Edgewood Police Department

  • Agency: Edgewood Police Department
  • Address: 3405 Nichol Ave, Anderson, 46011 IN
  • Chief: Andrew S Ellingwood (Chief of Police)
Phone: 765-642-3200
Fax: 765-642-3246

Edgewood Police Department is located at 3405 Nichol Ave, Anderson, 46011 IN. The Chief of Police of the department is Andrew S Ellingwood. The Edgewood Police Department phone number is 765-642-3200.

Edgewood Police Department News

Thank you all for you’re help! The owner has been found and “Cosmo” has been returned to his family!!

We want to urge caution if you have to get out and drive this morning. There are multiple slide offs and accidents on I-69, in the city of Anderson and South of Anderson on state road 109. The was an area of very light precipitation that moved through the area between I-465 and Anderson. With the freezing temperatures, the precipitation froze to the roads and made them extremely slick and hazardous.

Officer Randy Aukerman was on patrol at Laurel and Magnolia when this phenomenon occurred. Unfortunately it was behind him and he didn't get to see it directly. But it did light the sky up for a couple of seconds. https://www.wthr.com/article/another-meteor-reports-coming-in-about-flash-in-indiana-sky

Good morning! If you are not one of the lucky ones who has the day off, or if you just have to be out this morning please remember to add a few minutes to your drive as the roads are slick with snow. Road crews are out working and they are doing a great job but they can’t be everywhere and it will take a while for them to clear all roads. Patience is the word for the day!

Over the last 24 - 36 hours, Edgewood and Madison County residents have reported loud noises: "sounds like a bomb," "something is hitting my house," etc. This article from WRTV about frost quakes will explain the noises that have been heard. https://www.theindychannel.com/news/local-news/indianapolis/frost-quake-mysterious-noises-rattling-central-indiana-neighborhoods-were-likely-winter-phenomenon

The Edgewood Police Department would like to notify our residents of suspicious activity that occurred on 01/08/2018. This activity occurred in South Edgewood on the following streets; Laurel Ln, Dogwood Dr, Orchard Ln, South Winding Way. The suspicious activity was that someone wearing work boots was walking car to car in driveways looking for unlocked vehicles. We have received several calls from residents who see the footprints in the snow around the drivers door of their vehicles. The Edgewood Police Department would like to remind all residents to remove everything of value from your vehicles and make sure to lock all doors. We would also like to request any resident who has a video system recording their driveway or any areas outside and who has captured this subject on video to please call 765-642-3200

Lost dog found on Longfellow Rd in Edgewood this afternoon. Give us a call if you know where he belongs.

Does anyone know of a South Madison County School Corporation student missing their backpack? We recovered a backpack this evening, and would sure hate for anyone to not have their homework tonight, lol. Seriously, if you or any of your neighbors have children who attend this school, and they are missing their backpack, please have them call us at 642-3200.

Do you know where this camera shy boy lives? He was found in the area of Edgewood Dr and Dogwood Dr. If you have information please contact the Animal Protection League.

The Edgewood Police Department and the Town of Edgewood would like to invite everyone to have an enjoyable Halloween and remind everyone that the Edgewood Hours of Trick or Treating will be 6pm to 8pm on 31 Oct 2017. Our Officers will be patrolling the town looking for the ghosts and goblins. We want everyone to be safe and ask that if you "See something or Hear something....Say something!"

The Edgewood Police Department would like to introduce our newest full time officer: Joel Smith. Joel is currently attending the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, and will be graduating in February. Please help us welcome Joel when you see him around town.

Edgewood Police Department PRESS RELEASE 10/27/2017 The Edgewood Police Department would like thank everyone who assisted our officers in the identification and apprehension of Michael Eaton. He was arrested today without incident at his home in Noblesville. He is currently incarcerated in the Madison County Jail for Level III Felony Armed Robbery of the Madison County Federal Credit Union. We had several phone calls and social media tips relating to this case, and each one proved useful. We would also like to thank all of the news agencies for helping inform our communities of the ongoing investigation. With all of this help and the assistance of several other law enforcement agencies we were able to make the arrest in this investigation.

Edgewood Police Department PRESS RELEASE 10/26/2017 The Edgewood Police Department would like to inform our residents and local community that our local branch of Madison County Federal Credit Union located at 3607 Nichol Avenue, Anderson IN 46011 was robbed this morning. Suspect information is a white male 6’2” – 6’4” 275 – 300 lbs who appears to be 30 to 40 years of age with dark hair and a full beard and moustache. He was wearing a dark colored parka, shirt and pants, with a white baseball hat. His pants appear to have some type of pattern and may be sweat pants. It appears he was driving a tan or silver mid-sized 4 door sedan (possibly a Buick LeSabre) with rust near the bottom of the doors and around the wheel wells. Attached below are still pictures of the suspect and his vehicle. If you have any information which may assist in identifying or apprehending this suspect, please call the Edgewood Police Department at (765) 642-3200 or your local police.

This cat has been found in the area of 16th St and Park Rd. Please contact us at 642-3200 if you are missing this cat.

