Evansville Police Department

  • Agency: Evansville Police Department
  • Address: 15 NW Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Evansville, 47708 IN
  • Chief: Brad Hill (Chief of police)
Phone: 812-436-7896

Evansville Police Department is located at 15 NW Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Evansville, 47708 IN. The Chief of police of the department is Brad Hill. The Evansville Police Department phone number is 812-436-7896.

Evansville Police Department News

Several gathered today at Oakhill Cemetery in remembrance of the plane crash that claimed the lives of the University of Evansville's men's basketball team and staff 40 years ago. Retired EPD Detective Guy Minnis gave an emotionally charged recollection of what it was like being a first responder to that tragic scene. We will never forget those who perished that night, nor the community that was left behind that is still trying to heal.

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of one, if not, the most tragic days in the history of the City of Evansville. Most still refer to the tragedy as ”The Night it Rained Tears”. Just before 7:30 p.m. on December 13, 1977, a plane carrying 19 members of the University of Evansville basketball team and 15 others, crashed shortly after takeoff from Dress Regional Airport. All available E.P.D. officers—on duty and off duty—responded immediately. Along with state, county and area police, fire and emergency personnel, officers worked through the night to recover and transport victims. The location of the crash site, along with the weather, made this a challenging assignment for all who were involved. As services and memorial events are conducted today please remember those that died that night and their families.

Please keep the Trooper and his family in your prayers.

The public is invited to join Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and University of Evansville President Dr. Thomas Kazee for a special ceremony honoring all emergency workers who responded to the crash of Air Indiana Flight 216 on December 13, and a memorial unveiling in remembrance of those who perished. The ceremony will be held on Wednesday, December 13, at 11 a.m. at Oak Hill Cemetery’s Veterans Plaza. The ceremony will include songs and prayers, and will feature the unveiling of a stone monument engraved with the names of the plane crash victims and a reading of their names with soft bagpipe music. Retired Evansville Police officer Guy Minnis, one of the first emergency workers to arrive at crash site, will reflect on the impact that tragic evening continues to have on first responders today. Additionally, the University of Evansville will hold a 40th Anniversary Commemoration of the plane crash at 7 p.m. on December 13, at Memorial Plaza on the UE campus. Note: In case of inclement weather, the service at Oak Hill Cemetery will be held indoors at the Chapel of Memories.

**ATTEMPT TO IDENTIFY** EPD Detectives are asking for help to identify this suspect. The unknown suspect is a black male that took a wallet from the Evansville Surgery Center from an employee. The suspect then fraudulently spent over $800.00 of the victim's money. STEALING IS LOW! BUT EVEN LOWER AROUND THE HOLIDAYS!!!! If you have any information on the identity of this suspect please contact Detective Bickel at 436-7994

EPD looking for subject from overnight pursuit Around 1 am on today's date EPD Officers responded to a vehicle, red Chevy Trailblazer, containing suspicious subjects on the lot of Neighborhood Walmart (2500 N First Ave). Officers approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver. The driver of the Trailblazer hid his hands from officers and refused to show them. The suspect driver then fled from the stop at a high rate of speed. Officers lost sight of the suspect's vehicle 1 minute after the pursuit was initiated and terminated pursuit. A short time after terminating officers located subjects from inside the vehicle and through investigating learned that the suspect driver was Christopher Masterson, 26. Masterson has two active warrants, one of which is a felony warrant. Masterson has not been located at this time.

“I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It's not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.” - Linus Van Pelt (1965)

A Christmas classic drawn by our own Deputy Chief Brad Hill.

*** Evansville Animal Care & Control (Official) advises that “Snuggles” has been adopted. Friday Rescue Roundup: Rabbits at Christmas time? Why not? The Friday Rescue Roundup featured pet this week goes by “Snuggles”. She has been at Evansville Animal Care & Control (Official) since September so it is very important that she find a home soon. “Snuggles” is very calm and likes to lounge around. She does not seem to mind the barking dogs that are in the shelter with her. She would be good as a first time pet for someone or as a family pet. In addition, as expected “Snuggles” loves celery and carrots. Please SHARE this post with all your friends and help “Snuggles” find a great new home. If you are interested in adopting or rescuing “Snuggles”, please call (812) 435-6015 or stop by Evansville Animal Care & Control at 815 Uhlhorn Street in Evansville. Come see her and all of the other great animals needing someone to give them a new and forever home.

The Pacers are coming! The Fever are Coming! Both the Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever stopped by Joshua Academy pre-school and they brought Freddy Fever and Boomer too! The Pacers and Fever brought toys for each boy and girl as a part of their toy give away for the holidays. The Evansville Police Department would like to thank both organizations as well as Joshua Academy for allowing us to be a part of this celebration. #GIVEBACK #GIVEFORWARD #GIVE

DRILL ALERT- There is will be an active shooter DRILL at Deaconess Midtown Campus at 8:00am. Drill will be held at 533 W Columbia, across from the Emergency Room entrance. Some participants will be taken into the ER for treatment. Normal hospital operations will continue during the DRILL.

