Vincennes Police Department

  • Agency: Vincennes Police Department
  • Address: 501 Busseron Street, Vincennes, 47591 IN
  • Chief: Thomas Grove (Chief of Police)
Phone: 812-882-1630
Fax: 812-886-3441

Vincennes Police Department is located at 501 Busseron Street, Vincennes, 47591 IN. The Chief of Police of the department is Thomas Grove. The Vincennes Police Department phone number is 812-882-1630.

Vincennes Police Department News

Vincennes Fire Department is Hiring!

If you are looking for some good positive family fun, The Strawberry Festival is going on at First Baptist Church Lot on Wabash ave. near Kimmel Rd. the proceeds support “Heart to Heart Inc. A Women’s Resource Center”. Carnival Rides, Corn Dogs, and live Music.

Friday flashback to 7 years ago when Four of Vincennes Finest tackled the bathtub races. These four have become veterans at the PD in Dets., DARE, and Patrol. Don’t even run from them, you’ll just go to jail tired. Det Reese, Det Alexander, DARE Officer Martin, Officer Kern

I felt it was important to send out a message #1 to applaud our Vincennes citizens including some Mom's in my neighborhood and some Business Professionals from McCormick's Insurance who used the See Something, Say Something model. The sign in my front yard says, "I report suspicious activity. If I don't call my neighbor will!" and they did just that. The report is in regards to a male that was soliciting well after normal hours in the Franklin Elementary School area. More than one home owner felt the encounter with the individual was suspicious and made efforts to "take a picture, document a description, watch where he traveled, and check up on his story". That was fantastic ladies! One of the business professionals even took a picture of a suspicious car and got a good plate number. Now I will admit she is the daughter of one of our own VPD retired officers from when I was a young man, so she recognized something out of place right away. The business professionals encounter involved a male with a similar description in a vehicle whom stopped and called over a teen whom was walking in the area of Washington Ave. and McDowell Street. The male was late twenties, early thirties. They saw something suspicious, took a picture of the suspect vehicle and plate, made a report, and tried to assist the young lady to make sure she was alright. Another Job Well done! Please remember that anyone soliciting in the city of Vincennes has to be registered at the City Clerk's office. They should have credentials readily available. It is recommended that you do not accept door to door solicitations and definitely never accept rides from strangers. Here are a few tips from a great article: Regardless if the front of your neighborhood has a "no solicitors" sign, you can still expect that there will be some brazen door-to-door salespeople that will test the limits. With the holiday season just a few short months away, this happens to be the time of year when solicitors are out in full force. While certainly not all door-to-door salespeople are bad news, you should still be extra cautious when dealing with any stranger that lands on your doorstep and keep home security top of mind. Here are 5 home security tips for dealing with door-to-door solicitors: 1. Never open the door to someone that you don't know. This is one of the most basic home security guidelines that you should always follow. By not opening the door, you won't be giving the stranger easy access to your household or any inhabitants inside. If you have an active neighborhood watch program in your community, recommend that no one open doors to solicitors. If your entire neighborhood practices this, salespeople would have no reason to solicit in your neighborhood. 2. Always look through the peephole (or camera) to see who is at the door. Under no circumstances should you ever open your front door before looking through the peephole to see who is there. This is an excellent home security best practice to teach your children as well. Depending on the home security system that you have in your home, having a camera installed at the front door can allow you to view any prospective callers before you decide to answer the front door. A home security camera can also be a very effective deterrent for burglars or anyone with a hidden agenda. 3. Do not get into a conversation with solicitors through your front door. If a door-to-door salesperson is aggressive enough to knock on your door despite the "no soliciting" sign, he or she will likely try anything to get a conversation started. If you take part in the conversation (even through the door), you're encouraging the salesperson to stay. Instead, saying "no thank you" and walking away will send the right message. 4. If you're outside, do not let a solicitor approach you. It's much easier for a solicitor to start a conversation with a homeowner if both parties are outside. Instead of engaging in conversation with the solicitor and encouraging him or her to follow you inside, just say "no thank you" as the solicitor approaches your house and walk inside. Don't forget to lock the door behind you. This will send a clear message to the solicitor that you're not interested in what he or she is selling. 5. Watch where a solicitor heads next after knocking on your door. If you notice that the solicitor seems to be doing anything suspicious such as looking in windows, testing doors, entering backyards, or any other suspicious behavior, call the police immediately. Working together as a community is the best way to enhance home security and reduce the risk of solicitor-related crime. Be sure to talk to your family about home security guidelines that your household plans to follow, especially with the influx of solicitors in neighborhoods this time of year. Use these 5 home security tips as best practices for dealing with solicitors. Lets have a great summer. If you see suspicious activity, please call the Vincennes Police Department at 812-882-1630 or in an emergency dial 911. Thank You, Chief Dusty Luking

