Rose Hill Police Department

  • Agency: Rose Hill Police Department
  • Address: 125 W. Rosewood, Rose Hill, 67133 KS
  • Chief: Robert Sage (Chief of Police)
Phone: 316 776-0191
Fax: 316 776-0260

Rose Hill Police Department is located at 125 W. Rosewood, Rose Hill, 67133 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert Sage. The Rose Hill Police Department phone number is 316 776-0191.

Rose Hill Police Department News

***PET REGISTRATION REMINDER*** As a reminder, if you live in the city limits of Rose Hill, you are required by law to have your dog or cat, over 6 months of age, registered annually with the city. You can register your pet two ways, first you can bring your proof of rabies vaccination to the Rose Hill Police Department during business hours, Monday-Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. You can also register your pet at both the Rose Hill Vet Clinic and the Rose Hill Veterinarian Health Center while you are there for service. Pet tag renewals are due every year by February 28th. If you have not registered your pet for 2018, please stop in and say hi and get your pet tags. The cost for registration is $5.00 if your pet is spayed/neutered and $10.00 if NOT spayed or neutered. The fine for Failure to Register Animal with the City of Rose Hill is $25.00 + $70.50 (court costs). Please call if you have any questions, 316-776-0191 during business hours.

Rose Hill Police Department would like to offer our condolences to the Herbers’ family on the passing of their wife and mother, Rhonda Herbers. Rhonda is the mother-in-law of our Reserve Sgt. Edward Musterer (wife Jessie), the mother of BCFD#3 Fire Lieutenant, Judd Gifford (wife Katie, Butler County 911 Dispatcher) and the wife of BCFD#3 volunteer firefighter, Martin Herbers. Rhonda passed away Wednesday night after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Memorial service 10:00 am Monday, March 12th, Rose Hill Christian Church, 314 N. Rose Hill Rd., Rose Hill, KS. A memorial has been established with the Rose Hill Friends Church, P.O. Box 431, Rose Hill, KS 67133.

***SEVERE WEATHER AWARENESS WEEK*** March 4th-10th is designated as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Kansas. Kansas experiences a wide variety of summertime severe weather, including: tornadoes, damaging winds, large hail, and flash flooding. Residents are encouraged to use this week to review their severe weather safety plans. Practice what you would do as if the event was REAL. The National Weather Service in Topeka will conduct a Statewide Tornado Drill at 10:00 am Tuesday, March 6. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the drill by practicing seeking secure, safe shelter from a tornado. This test will be broadcast over NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio and many local television and radio stations. Rose Hill will also sound their warning sirens. Area residents, businesses, and schools are urged to treat the drill as if it were an actual tornado warning. The following is a list of public shelters in Rose Hill that will be opened when Tornado Watch has been issued for our area: • Rose Hill Christian Church, 314 N. Rose Hill Road. (Main door) • Rose Hill First Baptist Church, 1206 N. Rose Hill Road. (Main door) • Rose Hill Bible Church, Rosewood & Main. (Main door) • United Methodist Day Care (Wee Rockets), Main & Showalter. (South door) Click on the link below to view the 2018 Severe Weather Awareness Information Packet. This packet if full of interesting facts, safety tips and statistics about severe weather in Kansas.

The Rose Hill Police Department has several bicycles being held for safe keeping. These bicycles have been found and turned in to the police department over the last couple months. If you know of anyone missing a bicycle, please call 316-776-0191 and give a description. We would love to reunite these bicycles with their riders. 🚴‍♂️ 🚴‍♀️

***WELCOME BACK THIS FAMILIAR FACE*** Rose Hill Police Department would like to announce that beginning next week, you will see this familiar face back on the streets of Rose Hill patrolling and keeping the community safe. Officer Deshaun Smith is employed full time with the Andover Police Department, but starting next week, he will be working on a part time basis with Rose Hill as well. Officer Smith lives in Rose Hill with his wife, 2 sons and his daughter. Welcome back DeShaun, we know you missed us!👮‍♂️

