Baxter Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Baxter Springs Police Department
  • Address: 121 W 11th St, Baxter Springs , 66713 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 620-856-2112
Fax: 620-856-5483

Baxter Springs Police Department is located at 121 W 11th St, Baxter Springs , 66713 KS. The Baxter Springs Police Department phone number is 620-856-2112.

Baxter Springs Police Department News

A very big thank you to the Joplin Police Department and all the officers participating in No Shave November. Each one of you are a blessing! We continue to be stunned at all the support shown to Officer Jimmy Hamilton. Thank you J.P.D. All of you are awesome!!!!

In addition to the safety tips. We would like to remind drivers, be extra careful when driving tonight. Please drive slower than usual and watch for trick-or-treaters. Be safe and courteous to pedestrians. And as always Have a Happy Halloween!

From the inbox. Thanks for the share Chris Brown!

***Update*** Vehicle has been located. We would like to thank everyone for the tips!! We took a report for the theft of a 2004 Nissan Maxima. The owner left home this morning and when they arrived this evening, it was gone. The owner described the car as being Maroon in color with everything "blacked out", head lamps, tail lamps and grill. The grill has a chrome emblem and the front passenger side door has a dent. The vehicle is displaying Kansas tag 552HPN. The vehicle pictured here is not the car, this is a photo that is similar to it. If you think you see the car, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

We are very happy to be sharing this post with you. It has been such a blessing to see everyone come together and support our officer and department. Jimmy, Welcome Home! We're here if you need anything at all.

Thank you to everyone who came out and played and made donations to the Hamilton family. Thank you to Corey Brown for putting this together! The winners of the Jimmy Hamilton benefit softball tournament!

Baxter Springs City Council was recently approached in reference to the keeping of chickens within the city limits. To assist council, we have created this post as a poll to get your input. We ask that only Baxter Springs residents who live within the city, participate in this poll (clicking the emoji). The question is: Should City Council pass an ordinance to allow the keeping of chickens within the city limits? Instructions: Click the LIKE button if you agree and click the ANGRY emoji if you disagree. Please keep in mind, the results of this poll will not and do not bind the council to a final decision. This poll will be displayed on our page until November 15.

The support keeps on coming! We continue to be amazed. Baxter Springs, we are very proud of you and honored. Can't thank you enough!

Officer Darryl Nadeau is back to work today and doing well!

Press Release. This is a lengthy post including a letter from the Chief at the bottom. As previously stated by the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office. "Just before 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 30th, 2017, Baxter Springs Police Officers were dispatched to 1007 West 11th in Baxter Springs for a domestic disturbance. As officers arrived, a unnamed male suspect threw fuel on a female victim and two officers, catching them on fire. As a third officer arrived and attempted to extinguish the fire, he too sustained injuries, along with the suspect. Emergency medical personnel transported the victim, suspect and one Baxter Springs Police Officer to a Springfield Missouri Hospital. The two other Baxter Springs Police Officers are being treated at a hospital in Joplin. The incident is under investigation by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and the Kansas State Fire Marshall’s Office." Any questions or information that you may have about this investigation should be directed to the Sheriff's Department. Since this incident occurred, the victim who was identified as Sharon Horn of Baxter Springs, passed away from her injuries. First on scene, Officer Jimmy Hamilton sustained burn injuries to about 30% of his body. Our officers visited him throughout the day and reported that he is in good spirits. Officer Justin Butler was second on scene. Officer Butler sustained 2nd degree burns to his left hand and forearm with minor burns to his head and face. He has since been released from the hospital. Officer Darryl Nadeau arrived shortly after, retrieved a fire extinguisher from the patrol vehicle and put the fire out. Officer Nadeau was treated for inhalation injuries and was also released from the hospital. The suspect was taken into custody by our officers. After the scene was under control, Officer Butler transported Officer Hamilton to the hospital in a patrol vehicle. Officer Nadeau remained on scene until other law enforcement arrived, he was then transported to Joplin by ambulance. Officer Hamilton sustained severe injuries. It is estimated that he will remain hospitalized for the next 29 days. He is currently surrounded by friends and family. We have been contacted by multiple agencies and individuals in reference to donations for Officer Hamilton. We are accepting donations at our police department. If you do not live close but wish to donate, you can mail it to: Baxter Springs Police Department 121 West 11th Street Baxter Springs, Ks 66713 C/O Trina & Jimmy Hamilton We will be sure to get the donation to the family. It is our understanding that the following places of business or agencies are accepting donations as well: Cherokee County Sheriffs Office Wolkar Drug Located at 1920 Military Ave, Baxter Springs, Kansas Monarch Pharmacy Located at 1601 Military Ave, Baxter Springs, Kansas Baxter Springs Ambulance Service 311 N Military Ave, Baxter Springs, Kansas Starting on Monday October 2, 2017, an account was set up for donations to the Hamilton family at American Bank, located at 1201 Military Avenue, Baxter Springs, Kansas. We would like to thank the following agencies for all the resources they have provided for us with manpower, donations and whatever else we need. Cherokee County Kansas Sheriffs Office Baxter Springs Fire Department Baxter Springs Ambulance Service Cherokee County EMS Galena Police Department Columbus Police Department Kansas Bureau of Investigations Kansas State Fire Marshall's Office Coffeyville Kansas Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #35 Quapaw Tribe EMS and Fire Joplin Missouri Police Department Fraternal Order of Police, Southwest Missouri Regional Lodge #27. Springfield Missouri Police Department Springfield Police Officers Association Lodge #22 Life Flight Mercy Hospital of Springfield Missouri Security Staff of Mercy Hospital in Springfield If there is anyone we forgot, we are truly sorry. There has been so much help and resources offered, it is hard to keep track of it all. Not only are these agencies appreciated but so are every individual who has donated to Officer Hamilton. Each one of you are just as important to us! Letter from the Chief. Since the events that unfolded on September 29th, 2017, I have been trying to find the words to write this press release. What happened to our officers, and Mrs. Horn was nothing short of a despicable act of cowardice. Although we continue to feel the toll of those actions, we are still here. In my time serving the citizens of Baxter Springs, I have seen the best parts of our city come together in the face of unfortunate events such as the natural disasters that struck the City of Baxter Springs and the City of Joplin. Watching the communities come together and helping one another has been a miracle to witness. Once again, our communities have come together not because of a natural disaster but because of the love and support our citizens have towards the dedicated individuals who are willing to put themselves in danger to protect those that they serve. The Baxter Springs Police Department will continue to serve and protect this community to the best of our abilities. These officers served with the utmost courage and bravery and I am very proud to have them with this agency. Edmond Burke said it best when he quoted “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. And because of the actions of these good men, evil will not prevail. It has been very inspirational to see such an out pouring of support. So many people have walked into the police department donating to Officer Hamilton. The one that will remain most vividly in my mind is the two children who came and donated their entire allowance, sticky pennies and all. The way the residents of our city responded, was a happy surprise. It is truly a blessing to see how much we are actually supported and appreciated. You make us all want strive to be better officers, it encourages us to stand up for you because we know you stand up for us. Even though the events of that night have left our community wounded, we will heal. We will lean on each other, and we will stand strong. Baxter Springs Strong. Thank you for your support of our department, and thank you for the honor of allowing me to be their Chief. Chief of Police Arthur W. Adams

