Herington Police Department

  • Agency: Herington Police Department
  • Address: 700 S Broadway St, Herington, 67449 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 785-258-2226

Herington Police Department is located at 700 S Broadway St, Herington, 67449 KS. The Herington Police Department phone number is 785-258-2226.

Herington Police Department News

We may have found our newest officer! Thank you everyone that stopped by to see us!

If there is no one at the station be sure to safely stop the officer driving around he has tons of candy for everyone!!!

We still have lots of bags w goodies in them please stop by!! ☺️

Since Trunk or Treating was cancelled please bring your kids to the police department for candy and bags!!! We would love to see the costumes!!!

If your kiddos don’t have bags for trick or treating tonight no worries the Herington Police Department will be handing out bags with goodies in them at Trunk or Treat! Thanks to Theresa Gutowsky-Drube and Melissa Timmons for putting those together for us!

If you recently lost something at the City tree dump site it is now at the police department. Please come claim it by telling us what it is.

This dog is on south Broadway. Has a red collar and blue leash attached to it but will not allow anyone close enough to it to catch it. If it’s your dog please come get your dog.

Thank you to everyone that came to help us say goodbye and good luck to Officer Harris. Dale Harris

Thank you for the update Sarah Nistler, Railers win 46-20!!!!!!

The previous post about the drug bust in Herington was deleted because people could not act like adults and resorted to name calling. In the future if you’re going to resort to name calling do not post on here or you will be blocked.

PLEASE be cautious who you give your personal information to! We are receiving more calls regarding scammers getting thousands of dollars from citizens. Please do no give out your personal information especially to someone you met on-line that you have never met in person.

Please help us congratulate Officer Dale Harris on furthering his career in his home state of Louisiana. He has been a huge asset to the Herington Police Department and the community. He will be greatly missed by all. When you see him around town in the next couple of weeks please tell him thank you! Thank you Officer Harris for your years of dedication and service to the police department and the community! Good luck in Louisiana and be safe!!