Baxter Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Baxter Springs Police Department
  • Address: 121 W 11th St, Baxter Springs , 66713 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 620-856-2112
Fax: 620-856-5483

Baxter Springs Police Department is located at 121 W 11th St, Baxter Springs , 66713 KS. The Baxter Springs Police Department phone number is 620-856-2112.

Baxter Springs Police Department News

Do you know this dog? He was located by a Cherokee County resident near 10th Street and Star Road. The dog arrived sometime between 1200 & 1 PM yesterday (01-15-18). The Cherokee County resident is asking for our help to contact the dog's owner. If you recognize this dog or are the dog's owner, please contact 620-202-1855 to speak with the Cherokee County resident that found the dog. The party that located the dog on her property would like to make sure he gets back to his owners, as she does not have room to take care of him.

For immediate release to the public*** Winter driving conditions are making travel dangerous this morning. As the snow continues to fall road conditions are not improving. KDOT is out in force this morning. Main roads in Baxter Springs have been plowed, but the snow has covered even the main roads again! Use extreme caution if you must travel this morning and into this afternoon! Also use extreme caution when crossing bridges as they freeze before the main road does. Give other motorists space to slow down! Vehicles have been observed sliding even after thosr vehicles forward motion had stopped! Let's all take it slow today and ensure everyone gets to their destinations safely!

We are urging motorists to slow down. The road conditions around town are deteriorating with this snow fall. Allow a couple extra minutes if you must travel this morning. Visibility is also a factor here so make sure you are using your vehicles headlights! Also allow more stopping time at all intersections in town as they are also becoming slick. KDOT is out working, but we need to give them time to get roads treated.

We are proud to announce, Sgt. Darryl Nadeau was honored tonight by the Baxter Springs American Legion Post #206. The Legion presented Sgt. Nadeau with an award recognizing him as Policeman Of The Year. We would like to thank them for taking time to recognize our officer and for providing us dinner!

Public Service Announcement***** Drive safely today, temps are just above freezing at the time of this post. If you go out today use caution especially on bridge crossings. Give yourself some extra drive times in case temperatures start to drop. Also a friendly reminder that Kansas State law requires your headlights be turned on when your windshield wipers are activated as well as 30 minutes prior to sunset and 30 minutes after sunrise. Have a great Sunday!

2017 Year in review: Baxter Springs Police Department 701 Cases/Reports taken in 2017 459 Citations resulting in 628 Violations. 272 Arrests including 73 Warrant Arrests. 12 alcohol related incidents. 72 Traffic Misdemeanor charges were issued. 4 officers were injured in 2017: 2 of those officers injured have returned to full duty, 2 of those officers injured are still on medical leave as of December 31, 2017. We hired 4 new officers in 2017. We had our Chief and Assistant Chief leave the department. We promoted 1 Patrol Sergeant to Chief. We promoted 2 Patrol Officers to Patrol Sergeants to fill those vacant positions. We hired a new animal Control Officer to fill that vacant position Our Officers participated in Christmas with a Cop, and a Trunk or Treat event at the Lincoln Elementary School as well as handing out treat bags to the students at Central Elementary School for Halloween. Our Officers provided safety for the Route 66 Mother road 25K marathon runners that came through town during that event. Our Officers also provided security for 2 other 5k and 9k running events inside our city limits. Officers also provided security and participated in our City's Veterans Day parade, Christmas Parade, and Homecoming Parade in 2017. Our Officers also attended and provided security at the Cow town Spring Fling in 2017. Our School resource Officer provided security at numerous school related events. One of our Officers has now completed training and is now a Defense Tactics Instructor. Another of our Officers has now completed training and is now a Less Lethal Instructor.

****For Immediate Press Release**** On today's date, January 5, 2018 at 5:22p.m. Walgreen's also known as Baxter Drug located at 1000 Military Avenue, was robbed by an unknown male subject after brandishing a small black frame pistol. The male subject left with an undetermined amount of prescription medications. No injuries were reported as a result of this incident. Any and all tips regarding this crime will remain anonymous. You can call or private message us on Facebook. Please help spread the word by sharing this post.

***Officer Update*** First, we are excited to announce, Officer Jimmy Hamilton has been medically cleared for light duty and will return to work on January 8, 2018. Officer Hamilton will be assisting with dispatching and other duties within the office until his return to patrol. Second, we would like to publicly thank an organization named Quilts for Cops. This Non-Profit located in Oregon learned that 3 of our officers were injured in the line of duty on September 30, 2017. Quilts for Cops sent 3 handmade quilts for Officer Hamilton, Officer Butler and Sgt. Nadeau. They were all excited to receive their gracious gifts. To learn more about Quilts for Cops, follow the link below.

Public service announcement*** To all residents and citizens of Baxter Springs,Ks. We have received several calls about when fireworks can be displayed pertaining to New Year's celebrations. The city of Baxter Springs, Kansas-City ordinance #8.30.02 prohibits the discharge of fireworks inside city limits for any date other than the 4th of July.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office in Colorado this morning...initial report of 5 officers down and 1 confirmed officer death as well as 2 citizens were reportedly shot. Deputies were responding to a domestic disturbance call.

