Southport Police Department

  • Agency: Southport Police Department
  • Address: 6901 Derbyshire Rd, Southport, 46227-5133 IN
  • Chief: Steve Davis (Chief of Police)
Phone: (317) 787-7595
Fax: 317-222-4323

Southport Police Department is located at 6901 Derbyshire Rd, Southport, 46227-5133 IN. The Chief of Police of the department is Steve Davis. The Southport Police Department phone number is (317) 787-7595.

Southport Police Department News

Amazing day! True public service is more than attending a few meetings a month and knocking on a few doors. It is actually becoming a part of the community you serve and and making time to give back to those who are so gracious enough to support us. Thank you Mayor Russell McClure and his wife Linda McClure, Councilman Jim Cooney, Chief Vaughn and his wife Jane and daughter Emily, Assistant Chief Bob Curl and family,all the officers and their families and all those who came out to donate the 43 units of life saving blood. Thank you Stacy Allan for being the beautiful person you are.

Good news story of the day.

Blood Drive in memory of Lieutenant Aaron Allan at 137 Worman St. Southport, IN still going! Thank you to everyone who came out to donate!

To sponsor an award or make donations for this event please contact Brooklyn Mullins 765-520-8885 or Joe Mullins 765-686-0808. You can also look us up on Facebook event page #TEAMJACE ANYTHING ON WHEELS

#SCAM -residents say they were contacted by IPL Power saying their power will be cut off if a bill is not paid. They said that whoever is behind this also switched their power on and off briefly. The SCAM number used is 1-800-306-8711. IPL’s actual number is 317-261-8222.

Thank you again for doing this for Aaron.

You see this driver? Don’t be like this driver. So t drive over fire hoses.

More pictures of today’s bench unveiling.

Aaron Allan bench dedication

We’ll be going live on Facebook shortly for the unveiling of Aaron’s bench. Click the link for our Facebook page.


Tomorrow! Will you be there?