Garnett Police Department

  • Agency: Garnett Police Department
  • Address: 131 W 5th Ave, Garnett, 66032 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 785-448-6823
Fax: 785-448-0088

Garnett Police Department is located at 131 W 5th Ave, Garnett, 66032 KS. The Garnett Police Department phone number is 785-448-6823.

Garnett Police Department News

On Wednesday, October 25, 2017, the Garnett Police Department was called to the Anderson County Jr/Sr High School for a report of threats. There, we were told a student made threats of bringing a gun to school and conducting a school shooting. Through our investigation, it was determined these “threats” were started as in inappropriate joke. Through the rumor mill, this joke was manipulated and exacerbated to the point the joke now seemed as a credible threat to other students. While there is no law in place for telling an inappropriate joke, there is school policy regarding student conduct. The student whom told the joke was dealt with accordingly as per school policy. On Wednesday, November 01, 2017, the Garnett Police Department was made aware of more threats of a school shooting at the Anderson County Jr/Sr High School. Through that investigation, there was no evidence of any threats to the school. This “threat” was tracked to one particular student who played a part in the first rumor starting. Through the investigation conducted by the Garnett Police Department, with assistance from Anderson County Jr/Sr High School Administration, it seems both of these “threats” started as a fictitious story that was exacerbated through the rumor mill. Even though there was no evidence of any validated threat to the school, Officers from the Garnett Police Department and Deputies of the Anderson County Sheriff Office were at the school throughout the school day on Wednesday. While at the school Wednesday, it was reported to administration that another student (not associated with either prior threat), was making gestures of having a gun on him. Through that investigation, the student stated he was “messing around” when he made a pump-action motion and placing a pencil in his hand as if it were a gun barrel and saying “bang” while pointing it at another student’s head. That student was dealt with according to school policy. Throughout the investigations, it has been determined no legitimate threat was ever made to any student of the school, but rather inappropriate jokes were developed into threats through rumors. As always, the safety of the public and our children is the number one goal of the Garnett Police Department, the Anderson County Sheriff Department, and USD 365.

Great information from the KBI about precautions to take while trick-or-treating tomorrow.

Don't forget the races are tomorrow at North Lake!

For all you Craigslist users, there is a new scam out there. We just had a report from a citizen where he was trying to sell an item on the site. A "buyer" sent him a check for well over the asking amount, then requested he cash the check, keep the money for the item he was selling, then give them the extra cash back. This person was smart. They went to their bank, and requested to see if the check was good. The bank then contacted the "buyers" bank and was told it was not good. This person would have been out of a good deal of money had he not checked beforehand. Please people, don't be taken in by this stuff. Do your homework. Check with your bank and/or the "buyer's" bank if dealing with checks. Cash in hand is always the better deal, but you also have to be careful of counterfeit money. The following link is a good website that tells you how to check for real or counterfeit money. Protect yourselves and your bank accounts from these people.

Seat belts save lives.

Gates are open at CORNSTOCK. Remember to bring your chairs and ID (no matter your age it is required to drink). Come out and enjoy. And have a sober driver.

Please pay attention in the construction/work zones. It is marked by warning signs and cones. The maximum speed limit is 30 MPH all the way thru the zone and is clearly marked. It does not matter if it is 12 noon or 12 midnight, the zone is in effect and does not matter if people are working thru it or not. It is zoned off and speed enforced for the safety of any workers, and for the general public as well. The lanes are narrowed and veer slightly, and can cause some confusion for drivers, especially for out of town people. We want all people to be safe, and speeding and/or driving recklessly thru a work zone can place anyone in danger. This area is heavily enforced, with some drivers being checked at more than 30 MPH OVER the limit. Normally, work zone fines are doubled, which means that you could receive a fine of up to $490.00 (including court costs) or even a mandatory court appearance. I'm not sure about you, but I can think of better things to do with my money.

There will be a heavy Police presence in the 100 blk S Pine Street today. Have no fear, it is training only. You might hear some yelling and muffled bangs if you are in the area. Practice makes perfect.

Today is city wide garage sale day. Here's to no pursuits through town! But on a serious note, be careful while driving around town. It never fails we have a lot of accidents today because people get in a hurry and are not paying attention. The rules of the road still apply--drive and park on the correct side of the road and things will go smoothly. Happy hunting!

We have had a large number of vehicle burglaries reported within the past two weeks. It appears as if the targeted vehicles are not locked and entered with the intent to locate money. While inside, other valuables are taken. It appears the majority of these burglaries are being done between midnight and 0300 hrs. Please lock your vehicles and pay attention to any valuables you have in them. And if you see anything suspicious, call.


HOME RUN DRIVE IS CLOSED for all you GES parents and teachers. All GES traffic will have to enter from Maple St for the time being. We will open Home Run Drive as soon as it is safe to do so, but it is expected not to be open until after school starts. If you didn't know already, it's pouring outside. And has been for a few hours. And is expected to for the next 2-3 hours. There is running water everywhere and it is deep. At 1st & Maple, there is approximately 4'' of water across the intersection. The edges of Maple are mini-rivers. Cedar Valley Reservoir is closed due to flooding. Please, take your time and be careful this morning on your commute.

