Edgewood Police Department

  • Agency: Edgewood Police Department
  • Address: 3405 Nichol Ave, Anderson, 46011 IN
  • Chief: Andrew S Ellingwood (Chief of Police)
Phone: 765-642-3200
Fax: 765-642-3246

Edgewood Police Department is located at 3405 Nichol Ave, Anderson, 46011 IN. The Chief of Police of the department is Andrew S Ellingwood. The Edgewood Police Department phone number is 765-642-3200.

Edgewood Police Department News

Sending thoughts and prayers to our neighbors in Noblesville. Active shooter has been arrested at Noblesville West Middle School. At least 2 have been injured.

Owner located.

There is a widespread power outage this morning. Anderson Municipal Light and Power is aware of the situation and is working to remedy as soon as possible. If you require assistance please contact Anderson Municipal Light and Power at 765-648-6484.

Edgewood residents, just a reminder Tuesday is primary election day. Town Hall has been a polling place in the past. It is not a polling location this year. All voting will take place at Edgewood Baptist Church.

We mourn with our brothers and sisters at the Terre Haute Police Department. Rest in peace, officer. You served your community well.

Drug take back day starts now. Bring your unused or expired medications to Edgewood PD between now and 2 PM.

Don't forget drug take back day is tomorrow from 10 AM - 2 PM. Bring your unused or expired medications to Edgewood PD. We don't take liquids or needles.

Drug take back day is Saturday, April 28 from 10 AM - 2 PM. Bring your unused or expired drugs to the Edgewood PD that day and they will be properly disposed.

We want to send our condolences to our fire brothers and sisters at Pipe Creek Fire Department. They lost two members of their department in a recent airplane crash. http://fox59.com/2018/04/02/2-elwood-firefighters-killed-in-plane-collision-at-marion-airport/

Boil Water Update: The Boil water advisory for the residents of the Town of Edgewood has now been lifted. Laboratory analysis has confirmed no problem exists and all state requirements regarding the recent incident have been met. You do not need to flush any lines, or drain water softeners/heaters. We regret this inconvenience but the safety of the residents of Edgewood is our first concern

The Town of Edgewood is still under the Boil Water Order as of 10:00 AM on 03/19/2018. The Edgewood Water Department will update us all when they lift the order.

The water department has advised us the water should be coming back up online soon. They have asked us to put out a boil water alert until further notice. At this time that's all the information we have.

We are aware water is out. Street Department is working on the problem. The Police Department has no further information at this time. As the water department updates us we will post any information we get. UPDATE...... The water department has advised us the water should be coming back up online soon. They have asked us to put out a boil water alert until further notice. At this time that's all the information we have.

Our officers found a beautiful reverse brindle female dog this evening. She is wearing a pink harness and is quite friendly. Please share with friends and family and let's get this girl home as soon as we can. The dog was dropped off at Animal Care and Control just a few minutes ago.

Thank you all for you’re help! The owner has been found and “Cosmo” has been returned to his family!!

We want to urge caution if you have to get out and drive this morning. There are multiple slide offs and accidents on I-69, in the city of Anderson and South of Anderson on state road 109. The was an area of very light precipitation that moved through the area between I-465 and Anderson. With the freezing temperatures, the precipitation froze to the roads and made them extremely slick and hazardous.

Officer Randy Aukerman was on patrol at Laurel and Magnolia when this phenomenon occurred. Unfortunately it was behind him and he didn't get to see it directly. But it did light the sky up for a couple of seconds. https://www.wthr.com/article/another-meteor-reports-coming-in-about-flash-in-indiana-sky

Good morning! If you are not one of the lucky ones who has the day off, or if you just have to be out this morning please remember to add a few minutes to your drive as the roads are slick with snow. Road crews are out working and they are doing a great job but they can’t be everywhere and it will take a while for them to clear all roads. Patience is the word for the day!

Over the last 24 - 36 hours, Edgewood and Madison County residents have reported loud noises: "sounds like a bomb," "something is hitting my house," etc. This article from WRTV about frost quakes will explain the noises that have been heard. https://www.theindychannel.com/news/local-news/indianapolis/frost-quake-mysterious-noises-rattling-central-indiana-neighborhoods-were-likely-winter-phenomenon

The Edgewood Police Department would like to notify our residents of suspicious activity that occurred on 01/08/2018. This activity occurred in South Edgewood on the following streets; Laurel Ln, Dogwood Dr, Orchard Ln, South Winding Way. The suspicious activity was that someone wearing work boots was walking car to car in driveways looking for unlocked vehicles. We have received several calls from residents who see the footprints in the snow around the drivers door of their vehicles. The Edgewood Police Department would like to remind all residents to remove everything of value from your vehicles and make sure to lock all doors. We would also like to request any resident who has a video system recording their driveway or any areas outside and who has captured this subject on video to please call 765-642-3200

Lost dog found on Longfellow Rd in Edgewood this afternoon. Give us a call if you know where he belongs.

Does anyone know of a South Madison County School Corporation student missing their backpack? We recovered a backpack this evening, and would sure hate for anyone to not have their homework tonight, lol. Seriously, if you or any of your neighbors have children who attend this school, and they are missing their backpack, please have them call us at 642-3200.

Do you know where this camera shy boy lives? He was found in the area of Edgewood Dr and Dogwood Dr. If you have information please contact the Animal Protection League.