We are happy to report, Officer Justin Butler (on the left) has returned to duty!

An account has been set up at American Bank for our officer, Jimmy Hamilton. If you wish to donate to him, we ask that you do so at the Bank. This can be done at any American Bank located in Baxter Springs, Galena or Columbus. Just let them know you'd like to donate to the Jimmy Hamilton Benefit Account. This way, donations can be immediately available to the family. We would like to thank you all for the continued prayers, donations and support of our officer and the department. It has been absolutely amazing!

This is the gofundme page for our officer, Jimmy Hamilton.

We would like to extend a big thanks to all of our citizens, the multitude of different first responder organizations and the many individuals from around the nation who have reached out to us during this time. We ask the public to be patient with us in sharing information. We will be making our official press release either tonight or by tomorrow afternoon.

Update on this post....9-29-17 An account will be setup on Monday in the family's name and any donations after Monday need to be taken to American Bank in Baxter Springs, Ks. Any donations for Officer Hamilton and his family can be presented to the Baxter Springs Police Department. We do request no perishables, but gift cards and monetary donations will delivered to the family as soon as possible and can be dropped off at Baxter Springs Police Dispatch during normal operating hours.

Sunday's Mother Road Marathon Traffic Advisory On Sunday morning, October 1st, runners from across the globe will come to the area to participate in The Mother Road Marathon. The race begins at 7:00 a.m. and will follow Historic Route 66 through Baxter Springs, Riverton and Galena, before ending in Joplin, Missouri. In order to insure the safety of participants and volunteers, law enforcement will be restricting traffic along the course. Motorists should be aware of the following traffic restrictions, starting at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning: Highway U.S. 400 going north from Baxter Springs to the U.S. 400 bypass will be closed. All traffic will be diverted to the bypass. Southeast Vark Road between U.S. 400 and Southeast 70th will be closed. Southeast 70th from the Riverton Stoplight to Vark Road will be closed. Highway U.S. 66 between Riverton and Galena – all westbound traffic will be reduced to one-lane Residents who wish to watch the race are encouraged to do so in any of the communities, but are asked not to park along-side Highways U.S. 400 or U.S. 66. All streets on the east side of Military Avenue will either be blocked by barricades or controlled by personnel. For the safety of the runners, we ask that you do not drive around barricades. Due to the upcoming marathon, we encourage you to plan ahead and know what routes you will be able to drive during the marathon should you have plans to be out.

We would like to take this time to Congratulate Logan Cloyd on successfully completing KLETC's reciprocity course to obtain his Kansas Peace Officer Certification! Logan is one of our newer Full Time Police Officers and has been performing very well since his hire date! Logan also graduated from Missouri Southern State University's Law Enforcement Academy in May! Congratulations Logan and keep up the good work!

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