FOUND: Set of keys at the depot. If you think they are yours, please call 785-448-6823 to identify and claim them. Thank you.

Tomorrow is the first day of school in Garnett. Please be mindful of the school zones (20 mph means 20 mph) and be extra aware of your surroundings as there will be heavy foot traffic along the trail and GES. Also, anywhere in Garnett where you encounter a stopped school bus with its flashing signs means you shall stop--no exceptions. Children are our greatest gift, so let's do everything we can to protect them. And good luck to all the students!

We advertised a DUI Check Lane occurring on August 11, 2017, between 2200-2359 hrs at the intersection of U-59 & K31. During that time, 87 vehicles (every southbound vehicle) were stopped heading into Garnett with the average time of stop less than 1 minute. Of those drivers contacted, 4 drivers were tested for impairment with one arrested for DUI. There was also an arrest for two drug charges. 16 warnings were given for equipment violations. During the check lane, a Runaway was detained from Franklin County which had not yet been reported as this child was not known to be missing by their family at the time of the contact. Their parents were contacted and arrived shortly thereafter to take custody of their child. The point of these check lanes is to deter driving under the influence. If this lane kept one person from driving intoxicated, it succeeded. Since we were able to take one intoxicated person off of the road who had been driving, even better.

You Drink. You Drive. You Lose. Be warned that during the period, August 17 through Labor Day, September 4, Garnett Police Department will join 150 other local and state police agencies across the state in a crackdown aimed at removing drunk, drugged, and other dangerous drivers from the roadways. Titled, You Drink. You Drive. You Lose., the enforcement campaign is sponsored by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). Kansas averages three persons injured every day, and one person killed every three days, in crashes where at least one of the drivers involved is impaired by alcohol and/or another drug. According to KDOT, over the past eight years the yearly proportion of fatality crashes attributable to alcohol/drug impairment has fluctuated between 22% and 35%. The agency also reports that crashes involving impaired drivers are likely to be more severe than are other crashes. For example, drivers and passengers who are involved in such crashes are more than twice as likely to be non-fatally injured, four times as likely to suffer serious injury, and eight times more likely to die from their injuries, than if impairment is not a factor. According to Garnett Police Department, This campaign is intended to remind drivers of several things: 1. If you’re going to drink while away from home, do it responsibly by looking ahead and lining up a designated driver before leaving home. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until it’s time to go home to start asking around. Chances are, if you do that you’ll wind up with someone who may just be “more sober” than yourself, but not sober enough. 2. Think of a family you know – maybe your own. Now, consider how it would be to wake up every day to the memory of your decision to drive after drinking – a decision which unintentionally brought injury or death to one of them. If you’re driving impaired, you are not only more likely to crash, but you are much more likely to cause serious injury or death to yourself and others when you do crash. 3. Even if you appear to be driving well enough to get by, you may still be pulled over for another traffic offence. If this happens and the officer detects alcohol you will be tested. If you fail the testing process you’re looking at a fine of $500-$2,500; up to one year in jail; the suspension of your driver’s license; increased insurance premiums; and the purchase and installation of an ignition interlock device in your car. Imagine not being able to start your car without blowing into the interlock’s alcohol sensor several times during an afternoon’s errands. How do you explain to your boss why you cannot drive a company vehicle? Add in an attorney’s fees and you can tie up $13,000 or more before all is said and done. Don’t take the chance; it’s not worth it. 4. We are asking all citizens on the roadways – drivers and passengers – to watch for suspicious driving behaviors. Note the location, a description of the suspect vehicle, along with its direction of travel, and call 911 as soon as it’s safe to do so. You may save a life. 5. You can count on this department to vigorously enforce impaired driving and other traffic laws, not just during this campaign, but through the year. 6. Always remember that the best protection against a drunk driver (even when it’s yourself) is the use of seat belts and appropriate child restraints – every trip, every time. Restraints save lives and reduce injury severity across a wide range of driving mistakes and mishaps. ####

This morning, officers were able to locate those responsible for the criminal damage to the school. Probable Cause Affidavits are being forwarded to the Anderson County Attorney asking for charges of Criminal Damage to Property against two local juvenile females. We would like to thank you, the public, for sharing this post and the tips that were generated.

The Garnett Police Department, in coordination with the Kansas Highway Patrol, along with the Anderson County Sheriff Office, is conducting a Sobriety Check Lane at the intersection of K-59 and K-31 on Friday, August 11, 2017 between 2200-0000 hrs. Please use caution if you drive through that area as there will be a heavy police presence along with delayed thru traffic.

Between August 03, 2017 and August 06, 2017, damage occurred at the St. Rose Catholic School. During that time, unknown person(s) felt necessary to write derogatory comments on the entry way to the school, damaging numerous stone surfaces. Based on the location of the writings and its content, it appears juveniles are more than likely responsible for writing it. If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Garnett Police Department at 785-448-1642 with information.