ANNOUNCEMENT: There are a lot of shift changes at VPD coming up with four pending retirements this summer and an additional open position to fill. Senior Captain Roger Smith is coming back to Day shift as Shift Commander. Captain Brian Hagen is transferring to evening shift as commander to fill the position of Major Kevin Jacobs pending his retirement coming up quickly. There will soon be promotions to Lieutenant for Sgt. Williams and Lancaster. Lt. John Stangle has already worked his last day after 34 YEARS. He will be missed on midnight's! Dets. Reese and Lowe along with K9 officer Waggoner will be promoted to Sergeant. Sgt. Hillenbrand will be assigned to SRO at VCSC. Officer Boger and Helderman will be retiring in early August. They have both accepted positions with Vincennes Community Schools as SRO's. Stay tuned. We plan to celebrate the over 150 years of combined service and dedication of Lieutenant Stangle, Major Jacobs, Officer Boger, Officer Helderman, and Reserve Major Randy Rinehart (46 years WOW). We will be filling those five positions very soon with five new Rookies from our Merit Commission hiring school eligibility list.

National Police Week is May 14-18th 2018 with Law Enforcement Memorial Day being Tuesday May 15th. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as Police Week. Currently, tens of thousands of law enforcement officers from around the world converge on Washington, DC to participate in a number of planned events which honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The Memorial Service began in 1982 as a gathering in Senate Park of approximately 120 survivors and supporters of law enforcement. Decades later, the event, more commonly known as National Police Week, has grown to a series of events which attracts thousands of survivors and law enforcement officers to our Nation's Capital each year. The National Peace Officers Memorial Service, which is sponsored by the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, is one in a series of events which includes the Candlelight Vigil, which is sponsored by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) and seminars sponsored by Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) National Police Week draws in between 25,000 to 40,000 attendees. The attendees come from departments throughout the United States as well as from agencies throughout the world. This provides a unique opportunity to meet others who work in law enforcement. In that spirit, the Fraternal Order of Police DC Lodge #1 sponsors receptions each afternoon and evening during Police Week. These events are open to all law enforcement personnel and are an experience unlike any other.

Indiana is going Blue Wednesday in support of THPD Officer Pitts. Please join us.

Several First Responders Receive Commendation Awards for their Efforts during a Recent Fire Indianapolis - Earlier today at the annual Indiana State Police Spring Awards Ceremony at the Indiana Government Center in Indianapolis, several Knox County first responders and two Indiana State Troopers received Commendation Awards for their rescue efforts during a residential fire in Vincennes on December 31, 2017. While Troopers Nick Hatfield and Jordan Lee were responding to the fire they overheard on their radio that one person had already jumped from the roof, but another person was still on the roof and there was another person in a second story apartment. When officers arrived, Trooper Hatfield ran to a fire truck to retrieve a ladder to rescue the man still on the roof, but before he returned Deputies Doug Roberts and Cameron Carr had lowered the man to the ground. Trooper Hatfield and Vincennes Police Officer Jordan Christie then located the woman that had jumped from the roof. She had broken bones and a head injury. Officers carried her to a safe area and away from the toxic smoke. Trooper Lee, Knox County Deputy Byron Fourman and Vincennes Police Officers Joshua Gewirtzman and Jonathon Alexander had climbed an outside stairwell to try and locate the woman who was still in the second story apartment, but they were pushed back by flames and heavy smoke. Vincennes City Fire Captain James Beamon then used a fire hose to attempt to enter the second story to locate the woman. Trooper Hatfield, Trooper Lee and Deputy Roberts followed the firefighter to assist, but the roof of the structure was engulfed in fire and everyone had to give up their position for their own safety. Troopers Hatfield and Lee assisted the fire crew by manning a fire hose until additional firefighters arrived. Sadly, the structure collapsed and two people died in the fire, but others survived. “This tragic incident is an example of the close working relationship and trust that has developed not only between the Indiana State Police and various Knox County law enforcement agencies, but also the Vincennes Fire Department. The officers are to be commended for their bravery in the service of their community. Their actions represent what all First Responders should strive to be,” said Lieutenant Brian Bailey, Commander of the Evansville District. -30- RINGLE

