Speedway Police Department

  • Agency: Speedway Police Department
  • Address: 1410 N Lynhurst Dr, Speedway, 46224 IN
  • Chief: Jeffrey L Dine (Chief of Police)
Phone: (317) 246-4300
Fax: (317) 240-1318

Speedway Police Department is located at 1410 N Lynhurst Dr, Speedway, 46224 IN. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeffrey L Dine. The Speedway Police Department phone number is (317) 246-4300.

Speedway Police Department News

We will be there on Saturday night......will you????🎃🧛‍♂️🧟‍♂️☠️👻

Thank you Barbecue and Bourbon for providing an excellent lunch once again for our Crime Stoppers Shred Day volunteers. Much appreciated Marcia Rae Sims-Huff and David Huff.

‪School Resource Officer Mark Jones wrapped up this year's student academy @ Speedway H.S. today. The student academy averaged 25 students each day.‬

There are lane restrictions at 5761 West 16th Street for east bound traffic due to a gas leak. Citizens Energy is on site for repair.

‪Less than 48 hours away!! @cicrimestoppers Shred It event @SpeedwayPD & other locations this Saturday 10a-1p.‬

Water will be off this morning on 14th Street from Winton to Lynhurst to replace the fire hydrant north of the Jr High’s athletic field. All residents, the Jr High, and the school corporation were notified yesterday. The shutdown will occur at 9 am and is expected to be completed by noon. The repair was scheduled in coordination with the school system to be done during Fall Break.

‪Crime Stoppers Community Shred Day is this Saturday from 10am-1pm Speedway PD & other locations. See flyer for more info @AARPIndiana ‬

‪Another safe & successful race season @IMS is in the books. Thanks to our public safety partners for their support. See you again in 2018!! ‬

‪Congratulations @Yoshi_MUROYA on winning today's @Redbullairrace @IMS and on becoming 2017 World Champion !!‬

Coming to @IMS today for @Redbullairrace? Remember to remove valuables from vehicles or secure them in your trunk @IMPDnews #SecurityTips

Gates are open @IMS for @Redbullairrace. Drive safely if you're coming to the track today and enjoy!! @IMPDnews @MCSO_IN @SPEEDWAYFIRE

If YOU SEE SOMETHING suspicious, SAY SOMETHING to authorities @Redbullairrace @IMPDnews @MCSO_IN #ParterningForASaferEvent

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the areas surrounding the facility are a NO DRONE ZONE. Please leave your UAV's at home! Red Bull Air Race Marion County Sheriff's Office (IN) IMPD News

Coming to @IMS today for @Redbullairrace? Remember to remove valuables from vehicles or secure them in your trunk @MCSO_IN #SecurityTips

Gates are open @IMS for @Redbullairrace Practice & Qualifying. Drive safely if you're coming to the track this weekend @MCSO_IN IMPD News

Coming to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend for Redbull Air Race? If you See Something Say Something. Report suspicious activity to local authorities.

Coming to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend for Red Bull Air Race? Click on the link below for helpful Gate Regulations.

