Winchester Police Department

  • Agency: Winchester Police Department
  • Address: 113 E Washington St, Winchester, 47394 IN
  • Chief: Mike Burk (Chief of Police)
Phone: (765) 584-6845
Fax: (765) 584-3730

Winchester Police Department is located at 113 E Washington St, Winchester, 47394 IN. The Chief of Police of the department is Mike Burk. The Winchester Police Department phone number is (765) 584-6845.

Winchester Police Department News


Winchester Police would like to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year. Please be careful and stay safe during your celebrations tonight.

Ladies and gentleman we appreciate the information I regards to the child video you have sent us. Be assured Sgt.Barndollar and Officer Davis are handling the investigation and will ase it to its end. Thank you for the concerns and information it is greatly appreciated!

With the extreme cold don’t forget about your pets. Bring them inside the temperatures are dangerous outside and it’s been forecasted to last the next couple weeks. It’s a crime not provide proper shelter, food and water at all times. 765-584-1721 to report animal neglect.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! Sgt. Barndollar and Officer Martin giving you. Second years video for your enjoyment!

I wanted to make this public. Last night the Winchester Police Department help our annual Department Christmas Party. I am very honored to be the Police Chief for an amazing Department and City. We have some of the best Police Officers in the State. During our celebration a few were recognized for their job performance during the 2017 year. Animal Control / Reserve Officer Joe Sheets: was recognized for all his hard work and dedication to the City Animal Shelter which has been going through a total remodel which was made possible through Officer Sheets hard work and achieving a donation of $35000 from the Comfy Paws organization. Officer Brandon Martin: was recognized for his performance during a routine patrol incident where he noticed a woman on January 27 th looking over the overpass on US 27 he felt it needed more attention and made contact finding out this woman was considering jumping, Officer Martin assisted the woman in receiving the assistance she needed and I feel saved her life. K-9 Officer Austin Highlen : was recognized for his hard work, dedication to the citizens of Winchester demonstrating his willingness to continue to serve in any capacity he can by becoming Winchester’s second K-9 Officer and then attending the National Drug Recognition Expert class scoring at the top of his class. Captain Bradley Cottrell: was recognized as 2017 Officer of the Year. Captain Cottrell has continued to prove himself as a large asset to the City of Winchester and does not allow himself to get discouraged striving to make a difference. Anytime something extra needs done Captain Cottrell is one of the first to volunteer and say what ever you need. Please take the time to recognize these and all the Officers of the Winchester Police Department. Stop them on the street and thank them for their service they do not hear this enough for everything they do. Sincerely Chief Richie Tucker

Ladies and gentlemen please take extra caution traveling tonight. Increasing snow has made roadway slick in areas. Leave a few minutes earlier and drive slower to avoid any collisions or wrecks. Everyone be safe and have a wonderful night!

Congratulations to Officer Austin Highlen and K-9 Icks and Sgt. Brandon Barndollar and K-9 Leo. They did a great job yesterday at recertification. These dogs are very special and very well trained. We appreciate all the hard work they do!


The Winchester Police Department is now accepting applications for 2017 Cops on Present Patrol. Applications may be picked up at the City Hall Secretaries office Monday through Friday 8-noon and 1-5. Deadline is November 30th,, 2017 Must reside in the City limits of Winchester. This is available on an every other year basis, must not have applied for services from any other organization, we do check with them. An Honest and complete application is required before approval is considered.

Please call with any tips. 765-584-1721, 765-584-6891, or

The Winchester Police Department are investigating a break in at the Winchester Golf Club House any information will be appreciated please private message here or call 765-584-6891 Ask for Captain Detective Charles Hoover

Huge thank you to the Chris Hawkey band for their salute to heroes concert tonight! Excellent show and great time for the entire community

Sgt Barndollar,k9 Leo, Officer Austin Highlen, K9 Icks paid a visit to the GRIC pre school on 5-2-17. The kids got learn that police are your friends, what 911 is used for and how not to be a bully! The kids had fun and so did the Officers!

Today Sgt.Barndollar and K9 Leo made visit to Kidztown school! They spoke to the kids about emergencies, bullies and how police are your friends. Then the kids got to see Leo catch a "bad guy"