no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, September 8th, 2017.

Tonight our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Jasper Police Chief Michael Bennett, along with the men and women of his department. It was an honor working with you Chief Bennett.

HPD is taking applications! Read below. If you have any questions, please call 812-683-3003 ext. 2.

Mayor Denny Spinner and Chief Arthur Parks congratulate K9 Officer Cody Byrd on 10 years of service to the City of Huntingburg and HPD as of July 10th. K9 Ester was on hand to help accept the award! Good job Cody!

Chief Parks taking his second bite of the day from K9 Ester with K9 Ofc. Cody Byrd!

K9 Officer Cody Byrd and his partner K9 Ester doing a little tracking and bite work training this morning with Chief Art Parks playing the bad guy!

HPD is currently working cases of two handguns being stolen from two different vehicles within the past five days. All on the north side of the city with a total of six vehicles rummaged through. Please, keep your vehicles and homes locked! We also suggest that you do not leave firearms or other valuables in your vehicle. It's simply too easy to break into a car. If you have any questions or tips on the missing firearms, please call 812-683-4111.

HPD has teamed up with "Law Enforcement Magnets" out of Kentucky this year to produce our annual calendar. If you are a business, you may be getting a call to purchase an ad on our calendar. This is not a scam and they may be using local numbers. If there is still a concern, you may call us at 812-683-3003. The company has also told us all calls are recorded in the event there is a complaint as well.