A great place for family fun!

The Vincennes Police Department is participating in increased traffic patrol during the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute's Operation Pullover. The Operation Pull Over (OPO) Enforcement Program is the primary seat belt enforcement program in Indiana. This program is intended to increase seat belt usage and overall occupant protection for motorists in Indiana. Operation Pull Over includes four active enforcement mobilization quarters. Two state mobilizations are Safe Family Travels and Dangerous Driving Enforcement (DDE) (March), and two national mobilizations are Click It or Ticket and Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. The grant, shared by Vincennes Police, Knox County Sheriff's Department, and other area agencies targets dangerous and impaired driving, seat belts, child restraints, aggressive driving and other traffic related offenses. The officers working this detail are paid by the grant and work in addition to those officers who are on normal duty. This allows the officers working the project to focus only on these types of violations. The Operation Pull Over Enforcement grant promotes a coordinated effort to improve occupant protection strategies, and reduce fatality and injuries related to seat belt usage and impaired driving. Buckle Up and Drive Safe!

I’m very proud of the VPD Officers who participated in the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics. Community outreach is one of our #1 priorities! Our Family, Protecting Yours!

The Vincennes Police Department offers our condolences and prayers to all those affected by the senseless school shooting in Florida Yesterday. We train regularly for a similar situation locally with hopes that we will never have to put the skills into action. VPD had a joint VCSC wide active emergency “in-session” earlier this school year. Your City Officers are in the Vincennes Community & Catholic Schools ever day. Our community and county is blessed by forward thinking school officials and leaders who have for several years now met several times yearly in safety meetings to collaborate on best practices and policies to keep our children, teachers, and staff safe. As I have said at many trainings, when a panic call is made at any of the schools in Vincennes or Knox County Indiana you can rest assured “The whole world” is coming no matter if their uniform is Blue, Brown, or Green. As always, we take pride in our motto “Our Family, Protecting Yours”.

VINCENNES POLICE DEPARTMENT CHIEF DUSTIN LUKING PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chief Dusty Luking Elected IACP 2nd Vice President Indianapolis, IN (February 07, 2018) — At its Mid-Winter Conference, the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police elected Chief Dusty Luking of the Vincennes Police Department as Second Vice President for the year 2018. Previously serving as District 10 Director and Secretary Treasurer, Luking has been a member of the IACP Board of Directors since 2015. Chief Dusty Luking is a twenty-two year veteran of the Vincennes Indiana Police Department. Working in the investigative division since 2003 as a Sergeant and Lieutenant, he was appointed as Police Chief in January of 2012. Chief Luking has been decorated four times by the Vincennes Police Department Merit Commission for life saving performance in the line of duty. In 2004 Chief Luking was recognized by the Illinois State Police for exceptional bravery and received a medal and award for his actions from Director Larry Trent. To learn more about the IACP Board of Directors, please visit About the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) The Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police represents in excess of 95% of municipal law enforcement from around the state of Indiana and has been chartered since 1922. It and its sister foundation provide educational training and benefits to its nearly 500 members. The mission of the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police is to promote professionalism, training and networking for the law enforcement executive and to enhance public awareness of law enforcement and public safety issues. The Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police is an individual member organization consisting of ten local districts within the State of Indiana. Each District has its own elected two-year representative on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors develops policies and programs for the membership as a whole. To learn more about the IACP, please visit

Vincennes Detectives are requesting your help again on identifying a Burglary suspect. Please take a look. Any information can be emailed to or PM us. Call us at 812-882-1630. Info can remain anonymous.