****SCAM ALERT****PLEASE SHARE**** Today, the Rose Hill Police Department was made aware of a new telephone scam. Two businesses in town have been contacted by unknown person claiming to be from Westar Energy. The person on the phone will tell you to go to Dollar General and get a money order for a certain amount or you will be arrested for non-payment. This is a scam, DO NOT get money orders or gift cards and send them anywhere. If you are ever in doubt, call the company the person claims to be from and ask to speak with customer service. Do not call the number the person is calling you from either, call the number listed publicly for that company. The Rose Hill Police Department urges you to be aware of the numerous telephone scams out there. Don’t let yourself become a victim. Ask questions, verify the story and tell others about it, before you send money to anyone. Be aware of some common phone scams such as Free Vacations and Prizes, Loan Scams, Phony Debt Collectors, Fake Charities, Medical Alert/Scams Targeting Seniors, Warrant Threats and IRS Calls. Below is a link for Consumer Information from the Federal Trade Commission for tips and advice regarding phone scams.

***FOUND BICYCLE*** This bicycle was found on the southeast side of the railroad tracks on Silknitter. It’s a “Next” brand bicycle that has been spray painted light blue. The true color of this bike underneath the light blue, appears to be purple and matches the seat color. There is no serial number or any other identifying marks on the bicycle. If anyone has any information regarding this bicycle, contact the Rose Hill Police Department at 316-776-0191.

Rose Hill Emergency Service Chaplain's Pancake Feed on Saturday, February 17, 2018 was another success in the books. Thank you to all who came out and had pancakes and sausage and donated to the cause. Please enjoy a few photographs from the flapjack flippin' morning. Thank you Butler County Fire District #3 for hosting the event every year and Chris Cakes for the yummy breakfast.

****Special Traffic Enforcement Advisory**** Starting Monday, February 26, 2018 through Friday March 9, 2018, the Rose Hill Police Department will be joining police agencies across Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma in an enforcement campaign. The focus on the campaign will be driver and occupant safety. Officers will be paying special attention to occupants not wearing their seat belt, drivers speeding and/or using their cell phones to text while driving. The Rose Hill Police Department will be extra-vigilant when patrolling in our community and around schools. For more than thirty years, officers have educated and warned passengers and drivers regarding the importance of using restraints while in their vehicles. There should be no surprise when it comes to this enforcement effort. Officers will issue citations to any individual who refuses to obey the traffic law, whether it is for speeding, texting or failing to buckle up. Chief Nelson Mosley says, “Please slow down, put the phone away or turn it off, and always buckle up.”

DID YOU KNOW??? Kansas State Law Requires the following regarding child safety restraints: (a) Every driver who transports a child under the age of 14 years in a passenger car or an autocycle on a highway shall provide for the protections of such child by properly using: (1) For a child under the age of four years an appropriate child passenger safety restraining system that meets or exceeds the standards and specifications contained in federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 213; (2) For a child four years of age, but under the age of eight years and who weighs less than 80 pounds or less than 4 feet 9 inches in height, an appropriate child passenger safety restraining system that meets or exceeds the standards and specifications contained in federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 213; or (3) For a child 8 years of age but under 14 years or who weighs more than 80 pounds or is more than 4 feet 9 inches in height, a safety belt manufactured in compliance with federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 208. ***It shall be unlawful for any driver to violate the provisions of subsection (a) and upon conviction such driver shall be punished by a fine of $60.00*** For federal motor vehicle safety standards: Standard No. 213 - Child Restraint Systems Standard No. 208 - Occupant Crash Protection Click on link below.

****CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME**** Please join the Rose Hill Police Department in making welcome the newest member of our team, Recruit Officer Katrina Chance. Katrina began her law enforcement career in 2016 with the Butler County Sheriff’s Department as a Detention Deputy. In the last year, she has been the primary field training deputy for her team and has trained five Detention Deputies. She also helped develop the new field training check list for the facility field training program. Katrina is a graduate of Circle High School and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services from the University of Phoenix. Along with her passion for law enforcement she enjoys music, photography and spending time with her friends and family. She has four children and currently resides in Towanda Kansas. Katrina will initially be classified as a Police Recruit Officer and will be training, observing and learning until she attends the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center scheduled for April 30th through August 10th, 2018. After she successfully graduates from the Academy, she’ll then be promoted to the rank of Police Officer. Katrina was officially sworn in Tuesday, February 20, 2018 during the city council meeting.

***PANCAKES, GET YOUR PANCAKES*** Rise and Shine and bring the family to the Annual Rose Hill Chaplain Pancake Feed tomorrow morning from 7:00 am-10:00 am. The great folks at Chris Cakes will be flippin' the flapjacks all morning, so get in line and catch your breakfast! Hope to see you all there.