Public service announcement**** The national weather service is advising that the wind chills will range from 5 above zero to 25 below zero and frost bite can set in in as little as 30 minutes to exposed skin! The outside temperatures are dropping, the wind chills are expected to be near or below zero, we are urging everyone to take precautions at home such as bringing pets and vegetation inside and to keep a faucet dripping to prevent water pipe ruptures. If you must get out we are urging you to layer up on clothing, and if driving we are urging to include emergency equipment including blankets in case you were to become stranded as well as a phone charger and extra jackets.

One of our patrol officers noticed a large amount of water flowing from the road in the 1300 block of Washington early this morning. The city water department was notified and are currently working to repair the leak. Please avoid this area if possible as the water is freezing on the roadway. #wemadeitrain #wemadeitsnow

UPDATE**** 12-27-2017 Thank you to all the citizens who provided information in this matter. The individuals have been identified and contacted. The individuals approached the store owner and the store owner has informed the Baxter Springs Police Department that he does not wish to pursue any charges, and called the event a misunderstanding. The Baxter Springs Police Department is requesting the public to help identify the 2 suspects in these photographs. We believe that the male is from the Seneca, MO area and the female is from Galena, KS area. If you recognize either of the subjects please contact the Baxter Springs Police Department either by phone at 620-856-2112, via FB message, or in person.

From our family to yours have a merry Christmas!

Update to this mornings road conditions***** The city streets have almost all been cleared by the heat of the day! There are some places that have been and most likely will remain in the shade and need to be approached with caution still! Also wanted to note that due to the expected temperatures being below freezing again tonight, the roads may once again get slick after dark! Everyone have a great weekend and Merry Christmas on Monday! Road conditions around town are not great, but you can get around. Please everyone give some extra driving space to other vehicles today and give yourself some extra drive time if you are leaving town as some roads outside of town are not clear. There is some ice on the roads even around town so we are urging everyone to use extra caution if you are traveling today and go slow. Also a report from our east saying the roads are decent at best, so once again give other drivers some extra room today!

In under an hour, we will be kicking off our annual Christmas With a Cop. We're excited and can't wait for our special guest to arrive.

Could you use a late night laugh?

Last night, 3 of our officers were eating dinner at Oriental Garden. There was a family who was eating at the same time. When they left, they paid for our officers meals. We want to thank that family for their kind gesture. You're an amazing family and we hope you know that you're appreciated!

We are hiring! Position applying for: Communications Officer $11.35 / hour Full-time Join our Team! The Baxter Springs Police Department is currently hiring for the following position: Communication Officer Job Description includes: • Answers directly to the Communication Supervisor, and follows the chain of command thereafter as deemed necessary • Remain up to date on communication training, procedures and laws • Answer phone in a polite way and gather as much information as you can about call. • Will always, whenever possible, treat citizens with high regards and in a service oriented manner, reporting any unusual incidents to the Communication Supervisor immediately • Dispatch calls to the proper responding officer or other departments in a timely manner • Will check the status and safety of officers on calls and transports until the officer advises dispatch that they no longer need checked on • Will give pre-arrival medical instructions if necessary, when you are certified • Will render logs, reports, messages, and other writings in a professional and educated manner. In all cases reports will fully document the necessary information in a legible manner, giving special attention to detail • Is responsible for all NCIC entries during their shift • Responsible for the safety and security of all officers County, City or State Officers • Responsible for the security of the police department. • Dispatches for the Baxter Springs Police Department, Baxter Springs Fire Department, and Baxter Springs Ambulance Service • Will keep the dispatch center in a clean and orderly manner at all times • Will inform the Communication Supervisor whenever supplies get low, long before they run out • Works cordially with all personnel within the Baxter Springs Police Department and every other Law Enforcement Agency they may come into contact with; reporting problems immediately to the Communication Supervisor or to the Chief of Police as deemed necessary • Shall present themselves in a neat and orderly manner at all times when at the police department, or at any public place while representing this office. This includes the proper maintenance of uniforms and accessories, and personal hygiene/grooming • Reports any equipment problems immediately to the Communication Supervisor or Chief of Police • Will report any accident involving Baxter Springs Police Department vehicles directly to the Chief of Police, without delay • Will follow the orders of their supervisor so long as the order is lawful, does not jeopardize someone’s safety and it is not unethical, and if the Communication Officer perceives a conflict then he/she will report immediately to the Chief of Police • Serves in the best interest of the Chief of Police, keeping in mind the political nature of the office and the importance of public perception • Will treat all safety sensitive information with appropriate care, and will never divulge information about matters within the office or inmates to anyone not directly involved Must have high school diploma or G.E.D., have a valid Kansas drivers license, pass an extensive background check, physiological exam, drug screen, and be of good moral character. Starting Pay: Communication Officer - $11.35 Hour. Interested person’s can apply at the Baxter Springs Police Department. 121 11th St Baxter Springs, KS 66713-1507

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TO THE PUBLIC AND MEDIA***** We have received another complaint about a phone scam! This complaint stated that the caller identifies themselves as a lawyer, and that the subjects juvenile child has been arrested and needs bond money. This notice is issued to remind citizens that anytime an officer detains a juvenile child the parents will be contacted by the law enforcement agency that officer is with and requested to personally make contact with that agency. If no parent can be contacted by the law enforcement agency, then the matter will be handed over to the Department of Child and Family Services. Please do not send money or personal information over the phone, and we urge you to contact your local law enforcement agency if you receive a phone call in this manner.