Eudora Police Department

  • Agency: Eudora Police Department
  • Address: 930 Main St., Eudora, 66025 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: (785) 542-2153
Fax: (785) 542-2804

Eudora Police Department is located at 930 Main St., Eudora, 66025 KS. The Eudora Police Department phone number is (785) 542-2153.

Eudora Police Department News

Drivers can expect strict enforcement of both the Kansas Safety Belt Use Act and the Kansas Child Passenger Safety Act. These statutes require that all vehicle occupants must be appropriately restrained. Law enforcement officers can stop vehicles and issue tickets when they observe front seat occupants, teens in any seat position, or children under the age of 14, riding without being properly restrained. Occupants, ages 14 and over, are cited individually. In the event that a passenger under the age of 14 is observed to be unrestrained the driver will be cited. The fine for an adult seat belt violation is $30 – a $20 increase passed overwhelmingly by the 2017 Kansas Legislature. The fine for a youth (14-17) violation is $60, while the fine for a child (0-13) restraint violation is $60, plus a court cost charge of as much as $108. Children under the age of four must be correctly secured in an approved child safety seat. Children, ages four through seven, must be securely belted into an approved booster seat unless taller than 4 feet 9 inches or heavier than 80 pounds, in which case, the booster may be removed and the child belted in without it. Children, ages eight through 13, must be safety-belted. In addition, the law prohibits persons under the age of 14 from riding in any part of a vehicle not intended for carrying passengers, such as a pickup bed. For answers to child safety restraint questions and the location of the nearest safety seat fitting station, or safety seat technician, contact the Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office at 1-800-416-2522, or write The aim of Click It or Ticket is simple: to drastically reduce the number of preventable deaths and injuries that occur when unbelted drivers and passengers are involved in traffic crashes. According to KDOT, 92 percent of crash occupants who suffer no injuries of any kind are belted in. At the other end of the scale only 45% of those who suffer fatal injuries are belted in. While seat belts may not always protect from serious or fatal injury, certainly no other piece of equipment within the vehicle provides more protection.

Here is a short video on a scam that has been occurring lately. Please watch the video and use the tips section to help prevent this from happening to you. Thanks from the Eudora Police Department.

Officer Rubow joining seniors for breakfast after their senior prank camp out in the EHS parking lot. Insert you own joke of Cops and Donuts here :) I mean seriously; do you trust someone who doesn't like donuts? I think not. Have a good day and congrats to the Seniors of 2018.

A friendly reminder from The Eudora Police Department. There have been several reports of Auto Burglaries in town. So far all reports are from unlocked vehicles. To avoid losing your stuff, lock your car doors. We know it can be a pain to try and remember, but its better than cleaning up the mess the thief’s make in your car. Also you get to keep your stuff. Can't beat that deal. Thanks and help each other out.

A community page for Eudora stated that the Police Department shot a dog at Sonic. Not sure how this started, but it is untrue. The Police Department did not respond to Sonic for any animal related calls. Just wanted to clear up any rumors. Thanks and enjoy the nice weather.

The warmer temperatures outside have many residents out walking around enjoying the weather. Criminals also enjoy the warmer weather and will be out as well. Please make sure that your vehicle is locked and valuables are not in plain sight. If something seems suspicious, call and notify Law Enforcement. For non-emergency call Dispatch (785) 843-0250. Thank you from the Eudora Police Department

Just a heads up from the Eudora Police Department. There has been an increase in scam phone calls to Grandparents. The caller will use the name of a grandchild or family member. The caller will ask for bail money. Quite a few calls have been received in the area. The grandparents were smart enough to not fall for the scam. Please remember not to give out any personal information over the phone. Any questions can be directed to the Eudora Police Department. Thank You.

Today, Officers assisted a motorist on K 10 with a flat tire. This occurred at 715am. We all understand that this is a busy time for K 10 and know that people have places to be. Vehicles continued driving in the right lane, feet from where the officer was trying to change a tire for a citizen. Please remember to move over into the opposite lane when emergency vehicles lights are on for everyone's safety. We would like to avoid a tragedy because someone doesn't have time to switch lanes. Also, it’s the law. Thank you from the Eudora Police Department, and all the first responders, and their families who want them to return home safely.

Thank you to everyone who came out for our 2nd annual Police/Community kids basketball clinic. I would also like to send out a special thank you to all the following officers and students who volunteered their time to make this successful. Eudora PD officers Chad Robertson, Chris Southard, Daniel Flick and Michael Rubow. Douglas County Sheriffs Department, Steve Buchholz, Brad Clover and Jack Cross. Lawrence PD officers, MT Brown and Justin Rhoads. Baldwin City SRO Kyle Bulmer. EHS Seniors, Catherine Grosdidier, Devin Purcell and Noah Katzenmeier. KU student Hayden Brown, Vanderbilt student Logan Brown and EHS counselor Deanna Brown. Also, a big shout out to Lawrence Blue Santa who sponsored our clinic shirts this year. We could not have done it without all your help.

Eudora Community Police Basketball Clinic Join the Eudora Police Department and Douglas County Law Enforcement Officers for a free basketball clinic. For two hours, officers will conduct basketball drills, share safety tips, and scrimmage with youth. The camp is for Douglas County youth in 1st-5th grades. Water, Gatorade, and a snack will be provided. Where: Eudora Elementary School Gym When: February 3rd, 2018 10am-12pm Space is limited and registration is required. The camp is limited to the first 50 students to enroll. Click on the link below for registration.