Does anyone know where this guy (or gal) belongs? Our officers caught him tonight in town and have found a foster home, but would like to know if anyone is missing their pet.....

The Edgewood police department sends our condolences and prayers to the Morgan family and the Madison County sheriffs department. RIP Deputy Morgan. Your loss will be felt by every agency and officer in Madison County!

STORM DAMAGE / POWER OUTAGES: All Residents are cautioned to be EXTREMELY careful venturing out of their homes this morning. We have had a severe storm come through our area and we have trees and power lines down throughout the Town. The power company is aware and in the area working. Also, you will see streets blocked by emergency vehicles and barricades. Please honor the barricades: there are non-grounded lines in the area that pose a serious risk of harm. If you are not trained in clearing storm debris, please call before you attempt to clear any limbs from roadways or homes - there may be power lines intertwined in the branches, or the tree may not be stable and cutting to clear an area could cause the tree to injure workers.

THEFTS FROM VEHICLES: We would like to inform the entire Town that we have had reports of unlocked vehicles being targeted for thefts this week. Mostly loose change has been taken, but there have been some other items taken from vehicles in town. Also, several neighborhoods in Anderson are experiencing similar issues, so please share this with your friends and family. We are also letting the Edgewood residents know you will see extra patrols in the area during the hours we suspect the thefts to be occurring, and you will see police vehicles with several lights on that you typically do not see. We will be as cautious as we can, but do not be alarmed if the lights shine into your homes - it is difficult to miss every window. In addition to these extra patrols, we ask that you please lock all vehicles and valuables outside your homes, as well as, your doors and windows to your homes. Also, if you see ANYTHING suspicious we encourage you to call our department 642-3200. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter, and together we will try and put an end to this activity.

POWER OUTAGE I have just spoken to some of the tree service crews who are working in our area: they are starting on another job this morning near South Winding Way and Dogwood Drive. This appears to be the last cause of our widespread outage. Thank you to all who have helped their neighbors over the last several hours - that is one of the many reasons people choose to live in Edgewood!

If anyone knows who this guy belongs to; he has been taken to the shelter on 8th Street.

Emergency Sirens Although there is heavy rain and wind, there are no warnings of tornadoes or rotation in Madison County. The sirens are all tied together, and Anderson City set their sirens off to warn the people at the Black Expo to seek shelter from the storm. This caused all of the sirens in Madison County to be activated.

Fourth of July Celebration We would like to pass on a few tips for tomorrow's event: If you are not from Edgewood, or are not familiar with the neighborhood around the Golf Club, please arrive early, and find one of our officers to assist you and your family in having a fun, safe day. There will be NO PARKING on any portion of Golf Club Road - we need this street open in case of emergency. Please follow the no parking restrictions: There are signs posted along the entire street, and we will be forced to tow any vehicle if it is blocking any of the emergency route. Golf Club Road will be blocked at Linden Lane, Knoll Road, and Winding Way. We will allow traffic to the club until parking is full, then no other access will be granted. After the event, Traffic will be routed south on Golf Club Road from Knoll Road to SR 32, and east on Golf Club Road from the parking lot to Winding Way. There will be no north or westbound traffic allowed on Golf Club Road in order to expedite clearing of the parking lots. Wilkinson Park will be open for parking as well as portions of Edgewood Park. Some residents in the neighborhood have placed barriers along the roads in their yards, but unless you have specific permission to park in a private yard from that homeowner, please do not park if there is no barrier. We ask that people do not leave valuables in their vehicles, especially in an area that could be seen walking past your car. We will have officers patrolling, but it usually takes less than ten seconds to break into a car and steal everything of value inside. Lastly, please contact any Fire or Police official if there is an emergency in the area. We work very closely together, and we want everyone to have the best day they can.

Door to Door Solicitors We would like to inform our residents that Homewise Energy Solutions contacted our department today in reference to door to door soliciting. This company has an office in Indianapolis, and does not fall under the transient merchant definition which would require a permit in Edgewood. The Edgewood Police Department would like to remind everyone to be cautious about letting unknown persons into your home. A good resource of information on many businesses is the Better Business Bureau's website. We were told that all solicitors will be wearing some type of company logo on their clothing, and will have a company ID as well. Again, if you do not wish to speak to someone at your door, just do not answer your door. If they refuse to leave, start walking around looking in windows, or other unacceptable behavior - please call us and we will provide any assistance we can.

Solicitors: We have reports of solicitors in the North Edgewood area. We have stopped an African American male and female today who were working for Excellent Sales selling magazines and books. These two are Randy Tryon and Shylah Grant - both have been warned not to solicit in the Town of Edgewood. We will be happy to take any calls if these two stop by your home in the near future!

The Edgewood Police Department is accepting applications for a full time Police Officer. The applications may be obtained at the Edgewood Police Department, 3405 Nichol Ave. Anderson, Indiana from June 1, 2017 through July 14, 2017. Applications will be available Monday – Friday from 6am – 10pm. For questions, please call 765-642-3200.