Arcadia Police Department

  • Agency: Arcadia Police Department
  • Address: 208 W Main St, Arcadia, 46030 IN
  • Chief: Mitchell L Russell (Marshal)
Phone: 317-984-3456
Fax: 317-984-9510

Arcadia Police Department is located at 208 W Main St, Arcadia, 46030 IN. The Marshal of the department is Mitchell L Russell. The Arcadia Police Department phone number is 317-984-3456.

Arcadia Police Department News

An Electronic device was found at the Arcadia Ball Park. If you can have lost one and can identify it please call 317-984-5662

As a reminder Golf Cart Permits are required for the Town of Arcadia. If you have not purchased your 2018 permit please come to the Arcadia Police Department to get your permit. The cost is $25.00 for one year. The year begins January 1 and goes to December 31 Here are guidelines for Golf Carts for the Town of Arcadia. 1. All Golf Carts must have a slow moving vehicle sign on the rear of the cart. 2. All Golf Carts must have Head Lights, Tail Lights and Brake Lights. 3. All Golf Carts must have insurance. 4. All Golf Carts must be operated by a License Driver. 5. No Golf Cart can be driven on State Road 19 at any time. 6. All Golf Carts must be inspected by The Arcadia Police Department. 7. All Golf Carts must have a permit issued by The Arcadia Police. If you have any other questions please free to contact The Arcadia Police Department at 317-984-5662

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A key chain with 4 keys on it was found at the Ball park if you can identified them please call 317-984-5662 Captain Woods

If you would like to set up at the Farmers Market please contact. John at 317-219-0404

FREE Community Movies. We will have lite concessions to purchase and all funds raised will go to the Arcadia Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

A person reported today that they have lost their keys while on a bicycle ride with their child. If you have found a key ring with multiple keys and rewards card attached. Please contact Captain John Woods at the Office so that we may try to get them back to the owner. Office 317-984-5662 or may email at Thank You

We have had a report of a missing mini pinscher, if seen or located please call 317-984-3456 THANK YOU Captain Woods

We have a report of a missing mini pinscher. If spotted please call 317-984-3456