Galena Police Department

  • Agency: Galena Police Department
  • Address: 210 Turner Dr, Galena, 66739 KS
  • Chief: Larry Delmont (Chief of Police)
Phone: 620-783-5065
Fax: 620-783-1876

Galena Police Department is located at 210 Turner Dr, Galena, 66739 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Larry Delmont. The Galena Police Department phone number is 620-783-5065.

Galena Police Department News

As a nation we are blessed beyond deserts with selfless men and women who heard the call to muster and stood in our defense at home and abroad. To all of our local Veterans. Thank You for your service! The Galena Police Department is proud to have former and active members of the military within our ranks and would like to take a moment to publicly recognize them this Veteran’s Day. Chief Billy Charles, US Army Admin. Sup. David Black, US Army Sgt. Blaine Cornelius, US Army Ofc. Sara Seigel, US Army Ofc. Wayne Nelson, US Army

-Sergeant’s Safety Tip When you are travelling north bound at 7th and Main, it is the tendency of most east bound turning drivers to courteously pull to the right before executing the turn. Unfortunately the next northbound vehicle will inevitably pull up right to the line, or past it, causing your field of vision to deteriorate. Naturally drivers will creep forward to see better. This has on several occasions caused many accidents in this intersection. The second circumstance which tends to happen is a north bound driver will pull up to the line correctly to initiate an east bound turn, simultaneously another driver will pull to the right to initiate an east bound turn as well. The first driver will be focused to the west monitoring traffic and execute their turn striking the second vehicle. Main Street is a two lane roadway with one north and one south bound lane. The widened area is simply an easement for large commercial vehicles to be able to execute the east bound turn without having to encroach on the westbound traffic. If you have any questions on this, do not hesitate to contact us! Stay Safe! Sgt. Blaine Cornelius

McGruff the Crime Dog stopped by to visit with local Children as they participated in the Galena Halloween Parade on Tuesday Afternoon.

November 1, 2017 Re: Update Traffic Accident Claims Life of Two Galena Residents July 6, 2017 Shelby L. Colon was taken into custody the evening of October 31, 2017 by the Joplin Police Department. She remains in custody awaiting extradition back to Kansas. We would like to thank all those who provided information throughout this process.

On October 25, 2017 the Galena Police Department received a warrant from the Cherokee County District Court for Shelby L. Colon of Galena, KS. This warrant is in reference to the traffic accident which occurred the morning of July 6, 2017 that claimed the lives of Charles Burkybile Jr. and Glen A. Roosa. The Cherokee County Attorney has filed two counts of Involuntary Manslaughter, a level 4 person felony in this case. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Ms. Colon you are asked to contact the Galena Police Department or your local Law Enforcement Agency.

We have reports of this same issue within our city. Officers will be picking up patrols in reported areas It is not about the ticket or fine; Nothing you may be late for is worth the chance of harming a child.

The Galena Police Department would like relay a thanks to the individual that purchased one of our officers breakfast at the State Line Convenience store, our officer was very grateful! The support our area and community have shown toward law enforcement is superb!!! Thanks again!

On Thursday Trisha January wanted to show her appreciation for Corporal Cornelius taking the time to practice with some of the local kids.For some reason she couldnt get the pictures to post so she forwarded them to us to pass on. "SERVICE WITH HONOR"

The City of Galena is accepting sealed bids for an Animal Control box. This is the box off of the old Chevy Animal Control Vehicle. The box measures: 68 ¼“ 96 3/8” at the top of the box. This box has 2 large animal compartments in the rear, and 2 smaller animal compartments on each side. It also has a tool/utility compartment that is accessible from both sides and extends all the way through. This box is at the City Lot located at 12th and Wood Street in Galena. If you would like to look at it before bidding you can contact Public Works at (620) 783-1991. The bids have to be sealed in an envelope and turned into the City Clerk’s office no later than 4:00 PM Friday September 1, 2017.

Be warned that during the period, August 17 through Labor Day, September 4, The Galena Police Department will join 150 other local and state police agencies across the state in a crackdown aimed at removing drunk, drugged, and other dangerous drivers from the roadways. Titled, You Drink. You Drive. You Lose., the enforcement campaign is sponsored by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). Kansas averages three persons injured every day, and one person killed every three days, in crashes where at least one of the drivers involved is impaired by alcohol and/or another drug. According to KDOT, over the past eight years the yearly proportion of fatality crashes attributable to alcohol/drug impairment has fluctuated between 22% and 35%. The agency also reports that crashes involving impaired drivers are likely to be more severe than are other crashes. For example, drivers and passengers who are involved in such crashes are more than twice as likely to be non-fatally injured, four times as likely to suffer serious injury, and eight times more likely to die from their injuries, than if impairment is not a factor. 1. We are asking all citizens on the roadways – drivers and passengers – to watch for suspicious driving behaviors. Note the location, a description of the suspect vehicle, along with its direction of travel, and call 911 as soon as it’s safe to do so. You may save a life. 2. You can count on this department to vigorously enforce impaired driving and other traffic laws, not just during this campaign, but through the year. 3. Always remember that Restraints save lives and reduce injury severity across a wide range of driving mistakes and mishaps. A person’s best protection while in a vehicle is the use of seat belts and appropriate child restraints – every trip, every time.

On Friday July 28, 2016, Local Teens spent the day exploring some of the responsibilities of a Police Officer. Officer’s Daugherty, Hicks, and Baugh spent the day explaining, demonstrating, and allowing the participants a chance to apply their new skills on different task officers face throughout a shift. We would like to thank Detective Kerns and SRO Hay from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office for helping with some of the demonstrations. We would also like to thank local business Casey’s General Store, Pizza Hut. Dairy Queen and Beans Towing for their donation to this event.

On July 28th, 2017 at approximately 8:45 in the evening; Officers of the Galena Police Department were alerted to a disturbance in the 900 block of Joplin Street. Two individuals at that location had been assaulted. One of the victims was seriously injured and subsequently transported to the hospital for his injuries. An extensive search was conducted by on duty patrol officers, reserve officers, and citizens. At 01:10 the morning of the 29th the suspect, identified as Bryan Keith Nelson, Age 40 of Batesville, AR, was apprehended hiding in an alley a few blocks from the incident. He was transported to the Cherokee County Jail where he is being held for Aggravated Battery. His bond has been set at $5000.00. Nelson is also being held for an outstanding warrant through the Galena Municipal Court on a bond for $1500.00, and will further be held pending extradition to Jasper County to appear on two additional warrants there. Thank you to the citizens of Galena for your vigilance and timely reports of the suspect’s movements through the area. This is a perfect example of the positive effects of citizen and police partnerships.

On Tuesday July 25, 2017 at approximately 6:30 pm, as a result of an ongoing investigation; officers with the Galena Police Department conducted a search warrant on a residence at 1001 Joplin Street in Galena KS. . While searching the residence, officers discovered suspected methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. Also found were paraphernalia used to distribute a controlled substance and a hand gun. Steven W. Davis of the home was taken into custody and transported to the Cherokee County Jail. Davis was arrested and being held at the Cherokee County Jail on charges of Possessing Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Drug Paraphernalia, Criminal use of a weapon, Possession of drug paraphernalia used to distribute a controlled substance and Possession with intent to distribute within 1000 feet of a public school. His bond is currently $25000.00