As most responsible pet owners know, there are certain criteria that comes with owning a dog in the City of Garnett. If you own a dog, please read and share the below information. If you fail to follow these ordinances, you can face court and fines, and possibly jail time. 2-102. Vaccination and registration required. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person within the corporate limits of the city to own or keep any dog without having the dog inoculated against rabies according to current, recognized veterinary practices. The rabies inoculation shall be administered as directed by Kansas law and shall be attested by or under the signature of a Kansas licensed veterinarian, showing at least the manufacturer of such vaccine together with the lot number of the vaccine used for the inoculation, the date such was administered and the manufacturer’s stated life span or period of efficacy of such. Such inoculation shall be maintained in a current state at all times; and (b) It shall be unlawful for any person within the corporate limits of the city to own or keep any dog without registering such dog with the city clerk, as provided by this article, and no dog shall be allowed outside the owner’s dwelling unless the dog shall wear a collar or harness with the registration tag issued by the city securely affixed thereto in such a manner that it may at all times be easily visible. 2-103. Annual registration. All dog registrations issued by the city clerk hereunder shall be valid until December 31 of the year in which the same are issued; provided, however, such registration shall be subject to cancellation at the expiration of the rabies vaccination certificate as elsewhere provided in this article. 2-108. Running at large prohibited. It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog to permit such dog to run at large within the corporate limits of the city at any time. 2-113. Noisy dogs. It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog to cause, permit, or allow such dog to howl, bark, or yelp so as to make excessive noise which disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. The phrase “excessive noise” used herein shall mean a noise which is so loud and continuous or untimely as to disturb the sleep or the peace of a neighbor. 2-114. Cruelty to dogs unlawful. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person: (1) Intentionally to kill, injure, maim, torture or mutilate any dog; (2) To abandon or leave any dog in any place without making provisions for its proper care; (3) Having physical custody of any dog and failing to provide such food, water, opportunity for exercise or other care as is needed for the health or well-being of such dog; or (4) Having physical custody of any dog and failing to provide such dog with necessary protection from the elements as set forth below: (A) Shelter From Sunlight: When sunlight is likely to cause overheating, serious bodily injury or death of the dog, sufficient shade shall be provided to allow the vertebrate animals kept out¬ doors to protect themselves from the direct rays of the sun. (B) Shelter From Cold Weather: Housing facilities shall be pro¬ vided for all dogs kept outdoors when the atmospheric temperature falls below forty degrees Fahrenheit (40°F). Such structure shall be provided with a sufficient quantity of suitable bedding materials, consisting of hay, straw, cedar shavings or the equivalent, to provide insulation and protection against cold and dampness and promote retention of body heat. Such shelter shall be so constructed to keep the dog dry and retain sufficient body heat to prevent serious bodily injury or death of the dog. (5) (A) To attach chains or other tethers, restraints or implements directly to a dog without the proper use of a collar, harness, or other device designed for that purpose and made from a material that prevents injury to the dog. (B) No person shall: (1) Tether a dog for more than one continuous hour, except that tethering of the same dog may resume after a hiatus of three (3) continuous hours, for up to three (3) hours’ total time on tether per day; provided that for the purpose of tethering a dog, a chain, leash, rope or tether shall be at least ten feet (10’) in length; and, provided, further, this subsection shall not apply to a trolley line type of tether, the line of which provides at least twenty-five (25) linear feet of run length available to the dog and is designed to allow or provide compliance with all other provisions of this section; (2) Use a tether or any assembly or attachments thereto to tether a dog that shall weigh more than one-eighth (1/8) of the dog’s body weight, or due to weight, inhibit the free movement of the dog within the area tethered; (3) Tether a dog either on a choke chain or otherwise in such a manner as to cause injury, strangulation, or entanglement of the dog on fences, trees, or other manmade or natural obstacles; (4) Tether a dog without access to shade when sunlight is likely to cause overheating, or without access to appropriate shelter which provides insulation and protection against cold and dampness when the atmospheric temperature falls below forty degrees Fahrenheit (40°F); or to tether a dog without securing its water or food supply (or both) so that it cannot be tipped over by the tether; (5) Tether a dog in an open area where it can be teased by persons or in an open area that does not provide the dog protection from attack by other animals; (6) Tether a dog in such a way as to allow the dog to get within ten feet (10’) of either the property boundary line or, if there is one, a public sidewalk; or (7) Tether a dog in an area where bare earth is present and no steps have been taken to prevent the surface from becoming wet and muddy in the event of precipitation with some type of protection or ground cover which will not cause injury or discomfort to the dog.

On Monday, July 24, 2017, two park globes were located damaged by unknown suspect(s). It is believed these globes were damages along with a street globe located at 3rd & Oak St, as well as one at 1st & Oak St. Besides their aesthetic appeal, these globes also illuminate intersections and sidewalks making the area around them safer for the public. If you have information on those responsible for this damage, please contact the Garnett Police Department at 785-448-1642.

Found bicycle. Contact the Garnett Police Department if it is yours.

Thank you!