GENERAL PARKING RESTRICTIONS – RED BULL AIR RACE WEEKEND The Speedway Police Department reminds local residents and motorists of restricted parking on Saturday, October 14, and Sunday, October 15, 2017, for the Red Bull Air Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Due to attendance sizes smaller in comparison to other events at the track, parking restrictions will only be enforced during the times and in the areas listed below. No person shall park a vehicle on the South and East side of any street in an area bound by 25th Street on the North, Georgetown Road on the East, Lynhurst Drive on the West, and Crawfordsville Road on the South, from 8:00 AM Saturday, October 14, through 5:00 PM Sunday, October 15. In the event the race is postponed the restrictions will be in effect until 5:00 PM on Monday, October 16, 2017. Also, additional restricted parking enacted under Section 10.12.190 of the Speedway Municipal Code for practice and qualification day and for race day for the Red Bull Air Race from 8:00 AM Saturday, October 14, through 5:00 PM Sunday, October 15, (or through 5:00 PM Monday, October 16, if the race is postponed) includes no parking as follows: (1) On both sides of 20th St. from the American Legion parking lot west to Lynhurst Dr. (2) On the west side of Winton Ave. from Crawfordsville Rd. to 20th St. (3) On both sides of Auburn St. from Crawfordsville Rd. to 25th St. (4) On both sides of 22nd St. from Lynhurst Dr. to Main St. (5) On the west side of Allison St. from 22nd St. to Winton Ave. In addition, no person shall park any vehicle, trailer, recreational vehicle, commercial vehicle or any other utility trailer overnight (between the hours of 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights of the Red Bull Air Race weekend in the following locations: (1) In Meadowood Park and on the streets adjacent to Meadowood Park, including the north side of Meadowood Drive, the east side of Parkwood Drive, both sides of School Drive as it borders the east and north sides of Meadowood Park. (2) In Leonard Park and on the streets adjacent to Leonard Park, including Town property at the end of Worth, the east side of Worth and the south side of 15th Street, as well as the Town Hall Parking lot. (3) Along the south side of 14th Street west from Winton Avenue to Lynhurst Dr. (4) Along the north side of 13th Street from Winton Avenue to Allison Street (Junior High West Side Access Drive). Other streets requiring restricted parking are Main Street between 10th and 16th Streets. Three hour parking will be monitored in this area throughout the race weekend. Patrons of local businesses along this corridor will be able to park along Main Street on race day, Sunday, October 15. Overnight camping and camping equipment, including tents, trailers, recreational vehicles and their use or parking thereof is not permitted in any playground, park or recreational area unless authorized by the Speedway Board of Recreation. Parking any trailer, recreational vehicle or commercial vehicle at an intersection of a driveway or alley with any other public streets or highways, or at an intersection of public streets or highways, is not permitted. It is also unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to park or camp in any trailer or recreational vehicle at any time on any street in the Town of Speedway. It should also be noted that it is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to charge a fee of any type for access to or the right to park on any public street, thoroughfare, alley or roadway in the Town of Speedway. Also, keep in mind that should the race be delayed or postponed, it may become necessary to enforce parking restrictions beyond these times. Motorists and residents are cautioned that those in violation of parking restrictions during these time periods shall be subject to a $50.00 fine plus towing and storage fees. For more information about this event and other events around Speedway, including road closures and construction, find us on Facebook at Speedway PD or on Twitter Speedway PD

WELCOME BACK Red Bull Air Race to the Racing Capital of the World @IMS Town of Speedway

‪Congratulations to Sergeant Rodney Ferguson. Rodney has been with Speedway PD for 30 years. Thank you for your service!!‬

Construction Update for the 16th and Lynhurst Intersection * The following Utilities of Windstream, Lightower, Comcast and TCA will continue with all their necessary prep work in preparation of working together to relocate their lines to the new IPL poles on Tuesday October 24, 2017. * Relocation Plan on October 24, 2017: 1) At 3:00 AM Signal Construction will move into place and shut down the existing traffic signals, remove signal heads, cable spans and strain pole's. This work will take approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. 2) At 6:00 AM the utilities will proceed with transferring their facilities from the existing utility poles east to the new IPL utility poles. This work will take approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hrs. combined time for all utilities. 3) At 8:30 AM or earlier Signal Construction will start installing the new cable spans, signal heads, wiring etc, on NB & SB Lynhurst and EB 16th St. Once all is in place they will turn on the new signals. With a time frame of 7 to 8 hrs there intent is to have the signals operational by about 4:30 PM or sooner. Due to the new lanes not being in place at this time due to the utility relocation work, Signal Construction will bag the left turn arrows for NB and SB Lynhurst until that work can be completed. Traffic control will be in place during this time.

‪Great turnout for National Night Out. Next community event for @SpeedwayPD is @cicrimestoppers Shred Day. Help protect your identity 10/21.‬