Although it does not feel like it today, storm season is on it's way! Butler County Emergency Management puts on an excellent storm spotter training class every year. This is a fun class for the whole family to spend the evening learning together and being prepared for dangerous weather. Mark your calendars now, the class is free and no registration is required. Details are included in the attached event.

**SUPERBOWL FUN POLL** Which of the following fits why you'll be watching the Superbowl today? A. Support your favorite team. B. Go to a superbowl party. C. The commercials. D. Snack, snacks and more snacks. E. All of the above. F. None of the above. I've got better things to do! G. Another reason (name it). Chief Mosley wanted to share.....E*A*G*L*E*S, Eagles!!!

**Rose Hill Middle School Presentation** Chief Mosley spoke with the 7th Grade Class today on the topic of Careers in Law Enforcement. Thank you to Ms. Shirley and all other 7th grade teachers for the hospitality and invitation. The class interacted well and had great questions for the Chief. See you next year!

***Hometown Christmas Auction Winner.*** Today Nancy Smith cashed in on the winning bid for lunch with the Chief and his staff. Together with her husband Raymond, daughter Jenny, grandson Nehemiah and all members of the Rose Hill Police Department, we enjoyed lunch at Pizza Hut. Just in time for Nehemiah's 3rd birthday, he got to ride in a police car, turn on the lights and siren, meet K-9 "Urlo" and got some pretty awesome treats. Nehemiah loves police cars, fire trucks and ambulances and is a pretty big fan of "Paw Patrol". Please enjoy the photographs of our luncheon extravaganza.

**FOUND BICYCLE** This bicycle was found today in the 1700 block of North Rose Hill Road. No serial number or identifying marks. Anyone with information can contact the Rose Hill Police Department.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to members of the Sumner County Sheriff's Department and those involved with this crash.

***NO CHALLENGE TOO SMALL, NO SPELLING WORD TOO HARD*** This past December, School Resource Officer Matthew Neal challenged Mrs. Wheeler’s 7th grade class to a spelling test competition. The challenge was accepted and each student met the goals as required for their reward. This week Officer Neal made good on his word and delivered 24 sodas to Mrs. Wheeler’s class. Job well done 7th grade, keep up the good work!

***UPDATED: The child has been found safe*** Amber Alert just issued from Rogersville Missouri, which is near Springfield.

CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME! The Rose Hill Police Department would like to welcome our newest team member, Lieutenant Taylor Parlier. Taylor began his law enforcement career with the Butler County Sheriff's Office in 2007 as a road patrol deputy. During his tenure there, he was promoted to Sergeant in road patrol where he developed the department's first field training program. Taylor was also a member of the SWAT team. As a career highlight in 2012, Taylor was presented with a Merit Award due to his role in an investigation which led to the arrest of two individuals who were later convicted in a homicide. Taylor is a graduate of Andover High School, has served in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Squad Leader, and is an honors graduate of Wichita State University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Throughout his career, Taylor has actively sought to improve processes and operations. He currently lives in Wichita with his wife, two sons and their two dogs. Taylor was sworn in and introduced to the City of Rose Hill, January 2, 2018 during the council meeting. Taylor's wife was given the honor of presenting him with his Lieutenant badge. Welcome aboard Lieutenant Parlier, we are excited to start working with you on our team.

Happy New Year from the Rose Hill Police Department! If you are celebrating, please do so safely and responsibly. Have a plan in place that includes not driving if you are drinking. Wishing all a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2018!!!

CONGRATULATIONS RETIREE!! The Rose Hill Police Department would like to congratulate Police/Court Clerk Robin Neumann on her retirement. Robin served the City of Rose Hill for 10 years & 8 months, leaving us today. Pictures from the luncheon celebration today show just how much she will be missed around the office. Enjoy the retirement life Robin, you deserve it!

***NEWEST ADDITION TO OUR FLEET*** Patrolling soon to a neighborhood near you! Thank you Superior Emergency Response Vehicles for outfitting our fleet and to Auto Body Connections for installing our newly designed graphics, now seen on 2 of our patrol units.

Merry Christmas to all from the Rose Hill Police Department! Be safe and enjoy the holiday season.