Merry Christmas from the Eudora Police Department! Thank you to everyone that was able to donate to our Adopt-A-Family this year. We got a larger response than we thought, and that’s because this city cares about each other. The family will receive the presents on Christmas Eve. Officers will load them up and help Santa deliver them. We hope that you know that you were a part of making this Christmas special for a deserving family. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year from the officers at The Eudora Police Department.

Please read the information below sent on behalf of the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. As instructed, please contact us of you have been a victim of this scam. On behalf of the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police it has been brought to our attention that citizens of the state of Kansas have been receiving phone calls from an unknown telemarketing company claiming to be representing the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. The KACP currently DOES NOT have anyone working on our behalf to solicit funding through telemarketing. Please DO NOT give out personal information or money to anyone claiming to be with the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. If you have donated funds or have received a call – we encourage you to reach out to your local law enforcement.

Winter traveling tips for the holiday season: • Avoid driving while you’re fatigued. Getting the proper amount of rest before taking on winter weather tasks reduces driving risks. • Never warm up a vehicle in an enclosed area, such as a garage. • Make certain your tires are properly inflated. • Never mix radial tires with other tire types. • If possible, avoid using your parking brake in cold, rainy and snowy weather. • Do not use cruise control when driving on any slippery surface (wet, ice, sand) • Always make sure your vehicle is in peak operating condition. • Keep at least half a tank of gasoline in your vehicle at all times. • Make sure your cellular phone is charged and pack blankets, gloves, hats, food, water and any needed medication in your vehicle. • If you become snow-bound, stay with your vehicle. It provides temporary shelter and makes it easier for rescuers to locate you. • At night, keep the dome light on if possible. It only uses a small amount of electricity and will make it easier for rescuers to find you. • Make sure the exhaust pipe isn’t clogged with snow, ice or mud. A blocked exhaust could cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to leak into the passenger compartment with the engine running. • Use whatever is available to insulate your body from the cold. This could include floor mats, newspapers or paper maps. • If possible run the engine and heater just long enough to remove the chill and to conserve gasoline. • Watch weather reports prior to a long-distance drive or before driving in isolated areas. Delay trips when bad weather is expected. If you must leave, let others know your route, and time of arrival. Thanks and have a safe holiday on the roads.

Thank you to all the great people of our wonderful city. We have had a lot of gifts returned and they are wrapped and ready. If you took an ornament, please return it with the gift as soon as possible. We would like to have it, so it can be wrapped and ready for delivery. All the ornaments were selected, hopefully all will be returned. The deadline was December 20th. (Wednesday) Once again, this families Christmas is going to be special thanks to you and your generous hearts. Merry Christmas from the Eudora Police Department.

There seems to be a trend of these crazy red octagons not conveying the message they should. So a friendly reminder. Please STOP at them, look around, then safely go through intersections. For the safety of pedestrians, and also for the safety of other drivers. STOP. Also, don't forget about using those pesky turn signals. All the other drivers in town would appreciate it. All joking aside, drive safe and look out for each other. Thank You, from the Eudora Police Department.

The Eudora Police Department has received multiple reports of a Clearing House scam with details of winning millions of dollars. All you have to do is send them money covering the taxes on the winnings. SAY WHAT? Please, Please, Please do not send any money to these scammers. Simply hang up the phone and do not give out any personal information. Also included in the winnings is a new car, delivered to your house. We all know that free cars sound awesome, but let’s be real. Who will just give you a new Mercedes.

The Eudora Police Department has had an increase in reports of attempted burglaries/ suspicious characters. Please remember to take extra steps to prevent being a victim of crime. Lock all doors and windows. Check to make sure your vehicle is locked. Check to make sure your garage door is down. Also remove any valuables from the vehicle, to lessen the temptations. Also, watch out for your neighbors property and notify the police department if you see something that seems suspicious. Thank You, Eudora Police Department

Christmas is approaching fast. If you were kind enough to take an ornament from our Adopt-A-Family tree, please make sure the ornament and the matching gift is returned ASAP. The gifts still need to be wrapped and made ready for Christmas. If you haven't had a chance to select an ornament for a child of the local family selected. Don't worry, you still have a little bit of time left. There are ornaments that still need to be selected. Please help the Eudora Police Department make this Christmas the best one yet for a local family. Any questions can be sent back to the FaceBook page or contact the Eudora Police Deparment. Thank You and Merry Christmas.

There are more ornaments on our tree for a local family. Please stop by the Police Department and select an ornament. Bring the gift, the ornament, and just return it to the Police Department unwrapped. We would like to say thank you to everyone that has participated so far in this Adopt-A-Family for the holidays. If shopping for gifts doesn’t sound fun, just make a cash donation and the officers will do the shopping for you. It’s a win-win for the holidays.

The Christmas tree is now decorated with ornaments. These ornaments have gifts for children of a local family written on them. Please stop by and pick an ornament. The police department ask that the gifts be new and unwrapped. Simply bring the unwrapped gift back to the police department before December 20th, 2017. Thank you for your help in making this Christmas special for a family in Eudora. If a cash donation would work better, please give the donation at the front desk of the Eudora Police Department. All of this money will be used to purchase gifts for the children. Any questions can be directed to the Eudora Police Department.

The Eudora Police Department would like to invite members of our great city to participate in making Christmas special for a local family. A tree has been placed in the lobby of the Police Department at 930 Main. Soon, there will be ornaments decorating the tree. These ornaments will have a gift on the back, that a boy or girl “needs” this holiday season. Santa will hopefully help out with a few “wants” on the list. Check back for more details and thank you residents of Eudora.