Get your applications in ASAP! Testing begins Saturday February 24,2018. Get all the information and application at . Remember attention to detail and instructions on the application is very important. Each applicant to be considered for the offer of conditional employment shall be required to pass: 1. The National Police Officers Selection Test (POST) 2. The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Physical Fitness Exit Standards Link: Fitness Testing Protocol VideoClick here 3. Competitive interviews by the Commission and the Selected Police Board 4. A background investigation 5. A pre-employment polygraph examinationThe ILEA physical fitness exit standards are: ILEA EXIT Standards Test Standard Vertical Jump 16 InchesOne Minute Sit-ups 29 300 Meter Run 71 Seconds Maximum Push-ups 25 1.5 Mile Run 16 Minutes 28 Seconds

A big thank you once again to the public for your response to the photographs and request for help in identifying suspects in the vandalism and damaged property on Main Street. Together we make Vincennes safer. We believe we have the individuals identified and are following up on our investigation. We will release a statement when further information is available.

This video speaks a little to what we are about at The Vincennes Police Department. Come and join our family! We are hiring for rookie and lateral officer positions with testing beginning February 24th, 2018. visit for more information

The Vincennes Police Department mourns with the Turner family after the loss of our Brother retired Sgt. Tom D. Turner. Tom was a good man, friend, and Officer.

Thank You to all of the Police and Firefighters that participated in the Battle of the Badges for Salvation Army! Most importantly, we collectively raised $4809.79 at the event for the community. The men and women in blue were victorious in the individual battle by $836.53.

The Battle of the Badges is taking place right now at Walmart in Vincennes. The Vincennes Fire and Vincennes Police Departments are battling out for an awesome cause. Come out and donate to the Men and Women in Blue and help Salvation Army reach it's goal!

VINCENNES POLICE DEPARTMENT CHIEF DUSTIN LUKING PRESS RELEASE DATE: 11/30/2017 OFFICER: Det. S. Reece NATURE: Business Burglaries DETAILS: Vincennes City Police Arrest Burglary Suspect Arrested: Antonio Cortez Hernandez 19 years of age, N 2nd Street Vincennes Charges: Five Counts of Burglary a Level 5 Felony Detective Stacy Reece arrested Antonio C. Hernandez on 11/29/2017 at the Knox County Jail for his alleged involvement in late June business burglaries. The burglaries occurred at Piggy Banc Pawn Shop, the 6th Street Vendor Mall, USA power sports, and Pawn It. Items stolen included firearms. Upon investigation, Hernandez was named as a person of interest. Hernandez was arrested after an interview regarding his involvement in the above burglaries. Chief Dusty Luking Antonio C. Hernandez

VINCENNES POLICE DEPARTMENT CHIEF DUSTIN LUKING PRESS RELEASE DATE: 11/28/2017 OFFICER: Det. Lt. Josh Burke Det. S. Reece VPD Emergency Response Team (ERT) NATURE: Armed Robbery Suspect Apprehension Arrested: Zachary J. Garner, 25-year-old white male Charges: Robbery while armed with a deadly weapon a Level 3 Felony Failure to Return to Lawful Detention a Level 6 Felony On the evening of 11/27/2017, a white male wearing light colored blue jeans and a tan colored coat walked into the front lobby of Rally’s. The suspect pointed a suspected firearm at an employee and demanded cash. The suspect then fled the area westbound on foot. The Vincennes Police Department was attempting to locate Zachary J Garner for questioning regarding the robbery. Garner was also wanted on a warrant for failure to return to lawful detention. Patrol officers developed information regarding the whereabouts of Garner based on citizen information. Upon further investigation, Vincennes Police Detectives and Emergency Response Team members conducted a search in the 1000 Block of N. 9th street in Vincennes. Garner was taken into custody without incident while trying to flee the residence. The apprehension was a cooperative effort by Vincennes City Police, the Indiana State Police, and the ATF. Chief Dusty Luking