Horton Police Department

  • Agency: Horton Police Department
  • Address: 205 E 8th St, Horton, 66439 KS
  • Chief: Richard Luzier (Chief of Police)
Phone: 785-486-2694
Fax: 785 486-2381

Horton Police Department is located at 205 E 8th St, Horton, 66439 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Richard Luzier. The Horton Police Department phone number is 785-486-2694.

Horton Police Department News

I would like to personally thank Sheriff Merchant for all the kind things he does for the Horton Police Department and our community throughout each year. Great things can be achieved when leaders choose to work together for the betterment of their citizens. Additionally, I would like to thank the Kickapoo Police, Horton Fire Department, U.S.D. # 430 staff, and especially Horton P.T.O . (Sara Stirton) for participating in our 1st Horton Elementary/Public Safety Day. And last but not least, to Officer Stuart for his help and all of the donors of food and prizes.

It's a Beautiful Day at Horton Mission Lake!

REMINDER! If you own or harbor a dog(s) within the city limits of Horton and the dog is over 6 months old, you are required to register and have proof of current vaccination. As of January 31st, you are now delinquent if you have not purchased your dog tags. Please do so immediately to avoid receiving a Notice to Appear and fine in Horton Municipal Court. Officers will be citing residents if they are made aware and/or notice that your dog has not been registered for 2018!

Winter is here..temperatures will be frigid..please protect your pets. It doesnt take much cold to be dangerous..

We will be doing our tornado siren testing today (Friday) at noon! Even though we are in December, the weather is delightful and we try to make sure our sirens are in proper working order.

Carlee Paden and Thatcher Strube from Horton Elementary have posed with Chief Calhoon in a small area of a very impressive and beautifully decorated school by teachers and staff! Let's see how quickly we can reach a thousand likes by sharing with your family and friends! These two were very proud tour guides as they led me down the hallways. Awesome job H.E.S. staff!!

DIY registration decal...great try...not great idea

Please attend the Veterans Day Parade today in Horton at 10:30 a.m. to show your respect and gratitude! Also, proud to have several of my Officers that have served our Great Nation in the military. Thank you Officer Stuart, Officer Hodges, P/T Officer McManus and currently deployed Officer Chris Horns.

Counterfeit U.S. currency with pink Chinese characters on them have surfaced at local businesses in Horton. These bills are not valid and research indicates they are used as a training aid for bank tellers in China however can be purchased online. Please do not accept bills that look like the ones shown here. Knowingly presenting and using this counterfeit currency is considered a felony. If you have already accepted currency like this or have information about local incidents,please contact the Horton Police Department at 785-486-2694

PLEASE NOTE** you may have seen a warning on social media going around that reads like this: " Keep your eyes on the look out for a white van with no side windows attempting to kidnap kids. Cops & teachers were all outside of Horton High School after school today. Its been seen around Hiawatha & Kickapoo Rez as well. Please share" THIS IS NOT TRUE********** however, it is ALWAYS a great idea to take the opportunity to talk with our kids about how to stay safe out and about. We have provided some tips here.

An informational joint meeting with the Horton City/Brown County Commissioners will be held next Tuesday July 15th at the Horton Blue Building starting at 6:00 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to gather further information and hear public comments from representatives of Emergency Response Representatives and community members in which we serve, regarding the possibility of merging the Horton Communications Center with Brown County Communications and relocating the Dispatchers to Hiawatha. I ask that public comments be limited and respectful as the decision makers involved have a very tough decision to make as there are pros and cons to whatever decision iseventually made. There likely will not be time for every individual to speak, so please feel free to contact The Mayor, Commissioners, City Administrator, Sheriff Merchant or myself with your concerns! Respectfully, Chief Calhoon

There have been several reports over the past several days of stolen gasoline and misc. items from automobiles and lawn equipment within our City. Please secure your vehicles and lawn equipment and park in well lit areas. Should you see or hear suspicious individual(s) in your neighborhood, please call 911 or the Dispatch Center at 785-486-2694. Most of these crimes appear to be happening late evening and overnight. With your help, we hope to catch those responsible in the near future!

The Police Department is once again able to issue fishing and hunting permits. We apologize and appreciate your patience during our downtime the past week or so, while the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks upgraded our equipment. We were able to "Go Live" this morning. This mandate was statewide and we are happy to be able to continue this service to our community!

On a serious note, sometimes smaller animals will house themselves in engine compartments trying to stay warm...be sure to check your vehicle for stowaways

National Weather Service is predicting our area could get 1/4"-1/2" of ice over this weekend. That amount could cause many problems for our town. At 1/4" ice tree limbs begin breaking at the possibility of power outages are greater. Not to mention cause hazardous traveling on roadways. Are you ready to weather the storm? check out www.ready.gov for more preparedness tips Brown County Sheriff Office City of Horton Chamber of Commerce Horton, Ks

Winter weather is coming at us this weekend. You've got plenty of time to go buy milk and bread and candles and stuff. Don't wait till it's all icy and slick cause then you'll miss your driveway and slide into your neighbor's yard and they'll call us and it'll be awkward.

Register with Nixle.com for all the weather related happenings in Horton, Ks.

This is a reminder that all dogs within the City of Horton and 6 months of age and older are required to obtain tags and provide proof of vaccination shots. Please register soon to avoid citations and late fees. Any questions may be answered by calling the Police Department @ 486-2694.

Snow is coming...be patient with other drivers- we all have some place to go.. Our area can expect up to 4 inches of snow between 9 p.m. tonight and 11 am tomorrow.

We love our children and want to be approachable to them!

We are saying goodbye to 2016 Saturday night and crossing our fingers for 2017! Whether you are going out or staying in to celebrate- lets be safe as we ring in the New Year- here are some safety tips to keep in mind: If you are going out: •Just take what you need- Drivers license, a credit card, a little cash, etc. •When you share your location on social media- you are telling people where you ARE NOT- HOME. That opens you up to potential problems while away. •If you drink, don’t drive!. •Travel in a group or with pairs •Make sure everyone has a “buddy” who can confirm they got home safely at the end of the night. •Do not leave drinks unattended- this leaves you open to unknown substances being added without you knowing Staying in?- Stay safe! •If the party is at your house: You are the one responsible for everyone so: - Be sure all smoke alarms are working and have fresh batteries. -Have phone numbers handy for a cab company, emergency contacts and poison control if something unexpected occurs. -Have guests turn their keys in to you upon arrival to ensure a safe ride home. -If you serve a minor in your home, even in the presence of their parents, you could be in trouble with the law for social hosting or providing to a minor. -Be prepared to let your guests stay the night as an alternative to them driving home after drinking. Stay safe and enjoy the new year!