Humboldt Police Department

  • Agency: Humboldt Police Department
  • Address: 725 Bridge Street, Humboldt, 66748 KS
  • Chief: Dan Onnen (Chief of Police)
Phone: 620-473-2341
Fax: 620-473-2133

Humboldt Police Department is located at 725 Bridge Street, Humboldt, 66748 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Dan Onnen. The Humboldt Police Department phone number is 620-473-2341.

Humboldt Police Department News

*****UPDATE DOG HAS BEEN CLAIMED AND IS BACK HOME*** Just picked up in the area of 2nd & Cherokee. Large male lab mix. No collar or tags. Call 620-473-2341

This scam has recently hit our area. Please do not give any information out because they will take your money. PLEASE take a minute and read or watch the article. I know this is a Tennessee article but again the post card you see in the picture below has started showing up in mailboxes in our area.


****UPDATE- THE COONHOUND HAS BEEN CLAIMED.**** All of the cats were adopted out today and are going to great homes. The male Bluetick Coonhound has been down at the pound for 5 days now and can be adopted since the owner has not picked him up. We unfortunately cannot hold animals for an infinite amount of time due to all the calls we get to pick up animals at large and the limited amount of space we have.

**** This dog is now home *****

***ADOPTED***Just picked up in 300 Block of N 7th. Sorry don't have the sex at this time. Call 620-473-2341 if this is yours.

****Update..this dog came to visit us all the way from Chanute. Owner has picked him up and taken him home. So thank you for sharing so they could be reunited because the owner never would have guessed he would be this far.**** Male picked up at Pete's. Had a black harness on when found.

***ADOPTED*** Picked up at 1000 Pine Street.

****ADOPTED*******Female cat picked up from 9th and New York.

9 AM - 11 AM at Camp Hunter

This one has been adopted! The pound is now officially empty!!! Found very loving female kitten at 11th and Cherokee. ****Ok after getting to see this kitten in the daylight I believe he is a lover"Boy" instead of a female. He loves attention and is quite the purr box.

For those of you that received a call from the Allen County Dispatch about a missing juvenile. She has been located by our department and is being returned back to Iola Thank for all the assistance and concerns.

****RETURNED HOME**** Picked up in the 400 Block of Pecan. Male with collar no tags. Call 620-473-2341.

*****dog is back home***** Anybody know this lab? It's a sweet thing and very tired and wet it seems. Found at the corner of 4th and Central.

****UPDATE- Owner was located**** Found at 11th and Sycamore. Very gentle if you are missing this dog please contact the Humboldt Police Department at 473-2341

On Thursday, Jan 25th, Chief Brian Dillow and Lieutenant Scott Aikins joined ACMAT at Humboldt High School We had a great lunch with the high school and middle school students and had the chance to talk about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol. Great Day!

*****Owner located***** Anybody missing a make black lab? Found at 3rd and Bridge

Have a adult female gray/striped cat that was picked up in the area of 10th & Pine. Seems to be friendly. Let us know if it is yours or may know who it belongs to.

We reached a milestone. Over 1500 "likes" 😀

It has come to our attention today that people have been finding packages opened and empty in their mailboxes recently. So wanted to take a minute to make everyone aware that this is happening for one and for two, please do not hesitate to call and report this. It helps us make a determination if there is a particular area and if anyone has seen anyone out of the ordinary in the areas of reports. If you are ordering things to be delivered to your home and they have emblems on them that stand out and draw attention to it try to make arrangements for a safe place for your FedEx or UPS to put the items, get live notifications so you or someone can be there, ask your employer if the items can be delivered to your place of work, etc. Some are just manila envelopes delivered by post office with emblems on them so try talking to your post office. We will advise our local post office that this has been happening, as well. This emblem sticking out of your mailbox is an example of well known company for all products imaginable. Contact the Humboldt Police Department if you have noticed anyone going through people's mailboxes that does not belong there or if you have any information on who has been taking the items. Thank you for helping us help the community.

Drivers be extra careful. Today's snow is not deep but the ice has built up on our streets making it very slick. This accident occurred earlier only because of the conditions. Thankfully no one was hurt. Be sure and wear your seatbelts and be safe.

Black, long-haired mix picked up at 1st and Bridge, also spotted near 3rd and Mulberry at another point this morning. Camo collar, no tag. On a lead that appears to have broken. Please call Police Department at 620.473.2341 or Allen County Communications at 620.365.1437 if this is your dog and we can arrange pick-up on Monday.

😅😅 Both dogs have been adopted 😅😅 Two male dogs picked up at 12th & Sycamore. Possible beagle/mix and shepard/mix. Sorry photos are not very good but they were very active. Give us a call or come by the police station to claim.

#### ADOPTED ###### Dog going around 11th and Mulberry. Anybody know who this good not belongs to?