Humboldt Police Department

  • Agency: Humboldt Police Department
  • Address: 725 Bridge Street, Humboldt, 66748 KS
  • Chief: Dan Onnen (Chief of Police)
Phone: 620-473-2341
Fax: 620-473-2133

Humboldt Police Department is located at 725 Bridge Street, Humboldt, 66748 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Dan Onnen. The Humboldt Police Department phone number is 620-473-2341.

Humboldt Police Department News

This small girl was just picked up in the area of 500 block of New York. Give us a call if you know were she lives. Thanks UPDATE Owner is found and is now home !!!!

Looking for someone to adopt this big friendly guy. He has been with is for several days and no one has contacted us looking for him. Very friendly and likes attention. Call us at 620-473-2341 UPDATE This guy has been spoken for and we have set up adoption date 😀

Chief Brian Dillow and Officer Andrea Umbarger helped youth in the Humboldt community today for the annual STICKER SHOCK to raise awareness for underage drinking, providing alcohol to minors and the consequences that can come with both. Special thanks to Allen County Deputy Darren Kellerman, Moon's Hometown Market, Johnson's General Store, Freedom Liquor Store and Pete's for participating! Next time you spot a sticker on your adult beverages, ask the counter clerk for more information! Start the conversation and help raise awareness about not only the legality of the situation, but the ramifications as well.

Citizens need to be aware of another phone scam in our area. A elderly resident received a call from a 876 area code telling them that they had won millions of dollars in a sweepstakes drawing. In order to receive their prize they would have to send the caller several thousand dollars in taxes or fees. Never should you have to pay to receive a prize. The call was investigated and found out to be from Jamaica and was reported to the Federal Trade Commission. Luckily the victim did not send any money and made a report to the police department. Anyone receiving these types of calls can report them to our department at 620-473-2341 or contact the FTC at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)

As a quick reference guide, here are the numbers to call to get ahold of Humboldt Police Department or an Officer! Please SHARE and SAVE these numbers in your phone for quick access! IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL *911* Humboldt Police Department Office 620.473.2341 (Available during regular business hours) Allen County Communications/Dispatch 620.365.1437 (24/7)

*****UPDATE***** Owner has him! Anybody know this dog? It's a small male.

Anyone missing this young male?

Never Forget

*****UPDATE***** This big guy has been adopted! He seems to be adjusting well I'm his new home. If you want you can see a picture of him and one of his new owners on the Humboldt Kansas City Pound page This guy got brought to us to be put up for adoption. His last owner said he is a Great Labrador Dane. Please feel free to call the Humboldt Police Department out message us on here. Thank you.

Just picked up in the area of 10th & Kansas. Male with chain collar.

UPDATE. This dog is now home. 😅 Just picked up in the area of 13th & Cherokee. Female with camo collar and no tags.

Just picked up in the area of 11th & Mulberry. Male terrier mix with collar no tags.

***OWNER FOUND Older female black lab - picked up 300 block of Pecan. No collar at the time of pickup! Sweet but timid, needs some TLC!

Female black lab was brought to the department, if this is your dog or you know who she belongs to please contact the Humboldt Police Department. Thank you!

STARTING TOMMORROW These buildings will be the most important in our city because they will contain the most valuable resource of our community. Be aware and slow down especially in the crosswalks and all around these schools. Be patient and courteous We will be watching. Thanks

This dog is still available for adoption, please contact the Humboldt Police Department if you are interested. Thank you!

Male black lab picked at central and North second. Please contact the Humboldt PD if this is your dog or you know who he belongs to. Thank you!

This dog is at the pound. Please contact Humboldt Police Department if the dog belongs to you or you know whom it belongs to. Thank you!

Cat was picked up and is currently at the pound. If this is your cat or you know whom it belongs to please contact the Humboldt Police Department. Thank you!

### Update This boy is home ### This little guy was just picked up in the 300 block of S 4th. Collar but no tags.

Male black lab, just picked up at Pete's gas station. If this is your dog or you know who he belongs to please contact the Humboldt Police Dept. Thank you!

Picked up at 8th& Elm. No tags ## Picked up by his owner ##

Just picked up 700 Pecan. Following some walkers. No collar or tags. ###Update this ramblin' guy is home###

Congratulations Officer Froggatte On your KLETC Graduation

This cat is at the pound wearing a blue collar and a pink collar. Please contact the Humboldt Police Department if it is yours.