Hiawatha Police Department

  • Agency: Hiawatha Police Department
  • Address: 413 Oregon St, Hiawatha, 66434 KS
  • Chief: Evans Woehlecke (Chief of Police)

Hiawatha Police Department is located at 413 Oregon St, Hiawatha, 66434 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Evans Woehlecke. The Hiawatha Police Department phone number is 785-742-2155.

Hiawatha Police Department News

Hiawatha PD is accepting Applications for Full-time Police Officer. So you better hurry if want to be considered

++++++++++++++=+++SCAM ALERT++++++++++++++++++++ Good Morning Hiawatha, unfortunately I need to warn you all of another scam. we are getting reports of a Male caller (unknown and/or blocked number) calling folks here in town, saying that he is with the "Rainbow Main Office" and that he needs to access your computer. DO NOT BE FOOLED BUSINESS'S DON'T SOLICIT PRIVATE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER OUT OF THE BLUE. They will never do this without personal contact from you first. Remember, never allow anyone access to your cellphone, handheld devices (i.e ipads, tablets and so on) or your computer. Before allowing anything CALL THE POLICE.

We have not filled this yet so if you are interested you better get your application in before we start the next round of interviews

The Police department is still seeking application for an open Full Time Position

Enforcement Period - February 26 - March 9, 2018 Coming in late February the Hiawatha Police Department will join many other law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Kansas by actively participating the SAFE program. SAFE stand for seatbelts are for everyone and our main area of concentration will be around the schools in the mornings and afternoons but we will also proactively work with our community day and night to encourage safety belt usage during this period.

just a reminder to SLOW DOWN. Your life and the lives of those around you are worth more then anything you you think is important enough to drive fast.

Press Release; 01/02/18 On January 1, 2018, Daniel Ray Cook age 38 from St. Joseph, Missouri was arrested following an on-going investigation, by undercover officers with the Hiawatha Police Department. Mr. Cook was booked into the Brown County jail for Electronic Solicitation of a Child and Sexual Exploitation of a Child. The Hiawatha Police Department was assisted by the Kansas Highway Patrol. This investigation is ongoing and all further press releases will be at the discretion of Brown Co Attorney, Kevin Hill.

good morning Hiawatha, We found a drone here at the Law Enforcement center last night at/about 6:00pm. If you are missing one please call in and describe it, maybe we have it.

Press Release December 21, 2017 On December 20, 2017, the US Marshal’s Service requested assistance from the Hiawatha Police Department in apprehending a fugitive by the name Brandon Kopf. Mr. Kopf was being sought for felon in possession of firearms warrant out of the State of Nebraska. At approximately 3:00pm (this date), officers from the US Marshal’s Service and Hiawatha Police Department made contact with the occupants of 911 Iowa. Among those present, was the Marshal’s fugitive, Brandon Kopf who was taken into custody without incident. Other occupants include, Teena Holcomb, who was wanted on a felony warrant issued out of Buchanan Co, Missouri. Cody Ryne of Hiawatha, Whitney Cooper of Hiawatha and Melissa Pospisil of Hiawatha as well. Once contact was made at the residence, a search warrant was obtained by the Hiawatha Police Department with the assistance of the Brown County Attorney’s Office. Upon serving that warrant, officers recovered 20 firearms, approximately 2,000 rounds of ammunition, methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. Mr. Ryne, Ms. Cooper, and Ms. Pospisil were all arrested on charges of possession of illegal narcotics, possession of firearms and possession of drug paraphernalia. All future press releases and questions related to this investigation will come from Brown County Attorney Kevin Hill. Respectfully, John A. Defore Chief of Police

Good Morning Hiawatha, the NO U TURN NO J TURN SIGNS ARE UP, from the 500 block thru the 800 block of Oregon St. SO, FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS, our officers will be giving warnings for u turns and j turns down town. Please keep in mind that at the end of the 30 days our commissioners were very adamant about giving real citations for these violations. SO, please take this warning to heart we would rather not write tickets but we are bound by law to do so. Thank you for doing your part in making Hiawatha safer for everyone.

The Hiawatha Police Department hosted the Kansas City Royals Mascot SLUGGER at the Hiawatha Grade School today. The focus of their visit was an Anti-bullying program which is entitled “STRIKE OUT BULLYING”. The Hiawatha Grade school students, got to hear from actual, KC Royals Players and had a chance to play games and learn from Slugger and his spokesman. This was truly an honor for the Hiawatha Police Department to be able to sponsor such an important visitor to our community to help spread the word against bullying. We also like to thank USD415 and Mr. Schmidt for allowing us to come to the grade school for such an awesome event. It is our intention to bring Slugger and the KC Royals back to our grade school next year. I have spoken to KC Royals officials and we will be getting to work on a schedule to find a good time. On behalf of the entire police department, thank you Hiawatha for making this a truly awesome event.


you can bring your unwanted winter coats, mittens, hats to the police department

Good Afternoon Hiawatha. Just a friendly warning to all. The Hiawatha City Commission has passed a NO U-TURN NO J-TURN ordinance for the downtown business district. this is from the 500 block to the 800block. The police department will be giving warnings as part of the education process for the 1st 30 days. After that we will have to begin citing violators. It was the commissioners hope that this ordinance would help keep our motoring public safe.