With Basketball Season getting into full swing, we thought it fitting to “Throwback” 40 years to the 1977 Evansville Fraternal Order of Police Basketball Team. This photo was taken in March of 1977 when they won the Indiana State FOP Basketball Championship. During the 14-team tournament hosted by Bloomington, the Evansville team defeated Gary, Indianapolis, and East Chicago to take the title. Among the notables, Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Miller was chosen as Outstanding Player for the tournament. We know names of some of these players, but not all. If you recognize members of this championship team, we hope you will identify them in “comments” on this post. Photo courtesy of Officer Sara Gibson. FOP Lodge 73 Evansville

Don’t let Bad Santa steal your Holiday Joy by following these tips!

Police trying ID burglary suspects EPD is trying to identify suspects in a recent attempted commercial burglary. Details- Attempted burglary at ABC Supply (2506 N US Hwy 41) on 11-5-17. Suspect vehicle was a dually Ford pickup truck. Both a male and female arrived in the truck. If you recognize the truck, please call Detective Jeff Hands at 812-434-8262

SCAM ALERT- Area residents receiving fraudulent lottery letters Evansville Police are reminding people that scammers are always active and finding new ways to get money from victims. The latest scam involves a letter claiming the recipient has won money from the Mega Millions Lottery. To claim the "winnings", the victim has to contact a person in Spain. The letter goes onto explain that the "winner" will need to send money to pay for shipping and insurance in order to receive their prize money. Lottery scams are some of the most frequently seen scams. Any attempt to get payment of any kind in order to receive a prize should alert to individual to the strong possibility of fraudulent actions by a scammer. Most scams originate overseas. Most victims never recovers their monitory loss and overseas suspects are seldom tried in US courts.

Due to police activity in the area of Washington and Lodge, the area is closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Washington Middle School and Bosse High School are in “SECURE” mode Student releases will be impacted. Buses will leave Bosse from Powell Ave. Walkers will be released to the southwest and will not be able to enter the closed area. Parents picking up students can do so on Lodge or Collage Highway but must remain north of Powell Ave. If you can talk with your student directly, please do so. Washington will release as normal, but students will not be able to walk westward towards the scene.

Don’t let the Grinch steal your Christmas. Remember to always lock up your valuables & packages while you are out shopping!

Still time to get to the East Side Evansville Walmart or the Henderson Walmart and make a toy donation. 🎄 🎅🎄🤶🌲⭐️🎄

Story time with Santa and catching the bad guys, all in a days work when your a police K-9......... (Special thanks to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office for participating)

EPD addressing the false/ inflammatory info pertaining to the fatal crash investigation being posted on social media- As news coverage of Wednesday’s fatal crash has circulated on social media pages, several false and inflammatory comments have surfaced. These posts have been accepted by others as facts and have added an unnecessary strain on our community as we deal with this tragic loss of two young, innocent victims. The claims that a police officer rammed the suspect vehicle and caused the crash are false. There was never any contact between a police car and the suspect car. We know for certain that it took the officers 10 seonds to reach the crash scene due to the gap between them and the suspect. The claim that there is a video of the officer ramming the suspect is also false. The claim that a copy of that video was given to the media is also false. The claims that officers held the mother at gunpoint as she cried out for her children are false. The officers did approach the crash scene with guns drawn. The damage to the car was significant and the officers initially believed they were ordering the suspect out of the car they had just pursued. As soon as the could see the occupants of the car, they relized they were dealing with the victims, not the suspect. This was a matter of seconds, not minutes. The officers had already changed roles and began administering first aid before the mother regained consciousness. The speculation that the outcome was based solely on the officers decisions fails to acknowledge any other possible factors. We know for certain that officers ending their involvement in a pursuit only guarantees one thing. It guarantees that our officers are no longer involved in a pursuit. It does not guarantee that the fleeing driver will change their driving behavior. We had a recent event where a pursuit was terminated and the driver crashed 4-5 blocks later. The driver died in the crash even though there were no police cars chasing or following him. The rush to condemn these officers is being done by individuals who have the luxury of hindsight. It is easy to judge a decision when you know the final outcome. The officers in this case did not have that same luxury. They make decisions based on training, experience, and department guidelines. There will be a day for judgment. It will come when all of the facts are known. Today is not that day. Today is a day to mourn the loss of Princess and Prince Carter. Today is the day to hold your loved ones a little closer. Today is the day to come together as a Community to support a grieving family.

Update- Suspect who crashed while fleeing from police has been identified as Fredrick McFarland, 26, of Evansville. He is being treated for crash related injuries. He will face felony fleeing charges and any other applicable charges once he medically cleared to go to jail. Update- One confirmed fatality. Investigation ongoing. Suspect fleeing from police causes crash on south side— Emergency crews are on scene at a crash at Linwood and Monroe. The crash happened when a suspect who was fleeing from police collided with another vehicle. Medical crews have transported several prople from the scene. The extent of the injuries is unknown at this time. The suspect is in custody. Updates will be provided as they become available.